The NFC Pro Bowl Roster was announced at 4:00 p.m. EST.  Starters listed first, followed by reserves.
QB:  Kurt Warner, Cardinals; Drew Brees, Saints; Eli Manning, Giants.
RB:  Adrian Peterson, Vikings; Michael Turner, Falcons; Clinton Portis, Redskins.
FB:  Mike Sellers, Redskins.
WR:  Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, Cardinals; Steve Smith, Panthers; Roddy White, Falcons,
TE:  Jason Witten, Cowboys; Chris Cooley, Redskins.
T:  Jordan Gross, Panthers and Walter Jones, Seahawks; Chris Samuels, Redskins.
G:  Chris Snee, Giants and Steve Hutchinson, Vikings; Leonard Davis, Cowboys.
C:  Andre Gurode, Cowboys; Shaun O’Hara, Giants.
DE:  Justin Tuck, Giants and Julius Peppers, Panthers; Jared Allen, Vikings.
DT:  Kevin Williams, Vikings and Jay Ratliff, Cowboys; Pat Williams, Vikings.
OLB:  DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys and Lance Briggs, Bears; Derrick Brooks, Buccaneers.
ILB:  Patrick Willis, 49ers; Jon Beason, Panthers.
CB:  Charles Woodson, Packers and Antoine Winfield, Vikings; Asante Samuel, Eagles.
S:  Nick Collins, Packers and Adrian Wilson, Cardinals; Brian Dawkins, Eagles.
K:  John Carney, Giants.
P:  Jeff Feagles, Giants.
KR:  Clifton Smith, Buccaneers.
ST:  Sean Morey, Cardinals.

124 responses to “NFC PRO BOWL ROSTER

  1. Very interesting that the Williams Wall made it. Says a lot about what the coaches, players, and fans think about the league’s handling of the StarCaps incident, IMO.

  2. Justice has been served – TO did not make the Pro Bowl!!!
    Sweet. Now who you gonna blame this on TO?
    Cry baby cry…

  3. That’s bullcrap that Calvin Johnson didnt make it. I realize the lions are going to be 0-16 but the guy is flat out the best WR in the league right now bar none. Has anyone even watched him play? Maybe that’s his problem I guess, no one would actually watch the Lions voluntarily. The guy is a man among infants on the field.

  4. No Jason Hanson?
    No Calvin Johnson?
    I guess that’s 0-14 will get you.
    Oh well. The Pro Bowl is a complete non-event. I could be named to the Pro Bowl and I wouldn’t watch.

  5. So glad that the roster didn’t end up being 75% Redskins. Go Collins and Woodson, the few bright spots on a lowly Packers team.

  6. Only one argument here. Walter Jones got by on rep and was beat a lot this year.
    David Diehl, NYG, is more deserving.

  7. WHAT!?!?! No Shaun Suisham as kicker? I demand a recount, and I want my limited monthly text messages back, NFL!

  8. I’m sorry, and you guys may think I’m biased, but Jason Hanson should have made the pro bowl. Not John Carney.
    The guy is going to be HOF’er.

  9. Not too bad. I think Dawkins benefited from name recognition/leadership role rather than performance.

  10. No Brian Westbrook is an absolute travesty and a joke!
    This just shows how ridiculous the whole Pro Bowl thing is.
    He is the best back in the league, bar none. And single-handedly kept the Eagles in the playoff picture.

  11. Wow, nice surprise to actually see a few Bucs in there after last year! Brooks definitly deserves it & Clifton has a bright future!

  12. Mostly good picks, though it looks like Walter Jones is more of a reputation pick than anything he’s done this season.
    Out: Manning, Cooley, Jones, L. Davis, Ratliff, Allen & Samuel
    In: Ryan, Carlson, J. Brown, T. Wharton, F. Robbins, J. Abraham, C. Webster

  13. Wow Does the NFC have great receivers… At first I thought… How can they leave Greg Jennings off, but… Who would you take off that list?

  14. The Jason Hanson snub was predictable, but still disappointing. But no Megatron? Where is the love?

  15. Brian Westbrook left out? Are you kidding me???????????? This probowl stuff is a bunch of hooey. Means nothing. Fans should not be allowed to vote. Look at all the Redskins on this roster…ridiculous

  16. Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings got screwed by the voters.
    Though then again, the NFC has all sorts of really goddamn good WRs this year.

