Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress appears to have escaped with only a minor injury after accidentally shooting himself in the leg.
Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports cites two unnamed sources who say Burress should be back in two weeks.
“I don’t exactly know what happened with all of this, where he was or whether he had the gun or what,” a source told Cole. “All I know is he’s supposed to be back in a couple of weeks.”
Mike Garafalo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that an unnamed Giants player said of Burress, “He is okay. That’s all I can say.”
Burress was already out for the Giants’ game Sunday against the Redskins because of a hamstring injury. It is not clear what part of Burress’s leg was injured in the shooting, but all indications are that the injury is not serious.


  1. what a complete retard…
    i give him two more years in the league at most..
    coughlin won’t stand for his b.s much longer

  2. Great investment by the Giants. Time to see what his backups can do and see who is available in the draft. Now if the Giants could put together a nice package maybe they should move up to get Crabtree.
    Why is it good quiet wide receivers as so hard to find?

  3. Wow looks like that was a swell move giving him that big extension. I’m glad we have no #1 receivers in Tenn, seem like a pain in the ass.

    He shot himself in the brain. But it’s ok, he never really used it.

  5. he’ll end up in DALLAS!!!
    just think about it: T.O., ROY WILLIAMS, and PLAX!!
    Super Bowl Cowboys, lmao!! What a bunch of crap!

  6. The second amendment is in the constitution because America had no full time (Non war time) Military nor Military budget until post WWII. Thats 1945 for you youngsters. Had our forefathers invisioned the 1960’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and 00’s they would have revised it. And no it’s not your right to carry fire arms, you need a permit. I understand wanting to own a fire arm, but the GUN NUTS (The ones that spew the second amindment every time there is a Columbine) are just blind and dumb. There has to be a happy middle ground where folks can go out and kill wild game, yet the streets, schools, and public events can be kept safe. And no the ansure is not MORE GUNS!

  7. What the hell is he doing 1) out at a club and 2) with a weapon at said club. Seriously, wtf!!
    Does he have a permit to carry a concealed weapon?

  8. If he was on the Patriots, the haters would be demanding a suspension for this. Am I a hater if I hate the haters??? I can just imagine calling my boss one morning saying boss I won’t be in for a few weeks because I shot myself.

  9. Brady – Imagine what could be done with a little ammonium nitrate fertilizer and petrolum based fuel and something to ignite it. Now a common sense test for owning a gun would make sense. Of course politicians do not understand the term common sense.

  10. Bradybunch,
    WOW! Talk about revisionist history! As a direct decendent of a MOH recipient, I will say that your understanding of the Consitution and the US military is really skewed. Then again, looking at your screen name leads me to believe you must live in New England. Nuff said. The socialist state of New England don’t recognize that pesky document.

  11. I think he should be out for the rest of the season we do not need his sorry ass
    Off to Big D with the rest of the Big D’s

  12. the point of the 2nd amendment is to keep the gummint from getting too big for its britches. it is a right that has been sorely underused.
    the scotus hath decided that the cops are here to clean up afterwards. they arent here to protect you from crooks, or indians or the british or “terrism”.
    if you dont agree, move somewhere with even more onerous gun laws. see how you like it.
    gun control is a hallmark of totalitarian societies, and before all the talk about the nazis, just look at the gun control nuts in america. they are communists, check out their lineage.
    more guns, if used properly, are the answer. a truly armed society is a polite society. despite all the talk about “the wild west” from olden days, while the west was happening, the east was much wilder – it always is in mass concentrations of people. still is.
    fewer guns is never the answer, unless the goal is to let the commies have their way, which is to enforce anarcho-tyranny. that is a system where the gummint penalizes the law-abiding majority for every little thing, but it lets the non-majority lawbreakers loose to wreak havoc unpunished, especially on the silent majority.
    you have the right, especially to carry firearms unconcealed. the gummint doesnt want you to have it; the gummint fears the people because it hasnt been doing right for a long time. it’s that simple.
    yet, i dont know why plax would need to get lit and brandish a weapon in a bar. the thug lifestyle as practiced by a low grade diva…

  13. so what was plaxican standoff doing at a club if his hammy was f’ed up? Why did he have a gun at a club? this is his third public incident this year now we will see if comrade Goddell is fair and suspends this idiot? My guess, no he’s not a Cowboy.

