The National Football League has announced that six players have been suspended for violation of the policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.
Saints running back Deuce McAllister, Saints defensive end Charles Grant, Saints defensive end Will Smith, Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams, Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, and Texans long snapper Bryan Pittman have been suspended.
“The players specifically violated a longstanding provision of the policy relating to the use of diuretics and water pills, which serve as masking agents for steroids and are potentially dangerous to the health of players,” the NFL said in a release.
The six players tested positive for Bumetanide.
In the release, the NFL addressed the allegations that Dr. John Lombardo knew that a supplement known as “StarCaps” secretly included Bumetanide, a drug available by prescription only, but failed to share this with all players.
“With respect to the question of whether a specific warning should have been given regarding Star Caps, the policy does not set forth an obligation to issue specific warnings about specific products and no testimony suggests that the NFL and NFLPA have ever contemplated imposing such a requirement on Dr. Lombardo, who oversees the development of education materials on steroids,” the statement reads. “In keeping with that responsibility, the NFL, NFLPA, and Dr. Lombardo have emphasized the need for extreme caution in the use of any supplement, including weight reduction products, have established a Hotline for players to call for information regarding supplements, have established a Supplement Certification program with EAS to provide players with supplements that are free of banned substances, and have, in conjunction with reinforcing the strict liability rule, repeatedly warned players about the dangers of unregulated and inaccurately labeled dietary supplements. In the past, players have been suspended for using dietary supplements that contained a banned substance.”
The league also contends in the release that specific warnings were provided to teams in December 2006 regarding StarCaps, and that weight-clause bonus provisions contained in player contracts typically prohibit the players from using diuretics — even non-prohibited ones — to “make weight.”
Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson has not been suspended. The reason for the success of his appeal is unknown; he recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of StarCaps.


  1. A really good start to the week for Goodell. The lawsuits against the NFL may already be filed or will be by morning. I believe these guys have a very good chance of winning this one.
    Then there is the Plaxico Fiasco. To include Pierce and ???

  2. Justice prevails. Too bad its a few days late on that goal line stand that swung all the momentum. Cheaters.

  3. Chicago Bears Fans leap for joy. They will now get to go to Arizona in the first round of the playoffs instead of the Vikings.
    The Vikings will now lose 3 of their next 4 games. With even the Detroit game a possible loss. At least maybe they will get a new coach after missing the playoffs once again.
    Sorry Vikings! Congrats Bears! Green Bay…well misery loves company eh?

  4. So since my fantasy team is getting somewhat desperate at runningback, I’m guessing Kevin Smith is a good start this week?

  5. WHAT THE HELL?! How does Grady Jackson NOT get suspended, but Kevin and Pat do? Maybe Rodger Godell felt sorry for the Falcons because they sucked last year.
    Rodger Godell, **** YOU

  6. I cannot believe that the NFL has the guts to suspend these people. Their system is messed up and they are taking it out on the fans/players/coaches/owners of these teams. You cannot put out a policy and not have everything stated in the policy working. Sad, Sad, Sad day for the NFL.

  7. Wow, “The Williams Wall” is out, huh? I guess Detroit has a chance now this Sunday. At the very least, the Bears and Packers gotta feel alot better about their chances of winning the North.

  8. Four games each for the Williams Wall, too.
    Okay, win at the Lions, lose the next two, and beat a resting Giants squad. 9-7.
    Bears lose to the Saints and Packers to go 8-8.
    Packers drop one of their other three games to 8-8.
    Vikings win the division, and enter the playoffs with a well-rested and extremely-pissed off set of defensive linemen.
    LOOK OUT NFL!!!!!

  9. This is bull shit. Absolute garbage. How does one get away with it and the rest dont?
    Now I have to listen to dipshit packer fans for the next 4 games running there brat filled cheese breath mouths about how great their team used to be…

  10. Again, Goodell sucks the life out of football with suspensions that make no sense. If the product was tested by the NFL and deemed clean – then he is wrong for suspending these guys. I hope the NFLPA rakes him over the coals.

  11. Well they can win 2 out of their 4. Thats if the Giants have the division. I’m sick of Goodell already with his inconsistent fines and suspensions.