  17. WOW so no John Abraham???? Doen’t he have more sacks then any lineman in the NFL???? Is that an error???

  18. thank GOd that Roy Williams (Cowboy Safety) didnt make it this year…its blasphemous that he has made it the past few years…

  19. Seriously though how did Eli get in? He hasn’t even had that good of a season(though I guess one of his best). Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, and Aaron Rodgers deserve it more than him.

  20. Where’s Calvin Johnson? Over 1150 yards, 10 td, 18 yds/catch, and 7 plays over 40+ yards. Unforgivable that he is left off.

  21. Ummmm, how about that John Abraham guy?
    Anybody hear of him and his 15 1/2 sacks to lead all NFL defensive lineman?
    Just wondering?

  22. Where is Kyle Orton?
    No Peanut Tillman, Vasher, Urlacher, Forte?
    This is a load of horse manure!

  23. i know i’m biased, as a Falcons fan, but i was surpised to see no John Abraham. 15 1/2 sacks (with three games of 3 sacks each) isn’t good enough to make it? that’s a head-scratcher to me.

  24. Eric,
    you seem to not realize that there’s roster “requirements” for the Pro Bowl…those you say are out, find a better player than them AT THEIR POSITION

  25. HAHAHA No Owens. This team isn’t as bad as the AFC, which is clearly a result of most NFL fans having absolutly no clue, but I agree with some of the commenters here, there was some injustice in the NFC…
    John Carney and Chris Cooley need to be replaced by Jason Hanson and John Carlson.
    John Abraham and Megatron deserve spots in the pro-bowl, but its hard to argue against any of the other WR’s or DE’s selected

  26. Lots of guys still making it on reputation. Even as an Eagles fan, I didn’t expect any birds. Dawkins is near the end, and Samuel didn’t get his first pick 6 until Week 15 against Ken Dorsey.
    Too bad for Carlson, Forte, Calvin Johnson, et al.

  27. really – chris samuels??? this guy’s relied on his reputation as the #3 overall pick throughout his career.
    he deserves to be cut for his (under) performance over the past three seasons.

  28. Abraham only has 33 freaking tackles and plays on a line that is awful at stopping the run….calm down.

  29. “Fletchgriz says:
    December 16th, 2008 at 4:45 pm
    ONE Packer 🙂 ”
    Maybe this is a joek post but … haha.

  30. Cooley over Carlson whatever and how in the heck didnt Calvin Johnson make it hes a human highlight reel and with the likes of Orlovsky and Culpepper

  31. @ worldchampionbears, are you nuts ? kyle orton? your infatution with da bears , had blinded you. i dont even think briggs shouldve made it.

  32. No way should Charles Woodson and Nick Collins have made the Pro Bowl. The entire Fudgepacker defense is horrible.

  33. It’s about time Antoine Winfield made the Pro Bowl! He’s been over looked for so many years, but is deserving every year and now finally gets his recognition.
    And to all of you: Watch out for the Vikes come playoff time Baby!!!!!
    We’re the Giants of last year and getting hot as the weeks go on and when we beat the #1 and #2 seeds thus far the next 2 games at home we will take over the #2 spot and get a home playoff game and then roll right to Tampa!!
    You heard it here first!!!!

  34. I think Hanson is the only player with a legit case that he should be in. It’s tough to make an argument against any of the WR’s or DE’s that made the team. Brooks might not be having the same kind of season as some of the other OLB’s (ie. Greenway), but he’s got the reputation and that matters like it or not.
    You can split hairs on a lot of the selections, but it’s hard to find to many guys that really stand out.

  35. “Wow Does the NFC have great receivers… At first I thought… How can they leave Greg Jennings off, but… Who would you take off that list?”
    Well said. I thought he missed out because of name recognition last year, and should have made it this year, but its impossible to argue against the guys ahead of him.

  36. DeAngelo Williams came on strong a little bit too late in the season. He was splitting carries with Stewart early in the year and wasn’t anything special until five or six weeks ago, if I remember correctly. Not arguing with you that he’s been the hottest RB in the NFL in the last month, just saying.

  37. RE: Pissed off Jason Hanson fans.
    Wow, I’ve never seen such an uproar for a kicker. I think there’s been more comments about him being snubbed than anyone else on here. Good to hear loyal fans’ voices, even for a kicker.

  38. Great to see Antoine Winfield make it to his first Pro Bowl. He’s probably the best run-stopping CB in the NFL and may even be the best overall player, pound-for-pound.

  39. I dunno about the Eli selection. I understand that records do and should impact the decision, but I probably would’ve voted for Rodgers instead.

