The Lions have taken another step toward 0-16.
Despite getting off to a good start against the Minnesota Vikings today in Detroit, the Lions found a way to lose, 20-16. They’re now 0-13 and just three losses away from being the first 0-16 team in NFL history.
Lions quarterback Daunte Culpepper was injured on the game’s penultimate play; the extent of his injury isn’t known.
The Lions have now lost their two games against the Vikings by a total of six points and lost their 11 games against teams other than the Vikings by a total of 188 points.

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  1. I am possibly the biggest Vikings fan alive.
    That said…
    1.) Jared Allen. You live by the knee, you die by the knee.
    2.) Beating the Lions by 4 is not acceptable.
    3.) This team is in trouble if Gus is out for any length of time.
    4.) I am not comfortable with Fred Evans and Ellis Wymms.
    5.) Adrian needs to find a way to hold on to that leather-covered egg.
    6.) Playoffs? Maybe.

  2. Is this a bigger story then the Giants getting their asses handed to them? Then Antonio Pierce looking like a chump all day? Then Eli looking like McNabb on the day McNabb got benched? The Giants evewn had the luxury of getting just about every call.

  3. Hey, Lion fans, cheer up. The way the PACK has been playing, there may still be a win on your horizon… (sigh)

  4. Ntrikit,
    What do you want them to do? A win is a win. Would you rather have beat the lions by 1, 2, or 3, or even a loss?
    This was quite possibly the best Vikings win of the season. The Lions obviously believed in the hype that they could win. They did play their hearts out. Unfortunately for them, the Vikings also played like champs. Yes the defensive penalties sucked, but they won! We are still #1 in the division with only 3 games left. JA showed a lot of heart by continuing to play. Yes, you can say that JA had some Karma…I wouldn’t say that. JA hits were because he was making a play when the ball is within a hands reach…Today it was a hit when the ball was 20 yards away. AD did not have a perfect game holding onto the ball…But he only actually lost it once. I am also not comfortable with Fred and Ellis, but I am comfortable with Frazier. The Vikings can’t let up. GB is pretty much out, so we just need to win or have Chicago lose…Simple.

  5. Do not worry Detroit, I guarantee you will beat Green Bay in week 17 as long as Mike McCarthy is still the coach of Green Bay.

  6. So much for the Lions big win.
    Are division games always easy or hard?
    I guess the vikings are finished now!

  7. Further proof Marinelli is a terrible coach:
    Failing when going for it on 4th and 1 twice (running a QB sneak right at the Williamses, no less) instead of kicking short field goals. Do the math–they kick those, they win.

  8. Has anyone noticed the vikings tell Adrian Peterson to follow his blockers yet Chesterfield Taylor just does what he wants. Is it me or is the cutback missing alot more for peterson this year? Is he overcoached?

  9. Yes Apparently a non win team is more valuable of news than the Houston drive to W and eliminate GB from the playoffs.
    Or Atlanta losing to NO late. Yes anything about the Vikings is always posted though.

  10. Taylor never bounces back and gives up 4 yards to try to get 20, which most of the time is -2 when he does that.

  11. Ntrkit I am in concurrence with most of waht you said….I think you are the second most fanatic Viking fan. 🙂
    I agree that we need Ferotte.
    I would add to your comment on AP that Ferotte needs to keep the ball out of the opponents hands as well.
    I don’t think that there is a Vikings fan out there that would take
    Wymms and Evans, over the Williams boys. We need to hope that the legal system sees just how much Bull the league is on this issue. Given all that has come out, about the player in 2006 who took Starcaps, and wasn’t suspended. The lable not listing the Bumex,
    the hotline being unmanned.
    The Vikings also need to cut down on the penalites….I am certain that they are the most penalized team in the league this season. There are way too many nuetral zone violations…this is somthing that happens in preseason, not week 14.
    Clearly this game was aginst the weakest opponent that they have in the last month of the regular season. That is not to say that they can’t win another game or 2, but the competetion clearly gets better from this point forward.
    I am hopeful that Mr. Allen has learned his lesson today, and the boarderline/illegal hits will cease, and desist.

  12. JuicyMelon you can’t be serious, the best win of the season?! The Vikings tried their hardest to lose that game, they had way too many penalties (many that kept Lions drives alive), AD had FOUR fumbles, GUs had two picks, the defense as a whole looked flat the entire first half. We came away with the win which is ultimately all that matters but that game was far from the Vikings best of the season (last weeks was 100X better).

  13. Allen learned his lesson? Would that lesson be “Don’t play hard because people are trying to beat you?” Seriously, none of Allen’s hits were as bad as the shot that he took. It was absolute garbage, and I almost wish Edwards wouldn’t have held him back.
    Anyways, Nkritik… I find your statements humorous. I’ll explain why.
    “2) Beating the Lions by four is not acceptable
    3) This team is in trouble if Gus is out for any length of time.”
    If you were watching, you’d have seen, clearly, that Gus is the reason we only won by 4. I don’t know how you can’t admit that Jackson came out and played well, more like better than Frerotte did. He somehow managed not to kill drives with interceptions. Crazy, right? Oh, and he threw a TD pass. Amazing.

  14. Florio,
    I come to this site a lot to check out the headlines because you do a great job of providing in depth, up to the minute information. That being said, I just don’t understand why you hate the Vikings so much. This is quite possibly the most worthless post ever…the fact about the lions and vikings score deficit compared the lions and the other teams they have played? Really? A win’s a win and currently our Vikes are 8-5 and in 1st place in the North. So maybe you should focus on some of the other big things going on in the NFL instead of trying to find a way to trash the Vikes even when they win the game.

  15. “That move by Godser Cherilus was chicken sh*t. ”
    He should be suspended for that. Not only was it completely away from the play, it was an intentional attempt to injure a player. It reminded me a lot of that cheap shot that Warren Sapp put on Chad Clifton one time… totally unnecessary and as chicken-5hit as it gets.
    Oh, and nobody can compare that to Jared Allen’s hits this season. Those were just aggressive defensive play, and in no way were those attempts to injure anybody. Chiefs fans can attest to it, Allen is a guy who plays 110% on every play…. and that’s all. He’s certainly not a dirty player like some homer NFC North rival fans are trying to suggest.

  16. Man, could you imagine being a fan of a team that goes win-less the WHOLE f’ing season. That’s gotta be brutal!!

  17. “Oh, and nobody can compare that to Jared Allen’s hits this season. Those were just aggressive defensive play, and in no way were those attempts to injure anybody.”
    Yeah, it’s so much better when someone takes your knee out from behind (like Allen did to Schaub) instead of in front of you where you can actually see it coming and possibly react to it. It’s laughable when someone justifies Allen’s cheap shots with “he plays 110%”. So do 95% of the players in the NFL and I don’t see them taking potential career-ending shots on the pace that Allen does. The league has fined Allen twice in two separate instances (games) so it’s proven the guy is reckless and takes cheap shots because of it. Dirty or not, it’s fine to play hard but have half a brain and know when to let up when the play is over or past you. And that includes Cherilus.

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