Amid rumors that the Bills might not bring back coach Dick Jauron after the season and reports that Jauron and the Bills agreed to an extension before that 5-1 start was chased by a 1-7 stretch, ESPN.com claims that Jauron signed his new contract.
On Sunday.
Presumably, Jauron sprinted into the locker room after the 31-27 loss to the Bills and put his John Henry Johnson on the dotted line, after blowing a victory with an ill-advised decision a pass on second down and five while the team was nursing a three-point lead late in the game.
Quarterback J.P. Losman took a sack, dropped the ball, and the Jets scooped it up for the decisive score.
As one league source put it moments after the play, “Say goodbye to Jauron.  After that call, he’s cooked.”
If Jauron indeed is cooked, he’ll be basting in a big-ass buyout.


  1. Not a Bills fan, but I’m pretty sure Jauron isn’t the problem in Buffalo. For example, they could probably benefit from a real NFL quarterback.

  2. I bet the players would be more focused if they didn’t have to keep an eye on Toronto real estate prices.

  3. Heck of a lot of Dolphins and Pats fans were flat PISSED that Losman fumbled that ball. Normally I’d support a crappily-run Buffalo team, but the one time we ask you guys for something, you go and do that.

  4. Quarterback…Right.
    That’s the one bright spot we have, Trent Edwards.
    How about a lack of an offensive line, zero pass rush, horribly slow linebackers like Posluzney, and basically no talent up and coming to show some light at the end of the tunnel. Couple that with a coach who can’t make a quick, sensible decision just once….
    With a senile, 90 year old owner who finds laughter in our loses, I don’t think we’ll ever see another great team here in Buffalo.

  5. Considering the way that Jauron has treated Losman the past couple of years, and how JP probably feels about it, I wouldn’t be shocked if Losman didn’t exactly go out of his way to try to hang onto the ball when he was taking that sack at the end of the game. Buffalo’s season was over anyway, and Losman wasn’t coming back to Buffalo regardless, so maybe it was just a parting payback shot to make sure he takes Jauron with him.

  6. Well if he did indeed sign the extension after making such a retarded call, DICK would definetely live up to his name wouldn’t he?

  7. Speaking of contract extensions… do you think the Jets, Pats, and Fins would be willing to sign JP Losman to a contract extension to keep him in Buffalo?

  8. As Ralph Wilson was heard to say: “Is today Monday? Where am I?” It’s nice to have the owner involved in all the personnel decisions. He’s so sharp and knowledgable.

  9. I actually don’t hate the call since it was going to be the two-minute warning regardless, so if he thros an incompletion it would be the same as a run for no gain. He could also get a first down and all but ice the game. The problem of course with that is J.P. Losman is god awful and should never have the ball with the game on the line. Too bad, as a Dolfan that would have been big for us if they could have won.

  10. I’ve been watching the Bills and pro football since George Ratterman made the best hidden ball throw to Chet (the jet) that anyone has ever seen in football.
    That means I have seen a few coaches come and go around the league.
    Jauron is at the bottom of the list.
    Bite the bullet Ralph.

  11. You guys are a riot. Losman is a backup QB. He had his chance to start and showed he couldn’t be “the guy”. Edwards has shown he can. But Edwards is hurt and Buffalo went with who they had. Compare Losman to Gutierrez, Clemens, or Chet Lemon. That’s the quality of QB Buffalo had to go with. 31-27 to a pretty good Jets team is not that embarrassing. I think George C is right; OL and DL and LB issues are the biggest problems, not the fact that the backup QB can’t win games.

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