  40. LMAO at all the comments.
    I disagree with some of the picks, but I think it’s safe to say that most people will find some sort of issue with the choices. There are players on the list I wouldn’t have put there, and there are players not on there that surely deserve to be there.
    Until they change the probowl balloting to a format determined:
    1) by the coaches/press/players, with teams excluded for votig anyone on their own teams,
    2) at the end of the year, as opposed to 2/3rds through
    It’s going to remain a popularity contest, with teams that are playing the best getting an over exaggerated amount of players.

  41. “Fletchgriz says: ONE Packer”
    Am I an idiot for missing an obvious joke, or is Fletch an idiot for not reading the names of Charles Woodson and Nick Collins, who are both starting??

  42. About time Darren Sharper and Roy Williams (injured, I know) lose their automatic spots on the team. Guys haven’t been good in coverage for a loooong time.

  43. Good to see its not the same NFC East roster but wow even some players from the NFC South as well! Not enough but its something…

  44. Abraham has more sacks then any defensive lineman in the NFL (15 1/2 sacks) – 3 Forced Fumbles and 1 Blocked Kick. Should have been a clear Pro Bowler.

  45. Abraham led NFL defensive lineman with (15 1/2 sacks) and tacked on 3 Forced Fumbles and a Blocked Kick. How did he not get in? I hope he destroys Minnesota (and shows up their 3 Pro Bowl lineman) this weekend.

  46. Oh, stop about Brian Westbrook… he missed three games this year and has really only been great in a handful of games.
    And I’m glad John Abraham did not get in. He’s a situational pass rusher, big deal. All the other DE’s are complete players.

  47. The fact that Brian Westbrook was left of the roster is ridiculous. He may finish top five in MVP voting this year, yet is not considered a top three RB in the NFC. I have lost all respect for the probowl, it means nothing and should be done away with.
    FLORIO, Please get a petition together and let’s get westbrook in this game!!!

  48. can some one please explain why punters and kickers even get votes, I mean quite frankly I think they could come up with a formula to choose them. I mean come on bcs is decided by a comp why not the kicker I mean come on. Also why don’t they expand the roster.
    How many teams have fewer than 5 line backers on ther team? and how many teams activate 3 QB’s on a sunday

  49. eli isnt a bad choice..garcia, rogers etc….he led his team to a division title and mounted clutch 4th qtr games as usual. not to mention he has 10 picks but all ten came in 3 games. he also throws the ball a lot less than these other guys bc they are so run heavy..this isnt his rookie yr, hes actually a qb now…abraham got snubbed and so did calvin johnson, hes a beast and with a good qb hed be another andre johnson…and samuel over corey webster? give me a break, they dont even throw his way

  50. People remember the PRO BOWL is Bullshit itself. It’s a popularity contest. It’s not about who’s the best player.

  51. Westbrook has almost 1200 total yards and 14 td in 12 games, how did he get left off???? McNabb >3500 yards, 21 TD and 11 Int, better then ELI. The overall lack of Eagles offense surprises me. O-line??? They are in the top 6 in scoring, and within 20 points of the overall lead. What a joke.

  52. I bet Jay Ratliff is a pretty happy camper today. 7th round pick to Pro Bowl starter in his first season as a starter, plus he caught a 50 lb. catfish on Lake Lewisville today!

  53. Abraham is having a great year and is a great pass rusher. Him vs. Jared Allen is pretty even. Allen has one less sack, so let’s quit throwing out the sack totals they are basically even. Allen has 15 more tackles, and the same amount of forced fumbles. Both cause havoc when they are on the field, Allen is on the field more often. And remember Allen has a bum shoulder for the last 3-4 weeks, and a bum knee the last 1 1/2 weeks.
    I question Peppers’ selection vs. Abraham more than Allen’s.

  54. As a Redskins fan, or I guess a former Redskins fan (thanks for ruining my football life, Dan Snyder), I gotta say only 1 Redskin deserved to make the Pro Bowl: London Fletcher.
    Pro Bowls are total B.S.
    (see: Roy Williams, Dallas making the Pro Bowl the past few years… shocked he didn’t make it this year. Usually having that gay star on your helmet is enough to get you in)

  55. “Usually having that gay star on your helmet is enough to get you in”
    Pretty funny coming from a fan of team that has feathers painted on their helmets.

  56. As a Giants fan, I can’t understand the Feagles selection. Did he split the “Oh my God, I can’t believe anyone that old is still in the NFL” vote with Carney? He’s good, but he’s not Pro Bowl good.

