Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said today that safety Adrian Wilson did nothing wrong when he sacked Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck Sunday — even though Hasselbeck and some members of the media have suggested that Wilson should be fined or even suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit.
“I read where Matt Hasselbeck thought there should be some fines involved,” Whisenhunt said. “But I’ve looked at it from the coach’s tape, looked at it from my broadcast department, which has an excellent view of it, and with all due respect to Matt — he’s a good quarterback and I have a lot of respect for him — but I don’t see it.”
Whisenhunt added that Hasselbeck, who was on the field for the first time in more than a month, might have forgotten what a good, hard, clean hit feels like.
“I know he hasn’t played in a while, hasn’t been hit in a while, so maybe that was a little bit magnified to him, the speed of the game, he just wasn’t used to it,” Whisenhunt said of Hasselbeck.
Wilson told the Arizona Republic after the game that he will “probably” face league discipline for the hit, and if that’s the case, the discipline could be significant, because Wilson isn’t a first-time offender. He has already paid a $25,000 fine for a hit on Bills quarterback Trent Edwards and was warned that another offense could cost him $50,000 and a one-game suspension.
But Wilson said that hit on Hasselbeck, which wasn’t flagged, was legal.
I don’t think it was a helmet-to-helmet hit,” Wilson said. “Once again, they didn’t throw the flag.”
After the game, Hasselbeck made clear that he disagreed, saying, “It makes me feel good that there will be some fines coming out in the next couple days.”


  1. Hasselbeck is just upset that his team has taken Arizona’s old spot as the division doormat.
    The NFL is going overboard with the fines this wasn’t a bad hit

  2. After the game, Hasselbeck made clear that he disagreed, saying, “It makes me feel good that there will be some fines coming out in the next couple days.”
    I’m sorry, but I find that embarrassing coming from a football player.
    Maybe a golfer, or an enraged tiddlywinks player. We have come so far that a pro football player is commenting on how he is looking forwards to a player getting fined. Keep it on the field and don’t be a puss.

  3. Why is a HARD hit worth a penalty or a fine? It was a HARD hit. Not an illegal hit. To fine him would be a detrament to the game. We might as well just decide the NFL season with the Madden video game if you are going to take the physicality out of it!

  4. I’d suggest PowderPuff football if you’re going to get dieriha of the mouth everytime your vagina gets sore.
    He’s just mad that his mentor tossed 6 TD’s against the same secondary weeks ago.
    Mark Brunell,Aaron Brooks,and Aaron Rodgers just called….they say you’ll not only be out of the league before “Him”…….you’ll never even be the best backup “He” ever had.

  5. I seem to recall many hits this year drawing fines that didn’t get flagged. Jared Allen??? Also what’s with some of the flags being tossed? Last night the cleveland rb made a fantastic 70+ yard run, a couple of plays later he’s on the side lines looking to make the cut upfield and he gets shoved out of bounds. How the hell is that a personnel foul? If the player doesn’t hit him the guy is gone for another TD but he hits him and draws a 15 yarder?

  6. Wilson slowed down and held him as he was going down….
    Hasselvag ducked down into Wilson as he was hitting him…putting HIS head into Wilson’s.
    I could not believe how much a vag Hassel was after the tackle.
    I’ve watched EVERY game Wilson has played in and this was one of his weakest hits on a qb ever. If he gets suspended or fined I’ll freaking HATE the rules of the league.
    If the NFL fines or suspends Wilson they need to put a flag on the qb’s and they can play flag football where as the rest of the team can tackle.

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