With all of the other stuff going on in the NFL, we’ve strayed a bit from our Quixotic obsession with inaccuracies in the injury reports, which according to some of you no one cares about.  (There are plenty of one-eyebrowed guys in Jersey who might disagree.)
The latest came earlier in the week from Ethan Skolnick of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (I think I was on the radio with him yesterday morning, but the last 24 hours are lost in a haze of caffeine and Bumetanide), who wrote on Monday that Dolphins safety Jason Allen was listed as “probable” for Sunday’s game against the Rams even though the team knew that Allen wouldn’t play due to a broken hand.
Skolnick writes that, after the game, it became clear that players had been told not to disclose when they first knew that Allen wouldn’t play.  One player even said that he was “sticking with the script.”
Let’s be clear on this — the Dolphins had a player with a broken hand and they listed him as “probable,” which means that there is a virtual certainty that he’ll be available for normal duty, not that there’s a 75 percent chance he’ll play.  But Allen didn’t play.
The same thing happened on November 23, after the Giants had listed Brandon Jacobs as probable but then made him a last-minute scratch, due to a knee injury. 
Whenever a player listed as probable doesn’t play, the team is required to explain the situation to the league office.  It’s unknown whether such an explanation has been sought or provided in this case.


  1. But..but… I thought only the big bad Patriots weren’t totally forthcoming with their injuries? I’m so confused.

  2. The Parcells coaching tree. The usual suspects; Coughlin, BillyB, Sparano, connect the dots, they were taught by the Master.

  3. The injury reporting system in the NFL is as much of a joke as the fines and suspensions system. Roger Goodell’s tenure as commissioner started out with such promise. Now it’s in danger of becoming just as poorly run as the other professional sports leagues.

  4. And yet the Steelers were also messing with the injury report when they didn’t list guys who fully participated in practice all week and started…thanks again, Florio.

  5. Hello. My name is Mike Florio and I have a bias against the
    Miami Dolphins.
    Mike – quick question – Do you still get free copies of the
    patriots team magazine ?

  6. why is it every post, someone always says Florio has a bias against their team because he posts some wrongdoing of a player on the team or the team. Stop losers, why do you still keep coming back, doesn’t your city has a newspaper with suckups….stick to that.
    BTW, as a PATs fan this season as been rewarding, just to make fun of patriot haters. Seeing that all the noise they made last year was just, just because they were jealous, and not because they think PATs are the Nazis. Seeing their teams being just as bad and ridiculous. Is there any fanbase out there that thinks their team is full of saints. Sorry kids.

  7. “but the last 24 hours are lost in a haze of caffeine and Bumetanide”
    ZING! But seriously, I could barely keep up with the amount of posts yesterday. Good job.
    How about Westbrook questionable and Willie Parker questionable (neither practicing) last week. I put BW on the bench and signed Mewelde Moore. Needless to say, I could have used his 48 points and I’ll be watching the playoffs from my couch (instead of watching them from my other couch).

  8. i think ALL teams finagle the injury reports at some time or another. Jason Allen WAS on the injury report, he should have been listed as “doubtful” or “out” instead of “probable.”
    you know what really matters though? that his replacement, Joey Thomas, started and the Rams noticed this IMMEDIATELY. on the first drive they targeted him several times, so i don’t think the Rams will complain about that one. Had Jason Allen been out there, they might have not had as much success against that side.
    I don’t understand the Dolphin’s logic with messing up that injury report there, but it actually worked in the Rams favor. there HAS to be something more newsworthy out there, florio

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