The lawyer hired to represent Giants receiver Plaxico Burress tells the Associated Press that Burress will surrender to authorities and eventually plead not guilty to charges of criminal possession of a weapon.
Said attorney Benjamin Brafman in a statement:  “I would hope that fans of the New York Giants will give Plaxico the benefit of the doubt and the presumption of innocence — something we’re all supposed to be given in this country.”
Sorry, Ben.  But the presumption of innocence applies only in a court of law, where the ultimate outcome could entail the forfeiture of liberty.  In the court of public opinion, the presumption is that the available facts will be viewed through the prism of common sense.  Burress, by all accounts, was illegally in possession of a handgun.  So Giants fans and anyone else so inclined to form an opinion is free to conclude based on media reports and Plaxico’s silence that, factually, he did it.
Whether his factual guilt ultimately becomes legal guilt is a different issue entirely.   
Brafman, by the way, is no stranger to high-profile litigation.  He has his own Wikipedia page, which explains that he has represented the likes of Sean “Insert Preferred Name Du Jour” Combs and Michael Jackson.  In a January 1998 profile in New York magazine, Brafman described himself as a “short Jewish guy.” He previously worked as a stand-up comic, and his representation of mob figures prompted Marv Albert to go in a different direction while facing sexual assault charges in Virginia.  (Apparently, being charged with shooting a guy in the back is far less reputable than being charged with biting a woman there.)
So Burress has a bona fide barracuda on his side.  And, by all appearances, he’s gonna need it.


  1. Anyone wonder if plExico can even spell “not-guilty”.
    I have no doubts that plEx will get off on this one but I’ll be cheering for for impending doom much like I did during the Kobe proceedings.
    I hate seeing guys succeed simply because they have enough athletic prowess to overcome the fact that they are complete and utter idiots.

  2. B1ACK A1 – Perhaps any NFL player who deams it necessary to carry a gun will at least have the common sense to do so legally…unlike your friend, Plaxico.

  3. “Richard Collier and Sean Taylor don’t think it’s crazy for an NFL player to carry a weapon.”
    Umm yeah, I won’t argue that. But the key thing here is HE DIDN’T HAVE A FREAKIN PERMIT!!!
    And plenty of non-NFL players get shot all the time, does that mean everybody should be allowed to carry guns without permits? Yeah.

  4. more effective than strapping on a cannon would be not frequenting the night life dressed like a who-pimped-my-tiffany-lamp.

  5. “and eventually plead not guilty” ??????? I smell a plea bargain coming—perhaps with some high profile community service and promotions. This is how the game is played.

  6. Well Little Ben sounds like he’s the perfect attorney for
    Plaxico. Ben Represented a dentist who was given a deal
    to plea with no jail time. The little lawyer went to
    court with his dentist client and lost. The dentist was
    sentenced to three to six years. Now we know why Plaxico
    will enter a plea of not guilty per Ben Brafman.

  7. time for good old plaxico to get locked up or kicked off the team
    now we just need to see Pierce get charged with something 😀

  8. B1ACK A1 says:
    November 30th, 2008 at 3:46 pm
    Richard Collier and Sean Taylor don’t think it’s crazy for an NFL player to carry a weapon.
    Tank Johnson might disagree.
    Of course the key here is that Burress was in violation of the law. He’s a criminal. The only thing left now is doing his 3 and a half years behind bars.

  9. If the liquor laws or cabaret laws if you prefer are like most states – the Latin Quarter club could also be in big trouble for 1. knowing he had a gun and allowing it inside, 2. serving drinks to someone with a loaded gun, 3. over serving him, and 4. not reporting the shooting. This one will be worth watching. Now that the press is all over the incident it will not got away.

  10. He committed a crime and he’s going to go to jail. Not arguing that.
    But after Taylor and Collier, you can believe that every NFL player was put on alert. Plaxico rolled the dice going out with his gun and he lost.
    But he wasn’t carrying a gun to rob anyone, he was doing it because he didn’t think he was safe in public. So maybe there shouldn’t be so much glee over the guy going to jail.

  11. “But he wasn’t carrying a gun to rob anyone, he was doing it because he didn’t think he was safe in public.”
    Didn’t you really mean to say that he didn’t think he was safe at the bar?
    Coulda left the gun in the car, you know.
    Or hell, maybe he should have kept his happy ass home instead of going to the bar that he didn’t feel safe in.

  12. Burress’ arrogance is only surpassed by his utter stupidity. NY law is pretty cut and dried when it comes to CC. Methinks that Plaxico is going down for this one.
    I don’t care which legal barracuda represents him, I can’t envision any scenario where Plax doesn’t do some kind of jail time for this one.

  13. I understand Plax not feeling safe in public. I don’t understand why he would risk his freedom and career when he could very easily pay a security guard to legally carry the pistol.

  14. If Puff Daddy can shoot up a club, toss his gun in the street while racing away from the cops (which was recovered, with his fingerprints on it, practically still smoking on the sidewalk) and get aquitted, there stands a good reason that you can blast yourself in the leg and plead “not guilty” to weapons charges. Even though he had no registration, was carrying illegally, and there is an ironclad law in NY law that’s supposed to get him in prison for 3 1/2 years. I guess none of that matters if you hire Benjamin Brafman as your attorney. The Ray Lewis “trial” revealed to us that two guys stabbed themselves to death while Ray and his buddies stood around and watched, since they were all “aquitted”

  15. “If the liquor laws or cabaret laws if you prefer are like most states – the Latin Quarter club could also be in big trouble for 1. knowing he had a gun and allowing it inside…”
    I believe they were checking him at the door, and he was attempting to unload the gun when he shot himself. If true, they were in the process of complying with the law.
    Plex should just be glad he didn’t shoot himself in the dick. Christ, man, ever hear of a safety? Why are these idiots dumb enough to put a loaded gun with no safety down near their junk?

  16. Looks like Burress didn’t listen to the four rules of gun safety:
    1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
    2. Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.
    3. Keep your weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.
    4. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire.
    Next question…did he attend some sort of gun safety training course before getting his conceal permit…my guess is no, he probably paid someone off.

  17. One other thing…If I were Plaxico, and I was sent to prison for 3 1/2 years, I don’t think it would be a good idea to tell anyone that I was a wide receiver…if you know what I mean???

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