As the City of Philadelphia buzzes with Eagles fans who hope that quarterback Donovan McNabb has only six games remaining in his career with the team, we’re told that the Eagles would save a nice chunk of change — and cap space — if they pull the plug on McNabb after the season.
With a 2009 base salary of $9.2 million and a remaining bonus proration of $1.16 million, dumping McNabb would create more than $8 million in 2009 cap space.
Carrying the $1.16 million in dead money would be no big deal for the Eagles, especially since they pushed more than $10 million of 2008 cap surplus into 2009 via a phony eight-figure LTBE incentive given to fullback/defensive tackle/fullback/defensive tackle/fullback Dan Klecko.
In all, McNabb is signed through 2013.  His salaries after next season are $10 million, $12.07 million, $14.1 million, and $16.2 million. 
There is no bonus proration remaining on the deal after 2009.
Trading McNabb is a longshot, absent a significant restructuring of his deal.
And so, in an offseason in which an unprecedented number of quarterbacks with significant name recognition might be available, McNabb could be one of the most prominent players looking for a new home.


  1. Florio – this is exactly the kind of “throw shit on a wall and see if it stinks” scenario reporting that keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work and try avoiding those “I have info/picture but I can’t tell you” stories.

  2. it’s time. simple as that. but andy should go first. i’d be willing to give fat don another year with another coach, but that’s it. after that, the kevin kolb era should be ushered in quickly.

  3. it’s either one or the other. reid or mcnabb. its safe to say despite this weekends performance, don is still one of the top 10 players at his position. the same could not be said about reid.

  4. If they cut McNabb, the Eagles won’t average 7 dropped passes per game, LJ Smith will suddenly become a good tight end, Kevin Curtis will become a legitimate outside receiver, any player off the street will be able to come in and play fullback, and the offense will become less predictable, and more balanced. Yes, it is time to move on, but cutting McNabb will not make the team better; only cheaper, and that’s what Jeff Laurie and Joe Banner love.

  5. McNabb is done in Philly. Let Kevin Kolb start playing now, right now!
    McNabb has absolutely no touch on the football, these receivers have to catch a 100MPH pass at 5 yds away, what a joke! See ya McNabb, we knew we would never win the “Big Games” with you. Take Mommy and Daddy and drive another city nuts. You are overrated and cocky. You try to dumb all of the media down when they ask you real questions. Grow up and move on! You have been arrogant since day one and even played the race card on several occasions. Take a hike loser. You will never win and have ruined too many of our seasons in Philly. You suck! I cannot stand you. Leave now and don’t come back. I wish they kept TO and got rid of your sissy ass. The more I type the more I realize how much I do not like you and don’t want you on our team. You have never embraced philly and that’s why no one likes you. Leave now, immediately, right now dammit.

  6. It looks like #5 knows he’s gone, and just doesn’t care anymore –
    That was not the look of desperation in his eyes yesterday – he knows the season is done, and he knows he MIGHT be gone –
    As much as it pains me to say it – Andy needs to go – #5 isn’t far behind – Here is a list of current Eagles who won’t be around next season:
    -Tra Thomas
    -Reggie Brown
    -B Dawk
    -LJ Smith
    -Greg Lewis
    -Sean Considine
    -Donovan Mcnabb???
    Here a list of positions they currently pay no attention to, that will need to be addressed:
    -Free and Strong Safety (lets see Demps on the field already, they season has been and is OVER)

  7. “And so, in an offseason in which an unprecedented number of quarterbacks with significant name recognition might be available, McNabb could be one of the most prominent players looking for a new home.”
    Which doesn’t jibe well with your continued insistence that a big payday awaits Matt Cassel.

  8. mcnabb isn’t getting released, get over it.. what needs to happen is someone needs to fire fat andy reid NOW… i don’t care if you bring lane F**KIN kiffin in here, just FIRE FAT ANDY NOW!!!

