Joe Horn’s agent, Ralph Vitolo, told Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger this afternoon that his definitely won’t be signing with the Giants. Horn worked out for the team today, but the team had concerns about his explosiveness and passed on offering a deal.
Garofalo does report that the team signed LB Nate Harris, who also worked out for the team today. The team hasn’t confirmed that, however, and there’s no word on what roster move would accompany Harris’ addition to the roster.
Harris, who played for Louisville in college, made the 2007 Chiefs as an undrafted rookie. He played in 15 games for them last season and made 20 special teams tackles. He was waived by the Chiefs on July 30th.


  1. I guess this makes S. Moss an official bust in the eye’s of the Giants. I think they should try and offer up something to Cincy in exchange for TJ Housh. Maybe the 2nd round pick they got for Shockey?

  2. Man, poor Horn. Tough to see all those opportunities drying up. Oh well, at least there’s always the Arena League….oooohhh, soooorrryyy.
    It certainly doesn’t suck seeing one of the founders of the obnoxious wide receiver celebration club unable to find work.

  3. Giants won’t find the gamebreaker they need from waivers..Too bad
    Tyree is on IR when healthy, he could have helped.
    Giants face a much tougher road w/o Buress, now that teams can afford 1 more guy on run/pass rush front.

  4. now what are we going to do? this is far worse than jacobs and burress.
    yeah, first comment is dead on, giants wont sign horn
    horn wont sign with giants because still wont beat steelers.

  5. This was just an effort by Reese to send a signal to the current cadre to step up their game. Moss utterly sucks. The guy for all his athletic skills can’t play football. Hixon has been a surprise picked up from Denver. Amani, even though he is a Giant great, might not be back next year so Manningham needs to step up his game.

  6. For the people talking about how this signals that the Giants think Moss was a bust, he left the game with a calf injury last week, but likely would’ve seen a ton of snaps. He supposedly had a great week of practice as well. If he comes back healthy this week, look for him to be involved. Giants have most certainly not designated him a bust.

  7. why would they trade for TJ??hes an UFA, they can sign him..
    i wouldnt bury the giants just yet. they have won games without burress and in games where people could plan without him. lets not dig a grave for them just yet,lets see how they do with jacobs back. he avgs 5 yds a run..hes so vital that turner is a pro bowler w 1400 yds and 14 tds, peterson etc..all these guys have around 350 carries, jacobs has over 1000 yards and 12 tds and doesnt even have 200 carries..its a lil difft when a team (dallas) doesnt have to worry about the run, they were pressing the wr’s all night, i love these tv analysts and women who resemble the blob on sny come out the woodwork and bash the giants..How its burress and manning wont do a thing. washington stacked the box, eli threw all over them w no plax, dallas pressed the wr’s bc we had no run game. period. w jacobs in they need secondary help or else hed run for 20 yards a rip..not to mention we were faced w 2nd and 11, 2nd and 9 constantly last week, jacobs in thats more 2nd and 5 which converts to an easy 3rd down. we also need hixon to return kicks, it helps getting the ball at the 40 each posession. i wouldnt bury the giants just yet, not when 2 of their best players were sidelined and had lineman dropping like flies last week. go to press coverage with a tough run game and see how burnt you get. dont believe the media hype, theyve never played..and yes, moss did get hurt, hes been a bit of a bust, actually a lot of a bust, hes talented but a terrible route runner, hixon can go deep but his hands have failed the last 2 weeks. manningham has tons of skills too and was a beast in college and even on wk 16 he still cant get the playbook down….why dont they just sign javon walker on a pro rated deal until after the post season…that or wait for jacobs and then everythign will seem a lot brighter.

  8. The Giants need the younger guys to step up. that Manningham moron is suposed to be talented. Now is their time to prove themselves. If not, the Giants will find themselves in trouble. Its not their fault that Plaxico is a 6’6 turd. they are an extremely deep team but he was key to their red zone offense. I notice guys like Hixon and Toomer and Smith are good going down the field, but are easily guarded inside the 20. Thats not good. they need help. Joe Horn is about as useful as Joe Buck. Its too late to try and get Housz or Boldin they need the young guys to step up

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