Several readers have pointed out to us that the Detroit Lions apparently have a new web site.
At a time when they are three game away from becoming the first team in NFL history to lose 16 games in one season, the web address “” currently leads directly to the Lions’ official web site.
By all appearances, however, this wasn’t something that the Lions arranged.  A search of the domain name (via reveals that the domain is registered to Ray Kujawski of Sterling Heights, Michigan.
We’re assuming that Kujawski has no affiliation with the Lions, and we’re in the process of confirming that.
It was created in October 2006, and it expires in October 2009.


  1. So Mr. Kujawski had the foresight to register a website a year before even the Dolphins had a shot at 0-16, much less the Lions.

  2. Glad to see you back at work Florio. Your “real” job is starting to interfere with or reading.

  3. Don’t forget, flirting with Owen 16 is nothing new to the Lions (starting 0-12 in 2002 I think) under the Matt Millen regime so it is likely this guy knew it was possible as long as Millen was still employed. I hope all the supposed football journalists don’t forget that this team was a playoff contender until Millen arrived. Matt can charm his way back into the football fraternity and watch tape with Ron Jaworski but the fact remains he is already the worst GM in sports history even before 0 and 16.

  4. Holy sh*t….I’m actually surprised the Lions have a website period.
    I mean, at most I would expect an Angelfire page promising it was Under Construction.

  5. At this stage in the season do the Lions even practice any more. They just sleep all week and suit up on Sunday?
    Question: does anyone not see the Colts game coming up on their schedule? Do the players cry at the sight of the #18? I say that game will be over by kickoff.

  6. I don’t think this guy was any sort of psychic… the fact that he did it in 2006 tells me he was waiting to hang the thing on ANY 0-16 team, and it just happened to be the Lions. Granted, the odds were good even then that it would be the Lions, but still.

  7. bigkev says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 7:58 pm
    the best part is that it was created 2 years before it happened.
    this guy must be nostradamus
    In 2006 the Lions started 0-5. He started this website in October 2006. Their first win came on October 15th that year.

  8. Lions fans should pray for the Packers to win their next 2 games and the Vikings to lose their next 3.That way the Packers have to beat the Lions to get in the Playoffs. A cold weather big game at home to make the playoffs? The Pack will choke and the Lions won’t go down as the worst team in History

  9. In a related story, the Lions took a page from the Patriot’s playbook and filed for a copyright on the term “0-16”!

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