  9. McNabb is not the issue. Philly needs to remember the days prior to #5. Those were not good days. I couldn’t care less that he doesn’t know about overtime because he is not the one calling the plays. Big Red holds those cards. Also, they should have never been in overtime to begin with. If they had a running game and could covert a critical 3-1 every blue moon, they might be able to sustain a drive and at least get 3 from a field goal. To pin the woes of the Eagles primarily on McNabb is too easy, and unfortunately to common of a theme with the philly media.

  10. Cutting McNabb won’t fix the utter lack of ability of the coaching staff to adjust on game day. Reid will just continue to be a pass-first coach. He needs to go, too.

  11. If they released McNabb they would seriously become the joke of the league. I bleed green but if that happens, I’ll root for McNabb wherever he goes unless he’s playing Philly.

  12. Also… Here’s my solution… go back to what was working at the beginning of the year for the offense… Brown and Curtis on the sidelines and Baskett, Jackson, Avant and Lewis catching passes.

  13. bigmak: You are an idiot. Did you say the same stuff about Brett Favre when he threw the ball hard. They are professional recievers. Catch the ball. They stink.
    Fab5: correct, getting rid of McNabb will just make him the scapegoat (even more then he already is – see bigmak) for Andy. Andy is the person who has a system that he forces people into.
    What a great system. It is so good that we do not need recievers. We do not need a TE. We do not need to run. We only need small running backs. Linebackers are not inportant even though they are 36% of the players onthe field.
    He is not and shoul dnot be cut. If a guy is having a terrible game and the wind is blowing very hard – DON’T THROW THE BALL 58 times genius!!!!

  14. Reid needs to go before DMac. He looks lost on gameday.
    I would request that DMac stop smiling after he fires a screen pass over Westy’s head or punishes the turf with one of his rocket spikes.

  15. The most balanced attack they have had in recent history is when McNabb went down and Garcia stepped in. I know what you are thinking, but no it was not because Garcia is a better QB or McNabb isn’t any good, it’s because the coaching staff made adjustments and relied on a more complete offensive attack rather than the usual 70/30 pass/run ratio per game. What boggles my mind is how they could not see the success from that principle and stick with it or god forbid improve on it during the offseason!

  16. Philly management,
    That McNabb guy is a bum. You guys should definitely cut him.
    Vikings management

  17. Cutting him outright is not the solution, it’s saving cash that they would not spend anyway. Attempt to restructure his contract, if he refuses, then cut him. He’ll probably go out and make less than what the Eagles restructure offer is.
    The real problem is Head Coach/GM/Offensive Coordinator Reid. He can’t do it all. Morningwig needs to be fired immediately as well, and a real O.C. needs to be hired and the play calling duties removed from Reid. I don’t even want to see that fat slob with that play sheet he carries around, he can’t call plays effectively anymore.
    The play calling is overly predictable. Every team knows exactly what they are going to do.

  18. Lowest Percentage, Passes Had Intercepted, Career (1,500 attempts)
    2.11 Neil O’Donnell, Pittsburgh, 1991-95; N.Y. Jets, 1996-97; Cincinnati, 1998; Tennessee, 1999-2003 (3,229-68)
    2.12 Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia, 1999-2007 (3,732-79)

  19. I think that Reid may be the bigger problem than DMac. Before this debacle of a game, and I am no Eagles fan by any means, but in the Giants game and in the game before that, I believe it was the Chicago game…they were in a 4th and 1 situation or something or other and Reid decided to go for it. Ok. Cool. HOWEVER, Reid takes the ball out of McNabb’s hands and runs Westbrook and, of course, BOTH TIMES, Westbrook is stuffed and the other team takes over on downs. Very bad playcalling. Don’t see why he doesn’t call a pass play. Anyway, like someone else said about yesterday’s game, when there is alot of wind, don’t throw the ball 58 times.
    Besides, if they cut McNabb, I bet at least 3 or 4 teams would jump at the chance to get him. I would like to know how far the Eagles would get with Kevin Kolb. Good luck to them if they dump McNabb.