  57. i can understand no westbrook becuase of the injuries but i feel he is still a pro bowler … every one seems to over look trent cole the guy is an animal every week they double team him an he still gets to the qb … this week he beat pro bowler joe thomas play after play … where the love for trent cole ???

  58. I’m gonna beat the hell out of this dead horse:
    Calvin “I get quadruple coverage every game and still have 10 TDs from 6 different QB’s” Johnson

  59. Aside from stupid douches like us here, is there any reason for the pro bowl? Who watches it? I watch every single NFL game that is on the big 4 networks, every week and have been doing it for the last 15 years + I never once have turned on the probowl. They should do away with it and simply have a eating contest for the top 10 biggest linemen. Now that I would watch.

  60. Let’s face facts here…..Watching the Pro Bowl is like watching a game Matt Millen is multitasking as GM for both…A shitload of 1st round picks doing nothing…At least Switzer had it right, munching on a hot dog during the game…Besides that…The Haynesworth vs. Gurode matchup should at least interesting if nothing else…..I mean hell….Both will be well rested….

  61. To beat a dead horse, how does Deangelo Williams get snubbed? He only leads the league in TD’s right now, despite splitting carries. Not to mention only one Panthers OL making it. At least they gave the nod to Gross.

  62. Wow, 6 Vikings made the Probowl
    And only 1 Packer
    Just one Packer
    Only one Packer
    Packer uno

  63. furedman says:
    December 16th, 2008 at 5:59 pm
    Abraham led NFL defensive lineman with (15 1/2 sacks) and tacked on 3 Forced Fumbles and a Blocked Kick. How did he not get in? I hope he destroys Minnesota (and shows up their 3 Pro Bowl lineman) this weekend.
    He also ranks 78th among all defensive linemen in the league with a pathetic 33 tackles. He also plays on a line that ranks 22nd against the run (just below Seattle and just above Cincinnati). If sacks were the only thing looked at for the pro bowl, he would be a shoe in. But since overall talent also plays a factor, nobody should be surprised he didn’t make it.

  64. ACDC84 says:
    December 16th, 2008 at 5:43 pm
    RE: Pissed off Jason Hanson fans.
    Wow, I’ve never seen such an uproar for a kicker. I think there’s been more comments about him being snubbed than anyone else on here. Good to hear loyal fans’ voices, even for a kicker.
    Actually, I am a Vikings fan, and even I am surprised that Hanson didn’t make it.

  65. Seriously, what does Greg Jennings have to do to get in? Apparently the only solid play on his team + class act isn’t cutting it.

  66. deeznts romo is the giants daddy except in his one playoff meeting against them
    romo is the mack daddy of the playoffs and clutch situations…he also is up for best actor in a drama for that show with his “back” the other night, even the crying.. trent cole is going to eat him for lunch in 2 guess tony will throw a pick or fumble when its nice and close in the 4th..

  67. Some of you clowns that think Westbrook should’ve made it over the 3 RBs who were selected are insane. Look at the stats:
    < 1,000 yards rushing
    4.0 YPC (all 3 that made it are higher)
    5 runs of 20+ (all 3 that made it have 10 or more)

  68. Pro Bowl voting is a joke. But maybe the roster also needs to be expanded.
    Especially on offense, where this pass-happy league has produced a bunch of great WR’s.

  69. Re snubs:
    Westbrook would have made it in a normal year, the 3 backs that made it are having strong, more consistent seasons
    Matt Ryan – definitely could have made it, but Eli’s leadership and wins certainly cannot be discounted
    Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings – are you guys serious? The Packers are the league’s biggest underachievers (or the best 5 win team ever)
    Calvin Johnson – strong case can be made but who gets snubbed for him? Steve Smith? Maybe
    T.O. – certainly a threat, but among the leaders in drops. not worthy
    Jason Hanson – probably would have made the roster if his team wasn’t winless. Meanwhile, Carney is having a great year while kicking in shitty weather.
    Walter Jones and Samuels were sentimental picks and will be replaced anyway b/c of injuries
    What about Barret Rudd? Briggs (like the rest of the Bears’ D is a bit overrated).
    DBs – Dawkins is having a strong season, but Samuel has gotten beat often and is not worthy. What other CB should have made it? Barber?

  70. i wish the cowboys would have sent 12 guys this year . why is the nfl hating on the cowboys?? how did pacman not make it on special teams?

