As expected, Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards has been slapped with a $25,000 fine for not one but two plays against the Buccaneers in Week Eleven.
According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the fine arises from two plays in Sunday’s game.  In addition to the ridiculously late hit on quarterback Jeff Garcia, the fine also arises from a leg whip that occurred earlier in the game.
His teammate, defensive end Jared Allen, was fined earlier this week for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during a Week Ten game.

25 responses to “EDWARDS FINED $25,000

  1. Are these fines tax deductible at least? The Vikings defense is going to be broke by the end of the year.

  2. It is a shame Goodell has no balls. It would have been Epic if the entire Vikings defensive line had been suspended.

  3. This is not true. Everyone said Edwards would be suspended for at least 4 games. This can’t be true. Just a fine?
    I don’t buy it. I bet he gets suspended the same 4 games as Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen.

  4. Are you kidding? $25k for these and $20k for Martz for saying the refs have a problem? I guess words are stronger than actions in the NFL.

  5. Stop whining. The bottom line is when you play the Vikings you better bring your lunch and wear your knee pads.

  6. Edwards had no prior incidents as far as late hits. Probably the reason why he did not get suspended. Now if he does it again this weekend I’m sure he will get the boot for at least one game.
    The NFL isn’t consistent… get used to it.

  7. “Stop whining. The bottom line is when you play the Vikings you better bring your lunch and wear your knee pads.”
    So you’re saying they play physical? Is that a conselation for a losing effort? I’d rather a team not take cheap shots and late hits and instead focus on winning the game.

  8. Some of you guys need to find a new sport to watch. If the NFL really makes you this angry, watch soccer or tennis or monster trucks or NASCAR or something. Bitching on this website isn’t going to change things.
    At least go bitch at ESPN where someone will read your rants.
    We just laugh and mock you when you whine on here.

  9. 25,000.00 for that BS hit on Garcia last week? Garcia had taken 4 steps on the replay before human debris Edwards came up and almost knocked him out of the game. The vi-queens DL plays dirty, hope you enjoyed your plane ride home boys, 19-13 and a BIG LOSS! Too bad your coach is wasting AP’s talent. Makes me muse back to Barry Sanders and the wasted talent there too. Oh that’s the same division. NFC North, what a freakin joke.

  10. The late hit on Garcia should have been at least $40,000 on it’s own.
    Terrible cheap shot, late hit, DIRTIEST PLAY OF THE MONTH!

  11. All the Queens play dirty and will be suspended.
    Mark my words! Goodell will suspend Jared Allen, Ray Edwards, and Adrian Peterson before this Sunday!!
    The Vi Queens suffered a BIG LOSS (6 points)! This was recorded as the biggest loss in the history of biggest losses! Queens!!!!!!eleven!11one!!!!!1
    What a freakin joke!
    Teh BuccoS! RUl!!!!1e!!!11
    We will win teh SuperBpwl again this year!! just like last year!!
    GO Buccos!!!

  12. “So you’re saying they play physical? Is that a conselation for a losing effort? I’d rather a team not take cheap shots and late hits and instead focus on winning the game.”
    The defense is one of the best in the league but the offense is terrible, besides you guys have the king of cheap shots Kyle Vanden Bosch

  13. Stray Cash, Homey!
    A product of poor coaching is when players start cutting corners to get the job done. *Sigh*

  14. Just saw it on ESPNEWS:
    Ray Edwards will be suspended for the next four games, as will Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson. NFL Commissioner “Bucco Bruce” was quoted as saying “Them ViQueens are dirty players and they got the BIG LOSS…so now they get a BIG SUSPENSION!!!”
    Meanwhile, NFL Head of Dicipline “Q-Man” had this to say “That Ray Edwards guy is the DIRTIEST PLAYER OF THE MONTH, and as such, we will be mailing him a commemorative plaque to hang above his locker, along with a nice gift basket from Bed, Bath & Beyond”.
    Bob Nelson, NFL’s Director of Public Relations said “Teh fine shuda been moar!!”
    To further ensure Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson will stay in-line, there is a surgery scheduled to attach Adrian and Jared together at the hip, while Adrian will have the condom removed from his head and a “helmut” sewn on permanently.
    I think I just summed up PFT for the past 3 weeks.

  15. Florio,
    Where’s the Fine Watch. As corollary (I’ll pause a minute to let the Packer fans look it up) to the Turd Watch, you should create a standings of fines accumulated per team. Yet another page to which to drive traffic.

  16. To anyone commenting that DID NOT see the hit, try and find a clip of it. When it is viewed in regular speed, not slo-mo, it is so blatant that I was fully expecting Edwards to be ejected. Plus the fact that he was NOT trying to tackle Garcia, Edwards simply knocked him flat on the ground. Logical reaction by referees; your outta’ here!

  17. Chilly says if you watch it at regular speed instead of slo-mo, that it was a clean play. Check out the story Florio posted on Tuesday. I put the link in my previous comment.

  18. Let’s see, that is the fourth fine against a Vikings defensive lineman in the past 3 or 4 weeks. Might that be called a trend? Might that be illustrative of a deeper problem at the coaching level? (Childress is desperate to win and can no longer trust his own play calling to pull a game out in the 4th Qtr so let’s knock out their QB)
    I know the Viking fans can be counted on to justify this as just good effort gone awry but sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) the league office will have to hand down a suspension before these cheap shot artist that wear purple put someone on IR.

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