  20. Wow…Iggles fans are brutal! You guys are what…a game out of teh playoff hunt?!! And you want to dump McNabb? You’re a hard runner away…you need a little thunder to your lightning (Westbrook is great but you know better than I do he can’t carry 25 times a game). Oh yeah…it was the Bengals….FIRE EM’ ALL!!! Hail!

  21. Vikings fans went through this last year, too. We’ll just have to wait and see whether head coach and known aquilaphile Brad Childress will make the move for another former Eagle, since there is a gaping hole in his QB depth chart for next season (yes, he’s getting one) and developing McNabb is his so-called claim to fame.

  22. Releasing McNabb will not help our Oline to run block better, our WRs to not drop passes, LJ smith to turn into a good TE, or cover kick offs/punts.
    Look McNabb hasn’t played well lately. But does anyone remember the years of Bobby Hoying? Ty Detmer? Koy Detmer? McNabb is still a top 10 QB, albeit much closer to 10 than 1. Think about it: Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Cutler, Eli, Warner, Romo, then…? Maybe Roethlisberger? Maybe Rodgers?
    #5 has been good to us and you’re ready to throw him under the bus despite the fact that the problems with the eagles are with the entire team, the play calling, the clock management, bad challenges, bad game plans, in addition to what I wrote in the first paragraph.
    I’ve defended Reid for years because he turned us from a 3-13 team to a playoff/superbowl contender in his tenure here, but it’s his time. I think we give McNabb 1 year with a new coach and if things don’t pan out we let him go somewhere else.

  23. The worst thing is how could McNabb not know there could be a tie?
    Every mention of every playoff scenario since the inception of football including the ones that included Philly’s four NFC Championship game years that McNabb QB’d always say “a win or a tie” or “a loss and a tie”.
    Every week playoff scenarios mention ties.
    Donovan “dumba**”

  24. royaltee
    I don’t feel he’s throwing shit against the wall to see if it sticks, to me it seems he’s just pointing out that if the Eagles do decided to release McNabb, they’d be saving $8 mil in cap space. Nothing has to stick with that, it’s the truth, and Florio is just pointing that out.

  25. Florio….you make it painfully obvious the players you have no respect for….who cares about 1 stupid comment McNabb made? This is something like the 5th post in 2 days regarding McNabb….

  26. Sweet. Banner and Lurie must be salivating at the thought of releasing Fat Don.
    The Eagles will continue to be 8-8 regardless, on the back of Jim Johnson and poor weather, but instead of being $20M under the cap, they will be $30M under and in an uncapped year.
    It’s not like they’ll use any of that space, but still. They will be one step closer to their ultimate franchise goal. A Superbowl you ask? No.
    The goal is to put out a .500 team with the lowest payroll in NFL history.

  27. Cut Mcnabb??? WTF?? Where are these QBs who are better than Mcnabb? Look around the leage. Look at Minnesota, Chicago, Tampa, Carolina, San Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Detroit, Washington, Atlanta. These teams would kill for a QB like Donovan! C’mon, Florio, lets get back to reality shall we?

  28. I see all the small minded posters blame everything that goes wrong on Philadelphia’s lack of receivers which is the same argument that was used to prop up the biggest bust ever Vick.And i heard that same pathetic argument with Vince Young (look what Tenesse has done without him)bottom line is Mcnabb is not a great Qb or very bright as proven by his comments.

  29. Please, on behalf of Giants fans everywhere, cut him. While you’re at it, could the Cowboys please cut Romo and Washington dump Campbell? It would be nice to play an AFC East quality schedule for a change.

  30. Fat Andy should go before McNabb, but Banner/Lurie are too cheap to let him go. Remember this about Fat Andy; last year he had A.J. Feeley, in his first start, throw 40 times in the rain against New England. If Brandon Jacobs played for Reid, he’d probably get 2 carries a game.

