We haven’t been paying much attention to the Seahawks this season because, well, they stink like the stuff under the fingernails of the guys who catch the flying fish out there.
But there are signs of some potential intrigue.  Apparently coach Mike Holmgren was having second thoughts about his looming retirement, and he might have received the Brett Favre treatment.
Asked on Thursday whether the organization made Holmgren feel that he was not welcome for the 2009 season, Holmgren said, “You’re asking a very unanswerable question.”
Holmgren also compared his situation to that of the aforementioned Favre.
“Kathy and I had talked about what we were going to do,” Holmgren said. “I communicated that fairly with the organization, but like a friend of mine, Brett Favre, people change their mind on occasion.  But while this is going on, organizations have to make decisions.”
Translation?  The Seahawks didn’t want Holmgren to return for a tenth season.
The possible message from all of this is that the Big Show might be in play for any/all coaching vacancies in 2009.  Though he might not generate the same demand that he would have had in past years, it’s an intriguing name to add to the carousel.

26 responses to “HOLMGREN IN PLAY FOR 2009 COACHING GIG?

  1. Got I hope the Vikings lose out so Chili gets fired. That way Holmgen and Favre can’t re-unite in Minnesota. That would be sweet . . . . . for about a day.

  2. Mike Holmgren is going to be the next Bill Parcells, only not as good. Some bad team will offer him money to “put in a structure to succees.”

  3. If he’s already thinking retirement, why would someone want to go for him? I mean what you might get a year or two out of him?
    Oh, and I highly doubt a Wolf/Holmegren combo in Detroit, and Favre isn’t going to be a Viking.. not unless the Jets want to flat out release him, but that would be costly.

  4. This asshole when he left GB was on a high horse. What people don’t realize, the success he had in GB was primarily due to the talent level, not the head coaching. Ron Wolf is a GM GOD. He drafted the player’s. Holmgren (The Fat Walrus) just ran his very conservative offense and made him self look good. Look at his team know they stink! I think he should go to the Lions. They would be a good pair. They both can stink up the joint.

  5. I would love to see Al Davis hire him to (truly) run the show in Oakland. While I know the odds of this happening are about the same as Johnny Lee Higgins making the Pro Bowl (Even though Holmgren is no Parcels), it would be great to see!

  6. Rossy P: I’m pretty sure the seachickens have been to the super bowl more than the packers since Holmgren left. He might not be the greatest coach ever (don’t think anyone was calling him that) but he HAS had success outside of THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD…
    oh, wait, he never was with the patriots? I get the greatest teams ever confused.

  7. Holmgren and Wolf will reunite, but it should be in Green Bay. Ron’s already bought his house and moved to town. The next step would be for the board to step up, do what’s right, and fire Ted Thompson. He’s a joke of a GM, has been selling this team down river since arriving, and has yet to make any FA aquisitions. Holmgren in the luxury suite with Wolf on his hip or in his ear, and all the while watching Bill Cowher restore this franshise to it’s winning ways. Moreover, it would restore respectablility and honesty to the executive levels in Green Bay. Here’s to a 5-11 season following a NFC Championship appearance.

  8. Pioli isn’t leaving the Patriots, he’s smart enough to know what he has. I love how people throw his name around every year. He’s a genius, therefore he’s never leaving Kraft/Belichick.
    As for Holmgren, he’ll be in Cleveland next year, and they’ll still suck.

  9. I would rather see Fran Foley in Detroit running that show. That way we are gauranteed a few wins a season. Barely.

  10. Steimie,
    “He’s a joke of a GM, has been selling this team down river since arriving, and has yet to make any FA aquisitions.”
    I’m sure that Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett, and Brandon Chillar were FA when they were signed genius.

  11. with all the chaos in dallas, if the cowboys do not make the playoffs, i could see jerry dropping big cash on holmgren to coach the cowboys offense to it’s potential. and bringing in dom capers to coach the 3-4 defense, plus , it’s will be a WEST COAST OFFENSE, which TO thrive in while with the 49’ers and Eagles. in addition, it would be a offense that would fit romo like a kid glove because of romo’s mobility and arm strength (aka steve young).
    just a thought to ponder…..