  12. lol look at all the gay bears fans. They were praying to god this would happen, its kinda sad u have to force someone to lose their games for your team to get in. Its the only way these losers will even smell a playoff chance. As of right now vikings still on top with the worst team in the nfl next

  13. WHAT A JOKE!!! Goodell should be suspended and fined for his terrible decisions he has made this year on fines and suspensions. Every move he makes he has to act like the toughest sheriff in town. These players are getting suspended for using a substance they weren’t even aware was in what they were taking because the company didn’t tell the truth and put it on the label. AND apparently, that NFL knew about this and failed to tell the NFLPA about it. Again, WHAT A JOKE. Man up Goodell and admit you messed up on this one. What if one of these players would have had complications from the drug you and the drug company knew was in their and failed to tell your players. Your a** would be sued to the hills and probably still will from these players. GOODELL IS THE BIGGEST JOKE I’VE EVER SEEN. Saying all that, I think the Vikings will still do fine and have 2 very pissed of big men motivated to torcher offensives in the playoffs.

  14. Rodger Goodell has a personal Vendetta against the Vikings D Line, he has now suspended or fined all 4 starters, and he lets Pac Man play after trying to kill multiple people. Why the heck was Jackson not suspended, and Pat Williams was when they use the same lawyer? Awnser: Goodell hates us Vikings fans! Mr. Goodell, get the heck out of this league!

  15. The only way the Pack or Bears can win the NFC North. If the Vikes win the division it will be even sweeter now. So much for the vast right-wing conspiracy to keep the Vikes winning over the Pack.

  16. Maybe I’m stupid for not knowing how long they are suspended for? But how long are they suspended for?

  17. You Bear and Butt Packer fans are sad and pathetic!! I bet we’ll still be looking down on you guys after four games from top as division champs!!

  18. So Matt Jones gets busted with cocaine and gets to play every game, while these guys get screwed. What a bush league move by the NFL.

  19. Drugs, bad. Punching your own bodyguard, bad. Criticizing bod headed plays — bad. Wanting the ball thrown to you, bad.
    Shooting yourself with unlicensed gun — OK!

  20. Aside from the exclusion of Grady Jackson, the ruling is consistent with every other drug testing suspension they look at. I think Goodell got it right. It’s too bad Bumetanide wasn’t on the StarCaps label, but the NFL has never cared HOW a drug got in your system. Just WHETHER it was there.

  21. Not a surprise an T.R.O. was requested and granted. That is the problem with having the NFL HQ in NYC on Eastern Time. A good portion of the league is in time zones west of and therefore later so the courts are still open.
    Goodell is the most inconsistent commissioner in all of the professional sports leagues. He even makes the wishy washy Nascar rules look very solid.

  22. Hey ScreamingIdiot you dumbass, It wasn’t all Pat and Kevin Stopping your little piss poor effort at a goal line offense. There is a guy known as Jared Allen who twice stopped Forte behind the LOS. Also Greenway took on 3 blocks on 3rd. Hmmmm seeing as we aren’t the only so called “Cheaters” as the Saints lost their D line too. Just another fan pissed about their teaming losing a game.

  23. Goodell and the NFL are sure going to care if they lose in Court. Negative legal precedents are anathema to sports leagues… this was a fight Goodell could and should have avoided.

  24. So if the players were warned in 2006, what’s the problem? They deserve to be suspended. I realize that is a long time to remember that tho…. Maybe Grady wasn’t suspended because he was doing Coke with Matt Jones last summer, and that apparently gets you a season free from suspension. Now Jared Allen will probably start drinking again….

  25. Biggest problem with these developments:
    Wilf: Brad, Why couldn’t you get this team to the playoffs this year?
    Chilly: Well, if I would have had the Williams’ for the last 4 games I probably would have gotten us there.
    Wilf: Maybe I should give you one more year to get it figured out.

  26. trmiller22 says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 5:29 pm
    So Matt Jones gets busted with cocaine and gets to play every game, while these guys get screwed. What a bush league move by the NFL.
    Big difference there. Bumetanide isn’t an illegal drug, it’s just not allowed by the NFL. All they need to suspend someone for using Bumetanide is a positive drug test. No charge, no conviction, no sentence. With cocaine they need a conviction or a guilty plea. Since they currently have neither, Jones plays.

