Nearly a day after the fact, we still can’t even begin to comprehend the fact that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb didn’t know that an NFL game could end in a tie.
We mention it again because our Ten-Pack addresses the potential consequences of McNabb’s admission.
And the one thing we keep coming back to is this:  If he didn’t know that, what else doesn’t he know?
We also mention the McNabb thing again because Taco Bill (an Eagles fan) has put together not one but two Pics of the Day to commemorate the event. 
This one illustrates the marketing potential that arises from the situation; this one offers a glimpse from the vicinity of McNabb’s fireplace on December 25.


  1. He should’ve know the rule, but you know damn well he wasn’t the only one who didn’t know it. Tie’s don’t happen enough for people to know that rule. The outcome of the game wasn’t effected by him not knowing the rule, so why do you care? We should’ve had the game in the bag in the first half.

  2. While I’m embarrassed and pissed that McNabb made that comment, I want to know why no one is asking what responsibility Andy Reid has in imparting to his team the stakes of a situation. Did Reid never mention to his players “we need this or else we tie”? I mean, its not like McNabb didn’t have a ton of time to spend on the sidelines talking with Reid or Morningwheg about what was going on in the game given how many bad drives the Eagles had.
    Is what McNabb said completely stupid and an embarrassment for all Eagles fans? You betcha.
    But the real question is what in the hell are the coaches doing if their players don’t know what they are playing for? I’m a big McNabb fan and to hear him say what he said hurts because I have defended him for years. But, while McNabb was a problem in Cincy, he wasn’t the only problem.

  3. He’s hardly the only person in the world who didn’t (or still doesn’t) know a game could end in a tie. There’s a poll on Dan Patrick’s SI blog asking this question, and 22% of the voters say they didn’t know a game could end in a tie. There’s alot of stupid people out there – it just so happens that one of them plays QB for the team that tied the game yesterday…

  4. In the overall scheme of things, McNabb not knowing about ties amounts to nothing.
    It is damn funny though 😛
    The Eagles are a team in meltdown, lacking in heart and leadership. I wonder how much longer the Reid era lasts…

  5. I can even understand Disco Donnie not being mentally sharp and “forgetting” about the rule….i can possibly understand this. Ties are very uncommon.
    What completely baffles me is him getting up in front of a podium and admitting it.
    Keep that kind of info close to the heart.

  6. The Eagles can’t run the ball this year. There are a lot of reasons that’s failing.
    So when McNabb lays an egg like he did on Sunday… well, you end up tying the Bengals.

  7. I didn’t watch the game so I can’t comment on whether McNabb knowing the rule would have affected THIS game, but theoretically, it is possible. If OT is ticking down and the QB thinks, “OK, I’ll get a shot in the 2nd OT period”, I’d say that’s a pretty SIGNIFICANT misunderstanding. Kinda fits right in that category of game management, no?
    Yikes, fire Andy Reid already. He’s wasting the talent around him.

  8. Not to play devil’s advocate here, but apparently a lot of players in the game didn’t know that it would be a tie…
    …Also, why is it a season killing tie? The Eagles are .5 games out of the Wild Card behind the 6-4 Cowboys/Redskins/Falcons.

  9. I can’t remember the last time FLORIO gave a black man the benefit of the doubt.
    I am starting to get frustrated with the passive racism on this website.

  10. If he didn’t know it could end in a tie… he wouldn’t have been throwing a hail mary at the end of the OT…

  11. Classic Florio deflection: “Many assumed, after a three-game free-fall that dropped them to 4-4, that the Denver Broncos eventually would fall apart and miss the playoffs.”
    UMMMmmm, yeah. That “Many” is YOU Florio (and the Bolts fans…and more than a few Broncos fans).
    You have the pulpit, you promote it. Just say it: “I LOVE TO HATE THE BRONCOS AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE DONE.”
    We know it. Just own it.
    Go Bolts! The Refs screwed ya again! Oh, wait.

  12. Andy Reid and Donovan both need to get out of town. The good times are over and clearly they were a product of a weak division and conference. Both people are stupid. Neither can think on there feet which is something you have to do in the NFL. The Eagles need to bring in a new coaching staff. They need a more balanced attack to atleast give the defense a breather. Lurie won’t Fire Reid because hes the “Best coach the team has ever had”. Reid has to be the luckiest coach of all time. He came around at the right time, when guys like Fassel, Campo and Spurrier were across the feild. The NFC is much stronger now then during the Eagles little sorta run. Lets go Phillies!