  71. I think if Terrance Newman and Tony Romo played the entire year, they would’ve made it.
    That said, it doesn’t take much for Newman to get injured.

  72. i love how people are outraged that the defending champs are actually sending guys to the probowl. what an outrage. actually this board has been fine, the other one is a mess, all these viking fans coming out of the woodwork who havent done a thing. your season will be beating the giants next sunday after they sit their whole team(possibly) they were 11-1 until people starting dropping like flies and this plaxico ish…in week 15 it’s ohhh what frauds, how do the defending champs and nfc east winners have pro bowlers…jacobs didnt make it and has about half the carries as these guys and missed 3 games, westbrook was a beast too…all these nfc south and north cats talking smack about the nfc east, its silly..let the playoffs do the bowl is nonsense anyway

  73. “every one seems to over look trent cole the guy is an animal every week they double team him an he still gets to the qb … this week he beat pro bowler joe thomas play after play … where the love for trent cole ??? ”
    ??? He’s got one sack and nine tackles in the last three games. You think he should have beaten Tuck, Peppers or Jared Allen out? Seriously?

  74. “Wow, 6 Vikings made the Probowl
    And only 1 Packer
    Just one Packer
    Only one Packer
    Packer uno
    In truth, both Charles Woodson and Nick Collins are both starting on the ProBowl team. I suggest actually reading the rosters?
    Vikes + Playoffs = One and Done

  75. furedman is right. Falcons DE John Abraham deserved a spot unquestionably. He gets double-teamed every time he gets on the field, and even switches sides at times to throw off an offense. DE Jamaal Anderson is in his second year, started every game (30 total), and has two career sacks! Big Grady Jackson had to be added back on in August to help shore things up, but to get snubbed like “The Predator” Abraham has is a grave injustice. Tarvaris or Gus better watch out! THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

  76. jkorny when was the last time the egirls won a sb, oh yeah 1983 thought so by the way i hope mcfat doesnt throw up all over himself in 2 weeks. good luck next year with kolb

  77. deez if you do get in, good luck pressing the wr’s again with jacobs back in the lineup. im sure they wont use any secondary help.

  78. QB: Kurt Warner, Cardinals; Drew Brees, Saints; Eli Manning, Giants
    Are you kidding me anyone gets 6 sure wins in the NFC West
    Brees leeds in every stat but the one the counts WINs
    All Eli did was win the MVP beat the unbeaten and leed his team to there best record in team history
    His job is to win and he wins personal records are BS its a team game

  79. @ DannyC420— I didn’t hear it from you first, I have heard it from every single Vikings fan, its ridiculous how good they actually think the Vikings are.

  80. Eagles Fans,
    Westbrook wouldn’t have made it over DeAngelo Williams either.
    If voting ended later Portis would be OUT.

  81. Jason Hanson got robbed.
    Calvin Johnson got robbed.
    Chad Greenway got robbed.
    Walter Jones – Got in on rep only, he did not play well at all this year.
    Chris Samuels – There are far better tackles in the NFC that actually deserved this spot.
    Chris Snee – Vastly overrated. Again, better players deserved this spot.
    Brian Dawkins and Adrian Wilson are both overhyped and overrated.
    Matt Forte and Brian Westbrook > Clinton Portis

  82. everyone is complaining about running backs and who deserves what, and westbrook this and that…peterson has 320 carries for 1500 yards and 9 td’s
    westbrook over 200 carries only 9 td’s and 840 yards rushing (zzzz)
    turner 332 with 1400 yards and 15 td’s…portis is close to 300 carries with only 7 td’s and jacobs has less than 200 carries, still in the hundreds (192) with over 1000 yards and 112 rushing td’s…how can people say he wasnt snubbed? with 330 carries hed have way over 1500 yards and close to 20 td’s..enough w the westbrook.

  83. Abraham sacked Griese like 9 out of those 15 times, sacking griese really only counts as 1/10 of a sack since he usually falls down without contact. If he had more tackles he would have a better shot. It’s still a popularity contest anyway you look at it…I think Ruud should have made it but didn’t expect it since he’s not the most popular & has only been in the league for a few years.

  84. znorseman is “VASTLY” retarded. look at his pathetic viking rants on the giants send 6 to the pro bowl blog…he bleeds purple. i feel like half the guys listed you have never seen is snee “vastly overrated” hes an animal and he leads the way for a great run game. i honestly doubt you have ever even seen him play. or a majority of the guys on that list that arent in your wack division…

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