  27. …. and Viking fans still don’t understand this simple policy. I will give credit to the Saints fans because they at least understand and accept why this happened. Vikings fans still don’t have a clue. They must have warning signs for everything in Minnesota. ” Be careful, Stove is hot when tuned on”, “Caution, ice is slippery” and of course “Do not take anything that is not on the approved supplement list because it may contain banned substances”. They still don’t understand the last one for some reason.

  28. Vikefan says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 5:28 pm
    You Bear and Butt Packer fans are sad and pathetic!! I bet we’ll still be looking down on you guys after four games from top as division champs!!
    do you think you Vikingwhiners could just talk about football instead of bad mouthing everyone elses fans?? Your people are an embarrassment to football fans everywhere..get over your ugly ass selves and take this for what it really is..a fricken game for crying out loud. I havn’t read anthing from Packer or Bear fans belittling you people, all they are doing is voicing support for thier respective teams and you Vikes fans can only respond with hateful insults…and I’d take brat breat over lutefisk breath anyday, now go back to your I hate the Packers/ websites and spew your venom and let the rest of us football fans talk football.

  29. Why do people think this is the end for the Vikings? Far from it.
    1. With AP and Chester Taylor and just enough of a passing game from Gus Ferrotte and Bernard Berrian, they will generate enough offense to win.
    2. Ellis Wyms and Fred Evans are veterans and part-time starters in the past. A definite drop off, but they still will be productive.
    3. The Vikes have had the best run defense but been near the bottom of pass defense the past few years because teams focused on passing. Now there will be more balance, so the pass defense will give up less plays. Things tend to even out.
    4. This is a team that’s finally playing with confidence and peaking. Just like one or two injuries, they’ll have to adjust and others will have to step up. Unlike an injury, they’ve had a month to prepare for this.
    5. This is the kind of thing that players rally around. A lot less likely of a letdown game vs. the Lions this weekend.
    6. The Vikings have played the best football when they have been under the radar. That’s back to where they will be this final stretch.
    7. In their final four games, they play one team (the Lions) who have given up, two others (Cardinals and Giants) who have their playoff spots secure and have less to play for, and a fourth (Falcons) at the Metrodome with a rookie QB now playing a bit tighter with their playoff hopes on the line.
    8. The Vikings basically have a 2 game lead over the Packers and Bears (they own the tie breaker over the Bears). They will make the playoffs.
    9. Once they do Pat and Kevin Williams will be rested and PISSED OFF.
    10. Combine that with a team that will be even more confident that they can with without the Williams Wall, and this goes from a team that was just going to make a playoff appearance to a team capable of pulling out a win or two in the playoffs.

  30. It hilarious hearing the Fans of NFC North teams squabble about who’s team is better and who’s going to win the division. Don’t forget, all three teams (sorry Lion’s fans) suck…
    Huffing and puffing about which of the three teams is the least crappy is down right friggin’ hilarious!!!!!

  31. Good- f’in cheaters
    The point is-if you don’t know, don’t take it–is that too complex for these guys–I mean, they ARE college grad-u-ates aren’t they??

  32. “Now I have to listen to dipshit packer fans for the next 4 games running there brat filled cheese breath mouths about how great their team used to be… ”
    At least we aren’t the NFC’s Buffalo Bills(okay, so the Eagles are too, good company!). Kiss the rings, bitch!

  33. It is funny reading the Bears fans post on this! If the Vikings beat the Lions and even with the Williams Wall they will, the Bears would have to run the table to get in. That is NOT GOING TO happen!

  34. Why not Grady Jackson?
    The NFL wants Atlanta to boost attendance. The other teams are selling out their stadiums (or in the case of the Texans, have no hope to in the near future) so it’s in the interest of the NFL as a business for the Falcons to win, which isn’t the case with Minnesota, New Orleans and the Texans.
    “for violation of the policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances”
    When the NFL damn well knows that NONE of these players were using steriods and NONE of them have had any concerns with it in the past.
    I hope the players sue the piss out of the NFL for this.

