Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has been summoned to the principal’s office this week following last Sunday’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
Per Glazer, Allen’s task will be to make the case to Commissioner Roger Goodell as to why he doesn’t deserve a suspension or another stiff fine.  Earlier this month, the league slapped Allen with a $50,000 fine for two low hits against Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.  Allen supposedly was warned that any further on-field violations would trigger a suspension.
Though we think Allen should have been suspended for his low hits on Schaub, we also think that helmet-to-helmet hits are a different animal, and that Allen should be placed on a separate track of discipline for that violation.


  1. Oh please this again? Dude is running full speed and hes supposed to just stop right a yard from the QB?
    Im sick of the slow motion replays too on late hits. Lets slow the timing down by 50 and see if it actually happened………

  2. It would be interesting to see what you’d be saying if someone had slammed their facemask into Frerotte’s head at full speed,and THEN pulled up and stopped like Allen did. It’s fairly clear that he has no respect for the rules of engagement-and deserves to be suspened or at a minimum fined VERY heavily. The guy has back to back weeks with clearly illegal shots–time to rein him in.

  3. VikingAP, admit it, everyone else in the NFL including Florio here and Goodell see Allen as a dirty player. We got a taste of it when he played the Texans and then saw it again when he was trying to knock Rodgers out of the game. I guess getting a safety jsut isnt enough for your roided out new toy on the DLINE. Yall barely won that game anyway and you shouldnt have becauae of the celebration your running back pulled. Id hate to see the division go to the Minnesota Adrian Petersons.

  4. Why did this take so long? He should have been in the office on Monday morning and susupended for 2 games (after the 3 hits on Schaub 1 game is not enough) by the afternoon. And no VikingAP, your excuse is not good enough.

  5. It’s because he was leading with the helmet and makes helmet to helmet contact. you can see that just as clear in full speed as you can in slow mo.

  6. Allen always has been right over or on the edge. Even he will eventually get suspended for actions on the field. We already know about the his driving ability.

  7. “Though we think Allen should have been suspended for his low hits on Schaub…”
    He wasn’t…get over it…move on
    Why are half of your articles making cases for players to be suspended or fined?

  8. Crazy ,drunk, mullet-headed Vikequeen still hasn’t figured it out–You can’t take cheap shots on the QB. It has nothing to do with slow motion replays and everything to do with keeping the players playing on the field. I’m sure Schaub, Rodgers, etc….might think differently of his approach. As for Goodell, “Hey Commish, this is the whiteman’s pacman jones!”

  9. sorry ap…didnt need slow motion replay on the helmet to helmet to see that…this is a specific rule and he broke it as you DO NOT hit the qb with your helmet…pretty plain and simple…shows what kind of idiot this guy is…funny how almost every other d lineman in the league can tackle/sack the qb without using a helmet shot to the head…hillbilly is a dirty SOB…time to suspend his dumb ass

  10. Jared Allen threatened to “put his helmet into Rodgers’ spine,” amid other things this preseason.
    Dude’s making it too obvious for the league to ignore.

  11. Adrian Peterson took off his helmet.
    Jared is the dirtiest player ever. He had a pistol in his sock and a knife under his pads. He should be suspended forever, then killed.

  12. First, I am a Packer fan. I do not think he should be suspended for the various hits. Should he be fined, definitely. I really want to believe that it is not deliberate, yet it has been repeated hits that are being considered dirty.
    Even if he is not trying to knock players out, in today’s NFL, you have to be smart enough to avoid these kind of plays, especially when you have been warned. Also to threaten to put your helmet into the spine of the opposing QB is just dumb when you are in Goodell’s doghouse.

  13. Everytime I think this site is doing good objective reporting and keeping me reading it, I am sorely mistaken. This is such horses**t. These guys have had it out for this kid for years now. Sure I’m a Vikings fan, but they were doing it to him when he was with the Chefs (yes, Chefs) too. Like others on here have written, GET FRICKIN OVER IT! In a time when we all talk about how sports are changing with all the primadonnas out there, this kid just plays old-school, smashmout football. I’d bet the old Hall of Fame defensive ends are very proud of the way this kid plays because it’s the same way they did. Yes I continue to read this site hoping for a shift away from such propaganda apparently intended to drum up support for discipline on this kid. But, you guys really need to get over it and drop the agenda against this kid. You’re as bad as the primadonnas playing the game.

  14. Let me guess:
    low hits – fine, followed by suspension
    head-to-head shots – death penalty??? Nah, probably sent to his room without supper for the night.

  15. I get a kick out of the self-proclaimed “old-schoolers” who decry the pansification of the NFL. Go back and look at old film, fellas. You won’t see Nitzschke (spelling probably incorrect) and Butkus lowering their heads and launching at ball-carriers like missiles. That’s a new thing. You’ll never see Willie Lanier grabbing a guy by the back of his shoulder pads and yanking him straight down. These are new things and need to be done away with.
    Head up, drive through the ball-carrier with your shoulder (and gouge his eyes out on the bottom of the pile). That’s old-school, my friends. This new-fangled missile-head stuff’s gotta go.

  16. I’d just like to say, I’d called this right after that play happened. The league really has no choice. They fined him a substantial amount of money and he went out the very next game and went at the head of Rodgers. Obviously, the loss of money doesn’t stop him – although, didn’t someone equate it to a $150 speeding ticket to someone who makes $100k a year?
    And Ray Edwards is gone for sure – that was as dirty a shot on a QB since Romanski was in the league.
    If the Rams get Stephen Jackson back this week, he could have a field day running on the Vikes. Of course, the way Dunn ran on them up the middle maybe it doesn’t matter if they are in the game or not.
    Personally, I think Ben Leber should be hauled into Goodell’s office as well. His shot was just as much an intent to injure as Allen’s was.

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