  14. Ben
    Are you kidding with all the times pacgirl has gotten a second chance
    As a Giants fan I hope the fire his ass for good we do not need him he is damaged goods to many shots to the head

  15. “he’ll end up in DALLAS!!!”
    He just signed a brand new contract to stay in New York, you insufferable Bores jackass. The Cowboys could sign an All Felons team and that wouldn’t make the Bears any less of the pathetic, perpetually underachieving joke of a franchise that they’ve always been.

  16. This fool should be charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm within city limits for starters, and maybe illegal possession of a concealed weapon and illegal possession of a firearm in an establishment that serves alcohol.

  17. Now the cherry on top of all this would be for him to some how contract staph infection while in th hospital and lose a leg.

  18. bucco bruce
    No I don’t live in New England and please point out my inacuracys. It should be worth a laugh.

  19. BradyBunch,
    Calls for gun control laws are stupid. Think about it: criminals, who are already breaking laws, are supposed to just say “well its illegal to carry firearms so we shouldn’t do that”? Think back to prohibition… what the hell did that accomplish? I’m all for waiting periods and background checks but I’m not for any more than that. Criminals will get guns the only thing laws will do is keep law-abiding citizens like myself from owning guns for the purposes of protection.
    That said I’m fairly certain that in most states its illegal to carry a firearm when drinking, permit or no permit. I’m pretty sure that violating that law is a felony (right Florio?). So I’d be curious to know what comes of Plax’s situation.

  20. titans_fan
    “Calls for gun control laws are stupid. ”
    I never said that. I was pointing out the correct meaning of the second amendment rights. It’s about Military Protection not Gangstern’ it up in a night club. It’s to late to undue anything about ANYONE and I mean ANYONE to get a gun, so we have to be FORCEFUL with the CONTROL to make idiots THINK before they PACK HEAT. The second amendment is for military protection of the citizens. Misuse of such a deadly right should face a MUCH higher standard of punishment. As one poster stated, What if he had shot someone else? Not in the leg or pinky toe. But you watch. He will pay a fine. Just like skipping practice. Nothing more. Our gun control LAWS are the real joke.

  21. bloomberg wont have nyc enforce jack on plax. a, he is a foobah star, and b, he isnt who turds like bloomberg are really targeting with their draconian gun laws.
    nyc restaurants and bars sound like ideal places for people to go when they are inclined to shoot a lot of people.
    gun control… in a sane world… really means not shooting a hole in yer own damn leg.

  22. Bradybunch says:
    November 29th, 2008 at 3:22 pm
    The second amendment is in the constitution because America had no full time (Non war time) Military nor Military budget until post WWII. Thats 1945 for you youngsters. Had our forefathers invisioned the 1960’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and 00’s they would have revised it.
    Hmmmm. The second amendment to the Constitution was ratified 12/15/1791. You youngsters. Bradybunch must be about 300 years old now.
    Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    And as far as the government never having any portion of the National budget for defense, grab ahold of yourself son, thats another part of the Constitution. You might want to read the document once or twice to see how many of your rights will be taken away in the coming years. usconstitution.net.
    Just go back to driving your Prius, eating tofo and hugging trees my friend. You haven’t a clue.

  23. “he isnt who turds like bloomberg are really targeting with their draconian gun laws.”
    You, uh, realize that not providing equal protection under the law is a violation of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, right?

  24. Hey Vox, nice to see you crawl out from underneath that rock you have been hiding ever since the Cowboys went on their losing streak. I guess the must have strung a couple of victories together and you are once again free to strut about.
    empty13 speaks the truth about the second amendment. The founding fathers understood that unless the common man was armed he was vulnerable to the worst predations that tyrannical government could unleash upon its citizens. The restriction of firearms that the British attempted in the colonies along with the Quartering Act were among the chief reasons for the second and third amendments.

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