  35. Why are Vike fans getting mad at Packer and Bears fans? They didn’t tell the two fattys to take illegal substances. Direct your anger at where it belongs…the two overweight cheaters.

  36. Mossey,
    “Okay, win at the Lions, lose the next two, and beat a resting Giants squad. 9-7.”
    Beat a resting Giants squad? I think Coughlin proved last year against New England that he won’t rest his guys you moron

  37. Don’t all those players still a get a chance to appeal? Which means they’re all still playing this Sunday if they do.
    And overall regardless it’s a BS call by the NFL since they were well aware of it and even told teams but it’s not on their list of banned substances? The NFL will lose this lawsuit I guarantee and I would hope the NFLPA backs them up.

  38. If Vikings win 2 games as long as the Beat Detroit, GB or Chicago will have to run table to get in. People are so clueless. Minn is going to be Detroit. Then they just need to win 1 of 3 with 2 games in the dome and Giants not having anything to play for! I still like the Vikings chances of winning the north even without these guys!!

  39. I’m all for discipline, but this is just wrong! Lombardo should be fired. Goodell is choking the golden goose. I think I’m going to start watching college ball instead. I don’t know about the others, but McAllister has more integrity than anyone, no way he is a cheater! Maybe we should vote for a new NFL Commissioner every 4 years. Goodell, you suck!

  40. Hey HardcoreVikesFan
    Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t tell your fattys to cheat. I would be more mad that the Williams twins decided to take illegal things if I was as hardcore fan as you.
    Also you should get mad that your team colors are purple and gold. Worst color combo in the nfl…yuck
    Also quick trivia question. What do the two Williams on the viking Dline share beside a last name?
    Answer: They both cheat and got caught.

  41. Does it really matter if the Bears make the playoffs and Vikings don’t?? Let’s be honest here, both teams suck. Neither team will get past the first round.
    And anyone that thinks this punishment is unfair, please take note where it says diuretics and water pills serve as masking agents for steroids. So if you really convinced yourselves that the Williams brothers were trying to lose weight by taking diet pills then you are a moron. It’s obvious this wasn’t the case and the NFL isn’t stupid. These guys deserve the punishment.

  42. As a Vikings fan I was worried this is what would happen. I still don’t count them out, they have a pretty good chance to win the division.
    I think the policy is solid, but if you are going to suspend 7 players (Nesbit didn’t appeal) and let one go free for the same offense there is a major problem. The NFL has to stay consistent. Suspend them all or Suspend nobody, you can’t pick and choose.
    If the Vikes go at least .500 in the last 4 games, and make it to the playoffs they should have a lot of confidence going in.

  43. hahahaha, this is awesome. jared allen will probably be so depressed about how many double teams he’s about to see that he will hit the bottle tonight and then drive around till he gets his 7th DUI. peaceeee vikings, hope u enjoyed ur one game in 1st place.

  44. From the more recent post titled “NFL DEFENDS POLICY ON STEROIDS AND RELATED SUBSTANCES”:
    Although there’s been talk that the players suspended today could go to court to fight the suspensions, Birch also said on the call, “The appeals decision is final, it’s binding on all the parties, and that’s where we are.”
    I think the policy on Steroids and related substances is all laid out in the collective bargaining agreement. I don’t think any court can touch it. So I don’t think there’s any possibility for injunctions or appeals. The appeals process is done – that’s what’s been going on over the last week or so.

  45. Hey Danpfeiffer-
    The Giants were a wild card team last year, they couldn’t necessarily rest their players against the Pats. That and they had a chance to stop a historic season by the Patriots, you have to do all you can to stop it. The Giants will be playing the Vikes in a game that should mean absolutely nothing to NY. Coughlin would have to be a complete idiot to risk any of his big time players in a game like that.
    I believe last year the Vikes went into NY and beat the Giants pretty easily without Adrian Peterson playing. Should be interesting.

  46. JuicyMelon says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 6:06 pm
    Yeah, and the Vikings didn’t beat the living daylights out of the G-men last year.
    Yeah, so did the Packers. Doesn’t matter. They lost in the playoffs.