  13. He had to be joking, right?
    I mean he even said he couldn’t imagine what would happen in the playoff’s or the Super Bowl.?.?.? (Guess he doesn’t know that there can’t be ties in playoff’s or Super Bowl.)

  14. chumpslacks – I was actually going to post a similar comment to yours, only sarcastically. You beat me to it only I think you’re being serious.
    Can we stop calling everyone who criticizes a black person a racist please? There are a lot of black people in the NFL, so there’s going to be some criticism of them at some point.
    Sheesh, I thought we were past this crap.
    By the way, if you were being sarcastic then disregard the above.

  15. This entire situation speaks to the MAJOR issues this team has –
    It’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to make all the players aware of the stakes – ie, score or our season is over / score or we tie – etc
    As to those who want to run Mcnabb out of town – good luck developing a QB- remember how long it took w #5??? Something with this team needs to change ASAP – my guess is it’s see you later Andy – that might also mean see you later #5…but if that’s what it takes –
    Remember a few months ago – We are going for it this year… what a fu@king joke – CH CH CH CH CHANGES….TIME TO FACE THE CHANGE…

  16. So what’s dumber?
    Not knowing the rules of a game you make your living playing?
    Or going on TV and admitting it?

  17. “There’s a poll on Dan Patrick’s SI blog asking this question, and 22% of the voters say they didn’t know a game could end in a tie.”
    But of those 22% how many of them actually play football professionally?

  18. If McNabb had known the tie rule, it would have made no difference to this game. There were 8 seconds on the clock, and the Eagles got the ball on their own 25-ish, IIRC. Whether you think there is another OT coming or not, you throw a hail mary there.

  19. No wonder TO crapped his pants after Philly lost the superbowl, Mcnabb thought they had another quarter to play?

  20. i think he knew about ties. why did he go for the hail mary at the end if he knew they would have another OT period?

  21. Could you imagine the coverage this story would be getting if T.O. said this after a game? Once again ESPN isn’t going to blow this story up, because Donovan is their boy. The guy is a complete idiot and has always said some weird and stupid things. I can’t stand the guy, because I think he is fake as hell, but I am loving this team imploding right now. Do you think ESPN will talk about the Eagles implosion as much as the Cowboys implosion the last couple of weeks? Hell no, Andy Reid is their boy too and they would’t dare mess with a nice guy. Once again F*CK YOU ESPN!

  22. wow, Florio you are making way to big a deal out of this. I’m pretty sure no one else really cares that much. how about instead of dwelling on the McNabb comment you focus on more game related material such as how the Eagles couldn’t beat the Bengals in regulation.
    also, I think the ESPN bashing is hilarious. We all know 99% of those that bash ESPN watch sportscenter nightly…

  23. The big problem with the Eagles yesterday wasn’t McNabb’s “tie” knowledge. It’s that the Eagles didn’t know how to convert on 3rd and short. I still can’t fathom how the biggest O-line in the NFL is failing on short yardage situations. I know we’re missing Shawn Andrews, but there’s no excuse for failing to convert multiple times in this situation. The offense seems to panic when faced with 3rd and 1, as if they’re all saying, “Here we go again.” It was pathetic.
    The offense wasted a GREAT effort by the defense yesterday. Cincy might be a terrible team, but their coaching staff seemed to do a great job of getting that team fired up to play.

  24. yes mcnabb is a media-made product?
    regarding the play call, reid does that. mcnabb just carries out the play call…

  25. McNabb is being made into a scapegoat. Getting rid of him ONLY will not fix the Eagles. The coaching staff needs to change.

  26. chumpslacks says:
    November 17th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    I can’t remember the last time FLORIO gave a black man the benefit of the doubt.
    I am starting to get frustrated with the passive racism on this website.
    It’s not racism, it’s simply Florio beating to death yet another story. If you think he’s racist and only writes negatively about black players, the question I have for you is….did you read any of the 2,000+ posts between March 2008 and September 2008 about Brett Favre?

  27. McNabb has been hired and trusted to lead that organization’s offense. He’s being paid what amounts to more than $1 million every time he puts on his Eagles jersey The least he can do is know the rules, especially a rule that every football fan knows. Yes, true fans know that rule as rarely as it happens. Yes, it does affect the outcome of the game…how can it not when McNabb is thinking he has another quarter to win the game, thus he has less sense of urgency to score in the overtime period. It’s a joke that he doesn’t know the rule, and Eagles fans should be outraged!

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