Undrafted rookie CB Maurice Leggett’s fumble return for a touchdown keyed the Chiefs snapping a seven-game losing streak.
A Kansas City defense that allowed 300 rushing yards the last time it faced the Raiders played well.
Veteran TE Tony Gonzalez finally had reason to smile again: “You have no idea how good it feels to get a win.”
QB Tyler Thigpen failed to throw for a touchdown for the first time in seven starts, but he got his first win.
Coach Herm Edwards was impressed with the way Thigpen responded to throwing a third-quarter interception.
Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell followed up an outstanding performance with a 10-of-28 stinker.
The Chiefs didn’t shy away from testing CB Nnamdi Asomugha.
Interim coach Tom Cable’s call for a fake field goal to chubby K Sebastian Janikowski wasn’t exactly a genius moment.
Said Cable: “It was my decision. Obviously it wasn’t a good one.”
“We do that in practice all the time,” CB Nnamdi Asomugha said. “But I never knew that it was a real thing that we were going to attempt.”


  1. I feel like the Chiefs will have between picks three and five. I think the Lions, Bengals and Rams are all in play to have a pick ahead of us.

  2. A fake FG on 4th and 10 with a heavy non-athletic kicker was a horrible decision. Par for the course with raider coaches. Its right up there with that 76yd attempt a few weeks back.

  3. It’s funny how much of a difference one week make in the NFL. Last week, Coach Cable was nominated Coach of the week for beating the Donkeys. Come this week, he’s the punching back of the NFL for this dumb call.

  4. It’s easier to list what the Raiders WON’T do with that 1st pick:
    Quarterback (We’ll see…)
    Half Back
    Tight End
    Punter (Hey, Jano was a 1st RD pick).
    Every other position could use some help.

  5. except they had a better chance to make the 76 yarder
    janikowski wont outrun anyone, except to the bar

  6. Is there a bigger moron in the NFL than Cable? For a brief moment there he appeared to be enchanted by the prospect that he actually might be intelligent enough to stay on as the Raiders head coach. He’s so stupid, he was dazzled by his own ignorance. Luckily, his playcalling vs the Chiefs will be more than enough for the senile cryptkeeper to bounce him at the end of December. Thus, we will be entertained yet again as Al brings in another puppet/stiff/yes-man to captain this rotten sinking ship of a team.

  7. Let’s see, how can I say this and still be nice?….
    JaMarcus Russell is not a good QB and he’s not skinny. That’s as nice as I can make it.

  8. The unexpected win over the Broncos got into Cable’s little head! He foolishly thought he can intimidate opponents now with tricky plays to show how smart he is [as Line coach, as Play-caller and as Head coach].
    After dismissing Knapp as play-caller, Cable will now fire himself as play-caller? Let Al call the plays officially from his luxury suite…Any lap dog on the side line can inform the players….
    By the way, I can hardly understand what JM Russell said during the post game conference…he mumbles his words, not very articulate….

  9. I dont see why mcfadden dosent get more carries. the guy is meant to be 100% but only got a handful of carries. Cable needs to get back to line coaching, he needs to learn harris’ big ugly arse to block or give mario henderson a kick up his. Did anyone really expect Lelie to put up numbers like he did against denver? these knob jockeys are getting paid enough, why dont you see that kind of effort every week.the ones i feel sorry for are the players who are showing true talent and commitment and have to put up with these moronic decisions that are going on around them. heres the guys that have impressed me this year.
    Gibril wilson- got what we paid for (for once!)
    Tommy Kelly- hes a good defensive tackle
    trevor scott- like too see more of him, raw with great potential
    Chris Johnson- deangelo who?
    Nnamdi asomugha- champ who?
    Thomas howard- solid as ever
    Zach miller- urinates on our other recievers from a great height
    Jamarcus Russell- has shown potential, wanna see him run more, still think he can be great.
    others that deserve a mention are Fargas- true team guy with the right attitude (shame he hasnt got mcfaddens skills)

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