  47. bgman says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 5:43 pm
    8. The Vikings basically have a 2 game lead over the Packers and Bears (they own the tie breaker over the Bears). They will make the playoffs.
    That’s very much in doubt. The tiebreaker rules are copied below from
    If, at the end of the regular season, two or more clubs in the same division finish with identical won-lost-tied percentages, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined.
    Two Clubs
    1. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
    2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
    3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
    4. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    5-12.. Etc.
    They split games against each other, so the next category is divisional games. Right now they’re both at 3-2 with one game left. Minnesota plays Detroit and Chicago plays the Packers. I don’t know who leads among common games. They may have the tiebreaker right now, but since they didn’t sweep the Bears it’s still in question.

  48. If the Lions had a running game id say they have a chance to beat the vikes now.. but they dont, i mean MAYBE aveion Cason can put the team on his back the the captain he is..

  49. I’d feel bad for the Vikes if their fans didn’t act like such douchebags all the time. Too bad it has to happen to such good players, but rules is rules, its happened to a lot of players before and will continue to happen so long as they don’t take a great deal more care than they presently do.

  50. HaHa Da PurplePaperChamps are done….stick a fork in ’em. Add the loss of EJ Henderson and you have the makings of a 4-lane super-highway for running-backs to bust through.Oh well…better luck next year….

  51. I wonder if Florio gets some sort of premium for all the hits he gets on this site from NFC North fans posting crap bashing the hell out of each other. The right to appeal from administrative proceedings in collective bargaining agreements is a very, very difficult standard to overcome. Any District Court litigation over this, including injunctive relief to overturn the appeal ruling, is likely doomed to fail. The Vikes and Vike fans have to suck it up and take their medicine. Again, if we somehow still win the NFC North, it will be even sweeter.

  52. The best part about this is the false hope it gives to the Pukers and Bears fans. They think they have a chance. Here’s the best part. YOU DON”T HAVE A CHANCE. Vikes still go to the playoffs either way. Talk all you want, but reality is reality. When you come to the dome, you get your @$$ kicked. Just ask the Bears and the Packers.
    SKOL Bitches!!

  53. swannyrivers says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 8:33 pm
    The best part about this is the false hope it gives to the Pukers and Bears fans. They think they have a chance. Here’s the best part. YOU DON”T HAVE A CHANCE. Vikes still go to the playoffs either way. Talk all you want, but reality is reality. When you come to the dome, you get your @$$ kicked. Just ask the Bears and the Packers.
    SKOL Bitches!!
    typical Viking fan..A Bear fan expresses some optimism for his team and the Viking fan can do nothing but vomit hatefulness..why don’t you people start your own hate other teams blog and let the other fans express hope and funa and all that is to do with football. Don’t you Viking fans get that this is game for entertainment, not to spew hatred at other people who just happen to love other teams besides yours? Do you guys really have that bad of an inferiorty complex that you have to rip other people. It’s not making you look good, it’s making you look stupid..enjoy the GAME people, life is too short.

  54. one of the ATL sports talk programs said tonight that these guys were suspended because they used it as a weight control drug. the nfl provides a method for players to submit stuff before they put it in their body for approval by the nfl but these guys failed to do so.
    also, grady was not suspended because it was prescribed by a doc for health related issues. heart or lungs related. since he weighs 742 pounds of pure peanut butter he has meds he has to take…

  55. Note to all Viking fans: These players have limited responsibility when it comes to playing in the league, one of the most important is knowing what you put in your body. That said, these guys need to be smarter.
    Note to all Bear/Packer fans: Get over it, if your only hope for the playoffs rests on another team failing instead of the success of your own team, then you need to wake up and realize your team SUCKS.
    I predict the Vikings will still back into the division championship, we will see how that plays out though.

  56. Note to all Bear/Packer fans: Get over it, if your only hope for the playoffs rests on another team failing instead of the success of your own team, then you need to wake up and realize your team SUCKS.
    Note to Viking you think you could ever post anything without the word SUCKS?????????

  57. swannyrivers says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 8:33 pm
    When you come to the dome, you get your @$$ kicked. Just ask the Bears and the Packers.
    SKOL Bitches!!
    GB: 27
    MN: 28
    And the Packers’ game winning field goal went wide right with 31 seconds left. Wow, that’s a real ass kicking.

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