On Monday, Lions coach Rod Marinelli used visual aids to prod his team to victory — any victory — over the next four weeks.
Per the Detroit Free Press, Marinelli displayed a team picture at a meeting of the players.  His point?  That picture could end up in Canton, Ohio, as part of a display commemorating the first 0-16 team in NFL history.
Of course, it’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Shame.  If the Lions finish the job and go 0-16, their photo has roughly the same chance of landing there as does Plaxico’s Glock.
Still, Marinelli has to do something to avoid becoming the first man to preside over a team that finishes a 16-game schedule with a goose egg under the “W”. 
Monday was the first time Marinelli addressed wit the team the possibility of going winless, running back Aveion Cason told the Free Press.
“We’re going to win a game,” Cason said. “I can’t put it all on my back, but we’re going to win a game. I’m going to go out and try my best to get a win.”
Marinelli’s timing was no coincidence.  The team’s last, best chance to get a win comes Sunday, when they host the Vikings.  Earlier this year, Minnesota eked out a 12-10 victory over Detroit, thanks to a phantom pass interference call that fueled the drive for the game-winning field goal.
History also favors the Lions; in 2001, they were winless late in the year and they hosted the Vikings.  And the Lions got their first win in that game.


  1. Ok he has OFFICIALLY lost his ever loving mind.. Damn he should be saying hey guys we can atleast have A record this year.. 0-16 they’ll be remembered 1-15 they’ll be just another bad team.
    Next year they play the AFC North, NFC west, A team from the NFC south and a team from the NFC South.. All i can say is that they better hope that game with St. Louis is EARLY in the season and IN detroit. If not, its gonna get UGLY..

  2. And to add a little something: How does Aveion Cason cason promise a win, i didnt even know he was in the league still.. and then he says he can’t put it all on his back??? really? Aveion, seriously brother you have 2 carries for 1 yard all season.. thats something special right there, i think most of us on this site can get that.. oh wait.. its DETROITS o-line nevermind..

  3. I pray to the almighty that the Lions go 0-16. The NFL needs perfection to counterbalance what the Pats did last year. I think this is the best thing to happen in ProFootball this year.

  4. Long time Saints fan here giving Lions fans a little hope. Trust me, 40 years of history says that the Saints will not beat an 0-14 Lions team. It just won’t happen.

  5. Is it really their best chance? The Vikings are really turning it on lately and are one of the hotter teams in the league.

  6. Wow! It’s all on Avion Cason’s back to carry the team to victory. May as well have the long-snapper say he will carry the team to victory.
    Maybe Marinelli should have waited until the ruling on suspensions for the Williams Wall before being so bold.
    Then again, the Lions still have the Packers again. The Pack is 3-7 since its 2-0 start, and one of those three wins was against the Lions.

  7. I would say the Vikes, Saints, or Packers they all have a chance in. Vikes are rolling right now so I’d put that as least likely. Pack becomes least likely if they are in the playoff hunt week 17.
    so in my opinion it comes down to the Saints. Although, in all honesty, Detroit is not going to win a game.

  8. As a lifelong Viking fan I would not be surprised to see the Lions pull out an ugly win, but I just don’t see it happening. There have been a lot of whacky plays in recent years when it comes to Lions and Vikings, but an impressive emotional win Sunday Night could have a big hangover cloud looming. I hope not, Vikes roll 34-7. Daunte gets murdered by Kevin Williams and Jared Allen.

  9. Please God! Let the Lions go winless. Packers are 5-7, but a winless Lions team makes me feel so much better about this year.

  10. lets get past all the rocket science above. it really is simple.
    if it is better to have the #2 pick (cause the #1 isnt trade-able), the lions will go winless.
    if it is better to have the #1 pick (because it is trade-able), the lions will win two.

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