With three regular-season games to play, the $64,000 question for the Lions is whether they can win one of them.
For Lions quarterback Daunte Culpepper, the million-dollar question is whether he can throw two more touchdown passes.
He might have to do it in only two games, since he has missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday in advance of Sunday’s game at Indianapolis.
With Culpepper satisfying one prong of the equation — participating in five percent of the team’s offensive snaps — he gets the money if he throws a total of six touchdown passes, if the Lions’ average gain per rush is greater than 4.0 yards, if the Lions’ turnover margin is better than minus-1, or if the Lions allow fewer than 54 sacks.
Currently, the Lions are averaging 3.7 yards per rush attempt, and their turnover margin is minus-7. 
With only 49 sacks allowed, Culpepper’s best chance to cash in might be tied to the team’s ability to avoid giving up five or more in the last three contests.
If the Lions remain south of 54 sacks come Week Seventeen, we suggest inserting Drew Henson — and offering him $100,000 to do the Favre-Strahan thing as many times as it takes.


  1. Daunte,
    Just throw it to Calvin, He is a STUD!!! Did you see that catch on Sunday!! All he needs is a quarterback, so throw it to him!!!

  2. The Lions don’t have the team that is needed to go 0-16…Everyone thought they would lose to the Vikes…As a Vikes fan, I was hoping/expecting it, not that I don’t want to the Vikes to make the playoffs, but Rod is a great coach! They will win a game…They still have the Packers on the schedule…Right?

  3. The way Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis have been playing the last 5 games (2.6 sacks per game combined, 2.8 per game as a team), I don’t think staying under 54 sacks is realistic, unless they’re going to use 1-step dropbacks and/or run it all the time.

  4. “nflhof says:
    December 11th, 2008 at 10:49 pm
    I miss Wayne Fontes and most of all Monte Clark. These guys won us games! ”
    you mean as in 9 regular season wins and 0 playoff wins per season?
    oh well, at least they had Barry back then

  5. The fontes teams had talent other than barry.
    Barry couldn’t fix the current lions unit.
    People malign harrington usually. He got all the blame – booting him didn’t help. This team has more holes than that.
    Harrington was better with a better team in miami, and yes loads better than a mossless pullpecker. Jo-ey will have a successful turn someday.
    Start stanton. It is the only thing they haven’t tried. Avoid henson. Rod’s henchmen have already thrown stanton under the bus, so to start him and have him do well would make them look stupid. Which would merely be redundant, but, egos are egos.

  6. Even if the Lions give Fumblepepper the $1 million, he will find a way to drop, fumble, or otherwise lose it. (He has small hands).

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