  12. Favre2012 says:
    December 12th, 2008 at 4:53 pm
    Pioli isn’t leaving the Patriots, he’s smart enough to know what he has. I love how people throw his name around every year. He’s a genius, therefore he’s never leaving Kraft/Belichick.
    As for Holmgren, he’ll be in Cleveland next year, and they’ll still suck.
    Why wouldn’t Pioli want to leave the Patriots to make a name for himself? A lot people who are considered young in their profession desire to elevate themselves above their mentors, it’s almost human instinct to do so.
    An example would be the various coaching trees that are present amongst the NFL. Is it not the ultimate challenge to take ones background and pedigree and try to prove they are the best amongst their peers?

  13. Hey, this guy’s been coaching for 25+ years. Have you been doing your job that long? People don’t want to start over doing what they’ve been doing in a reconstruction environment until they take a break. I think Holmgren will rest a year, maybe more. And if he get’s an itch earlier, it will probably be to do the same stuff Cowher, Billick, or Mariucci are doing. Maybe in a couple of years SF will be just right.

  14. Listen to all of you talking about how the hawks suck, that has nothing to do with coaching its injuries plain and simple and Rossy P saying that the only reason Holmgren had success in Green Bay was talent well he inherited a team that hadnt won anything since Lombardi was there so you cant say it was the talent. Ohh and he does have a nack for developing Quaterbacks remember he made Hasselback and Don Majorski was the starter when Holmgren came to GB

  15. overrated coach. can only win with the star players, can’t take average talent to the next level. That means he can’t win in Detroit or Cleveland.

  16. Delivered;
    The reason Pioli won’t leave the Pats is because he and his wife crave consistency. They both moved around a ton when they were younger (his wife is Bill Parcells daughter Dallas) and they are trying to stay in one place to plant roots. Why give up a job where he is loved (most of us Pats fans place Pioli 4th after Brady, Belichick, and Robert Kratf) and has everything he wants to take a job with a Detroit or SF where the atmosphere is toxic and the ownership is not commited to winning?
    If you don’t believe me read “Patriot Reign” by Michael Holley. Scott Pioli and Bill Belichick will be working for the Patriots for the next 10 years at least.

  17. I was just going to say what jmclarkent said.
    I, too, would love to see Al give Holmgren a significant amount of power to run the show in Oakland. If they could work together(I know, big “if”), the Raiders could turn things around fairly quickly.
    And to those bashing Holmgren, how good were the Seahawks before he got there? They’ve been contenders every year with the exceptions of 2000 and this year. Teams could do a lot worse than to hire Holmgren.
    And you’re right, Holmgren is no Parcells, but who could be? Parcells is an all around football guy. He can do it all; coach, evaluate talent, motivate. Everything. To try and compare anyone to Parcells in those terms is grossly unfair to, not only Parcells but, the guy you’re comparing to him.

  18. Dear Nideak,
    Thank you for showing to all of us that you don’t understand sh.. about football. The Fat Walrus has been a disgrace of a GM and a lucky but mediocre coach in Seattle. In my case you’re talking to a Seahawkds fan and that a..hole has cost us the Superbowl with his typical mediocre game against alas a mediocre team. We lost that Superbowl because we were not good enough to compete…and don’t give me that sh.. about the refs cost us the game, because no else except in Seattle buys that garbage. Holmgren was lucky that his team played for years a shitty Division against shitty 49ers, Rams, and laughable Cardinals. He was never able to win a single game on the road during the playoffs. The Walrus got smoked by the Packers last year. And I didn’t forget that some Seahawks fans immediately after the game dared to vow revenge this year. Yes, we got smoked again, this time by Aaron Rodgers, among all people. It’s a blessing that that Fat F… is gone, don’t let the door hit his a.. on his way out. He should already get fired for most of the calls he’s making this year. And I don’t even want to talk about the social capital he used to get his daughters into Graduate School at UW. F… him. I welcome Mora

  19. Games over .500: 49
    Super Bowl Wins: 1
    Overall Championships: 1
    Conference Championships: 3
    Division Championships: 8
    He’s a very good coach. He picked a place that he thought would be perfect, and Seattle built a team around him. A great coach would have probably had a terrifying defense to go with a pretty good run-heavy offense and won a super bowl by now, instead of just going to one. But the above record is no joke. He would improve the hell out of the 49’ers

  20. Is it too late to ask Santa for switch to the Raiders organization. I guess Santa wouldn’t even want to be a part of it. My bad!

  21. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets?
    Imagine taking the talent the Jets have on board now and interjecting a seasoned coach with some fire in his belly like Holmgren. I think that would inspire Brett to stay at least another year or two with a restructured contract. Eric Mangini doesn’t seem to have what it takes to get his team to play consistently all-out.
    Oh, and a good D coordinator would be a key need, too. Santa?

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