  31. McNabb is vastly overated. When he could and would run, he was a threat. But only because it’s very hard for any defense to cover receivers for eight or nine seconds while they scurry about unpredictably. But now that he doesn’t run, he’s forced to rely on normal QB skills.
    Accuracy — he’s average at best. He compensates for that by rarely throwing to receivers who aren’t wide open, especially when they are in the middle of the field. His specialty is running up the score against mediocre defenses in zone coverage.
    His best games come when the Eagles jump all over a team early. But even then, you can see problems. Witness opening day against the Rams. The Eagles scored on big plays on drives of 7 plays or less. When he didn’t get a wide open receiver, they had a lot of three and out drives. The only long drive they had all day was Kolb and the scrubs running out most of the fourth quarter on the final drive. Which is another way McNabb hurts the defense. Short drives lead to the defense spending a lot of time early on the field. The Eagles defense is not huge. It relies on speed more. Keep them on the field early, and they often will weaken considerably in the last ten minutes of the game.
    He has no touch, so his receivers are forced to catch bullets in awkward positions. Nailing Curtis in the back yesterday was a typical example. Even when wide open, his receivers often get little YAC because they have to stop to catch the ball, enabling defenders to catch up.
    He can’t audible. The Fat Man often makes it tough to audible with his slow playcalling, but even when McNabb does have time, he fails to make decent audibles. He’ll run a stupid play even when it’s obvious that defense is stacked up waiting for it.
    His inability to audible effectively is probably a result of his weakness in keeping the big picture in mind. Not knowing a simple fact about overtime ties reminds me of the times at the end of a half when he’s thrown a ball to a player not in the endzone or on the sidelines even when they have no timeouts, thus costing a chance at an easy field goal. Watch him in a two-minute drill, he almost never makes the right decision when it comes to time management. If a time out is called for, he’ll run a play with a huddle. If downing the ball after a quick snap is called for, he’ll call a timeout. If running for a yard to keep the clock running (when they’re ahead) is called for, he’ll throw an incomplete pass. Too often, it’s up to Westbrook or Runyan or a loser like that loser WR to call the plays or make the right decisions in crunch time. McNabb has a very low situational awareness for a NFL starter.
    He’s insecure. He’ll insist on playing even when he’s hurt and at 50% because he can’t handle a backup having any success. He cost them a SB shot one year by playing hurt, even though Feeley was adequate enough to let the rest of the team win against TB. In fact, McNabb wasn’t even okay as a QB until five or six games into the next season. And his bad play in the first quarter of the season required NYG stupidity in punting to Westbrook to save the season for the Eagles.
    He’s not a leader. His laughing after mistakes doesn’t inspire confidence in his teammates. It’s a defense mechanism, but a bad one for a leader.
    Sure, with a great defense and running attack and field goal kicker, he could win a Super Bowl. Just ask Trent Dilfer, Ben Roethlisberger or Brad Johnson. But none of them are great QB’s.
    Any team that gets McNabb will find out the hard way that they’ve been ripped off.

  32. edgerules….Westbrook wasn’t stopped in the Chicago game, he was out. It was Buckhalter. Also, let’s not forget we’re missing an All-Pro guard…that effects our offense quite a bit.

  33. edgerules….Westbrook wasn’t stopped in the Chicago game, he was out. It was Buckhalter. Also, let’s not forget we’re missing an All-Pro guard…that effects our offense quite a bit.
    You are kidding..right?

  34. LenSp1
    Great post.
    I have thought for years that McNabb was overrated simply because he has horrendous accuracy for any QB, let alone a WCO QB and that time after time in clutch, playoff & pressure situations he makes insane mistakes over and over, and he is an awful leader. Like how many bad handoffs has he had this year in the 4th Q? At least 2 that I have seen and I have seen 2 Eagles games this year. He’ll go on streaks of completing a bunch of passes, then streaks of dirtballs/airballs like he did on Sunday.

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