Several readers have forwarded to us amazing video of Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis, a week after he delivered a last-minute win over the Bills, delivering a huge glob of snow into the stands at Qwest Field.
We think that Mr. Ellis will soon be hearing from the league about this one.
The video also has been posted at KSK and Busted Coverage.  (Yeah, we’re still spooked by the whole Chris Landry thing.)



  1. even as a miami fan i find this awesome. crowd didn’t seem to care and after all they kinda deserved it what with all the snowball throwing and such

  2. are you kidding me? am i missing something? what’s the big deal, fans are throwing snow balls he picks up a big hunk of snow and barely tosses it into the stands? give me a break, that deserves a “fine”? this league is run by total moronic idiots if he gets fined for that.

  3. That was pleasant to watch considering PFT posted the infamous “F yeah!” video after the Pats-Jets game.

  4. That was awesome. No need for a fine there. He just picked it up and tossed it at the fans. That was great. No malice, just a heave.

  5. Good for him. If thousands of fans can pelt you with snow or ice, he should be able lob some snow into the seats in jest. He obviously wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

  6. God forbid if it was eagle fans throwing the snow balls espn and the whole national media would be again saying how disgraceful the philly fans are.. but if its in seattle and its their fans who cares we wont even talk about it…

  7. That was funny! I hope old Shaun doesn’t get suspended before Sunday’s game. Hold that and his marijuana possesion and suspend him next season.

  8. Why would the league get involved? I guess you have to draw the line somewhere, but I guarantee the fans loved it, and he had a smile on his face as he did it.

  9. actually treez, if it’s wet and they’ve been piling it it tends to thicken and stick together. doesn’t have to be ice. it’s science 😉

  10. The fans were throwing the snowballs, but, regardless if he was having some ‘fun’ or not, the league will say that he should be setting examples for everyone to go by, not by throwing a big ice ball towards the closest person in the stands. Look for the league to take measures into their hands and suspend any player who has an altercation or anything such with a fan (and richpats, the ‘F Yeah’ video was a good reference, but I would’ve gone with Visanthe Shiancoe’s manhood posted on the front page).

  11. Anytime you can heave a chunk of snow, that large, it is a safe bet, that it wasnt soft and fluffy. If a lawsuit comes out of this, it would be ridiculous, but it wasnt just a simple little soft snow ball like some of you pretend. If players lose cash for giving the finger, I would expect them to lose some cash for “assaulting fans with snow boulders”. And yes, I agree that the language I used (assault) is too strong, and I dont think it is even in the same category as assault, etc, but it was crossing the line from verbal/visual to actually becoming something “physical”
    All this video needed was a Brett Fav-ruh “F_ Yeah!!”, and some putz saying “I tol’ yah Mike” to make it complete.

  12. Even as a Pats fan I can’t see Ellis getting anything for this…the fans seemed to love it anyway. The guy he hit was fine as he was lofting that chunk of snow in the air as some sort of badge of honor.
    Hilarious is all this was…

  13. I don’t have a problem with what he did. The Seattle fans are pathetic for throwing the snowballs.
    Stay classy Seattle.

  14. It’s not like he threw it hard. It was clearly in jest. The guy caught it and was holding it up like a trophy for Christ sake.
    NFL = No Fun League

  15. That was no chunk of ice, if it were it wouldn’t have blown up like it did. I wonder if that fan took that big chunk of snow home and put it up on Ebay, “Giant Snowball Thrown by NY Jet DE Shaun Ellis-next day air only-packed in ice chest-not responsible if snowball arrives as a puddle of water-no returns or refunds.
    Looks like Ellis was having fun, good for him.

  16. AWESOME!
    I wish I could have seen this live…. Shaun hucked that thing perfectly into the stands.
    My vote = 6.o!!!!

  17. Florio, you purport to be a lawyer, so tell us: is what happened in that clip, by definition, assault?

  18. Since both he and the crowd threw snow, doesn’t that make it an offsetting penalty and they have to replay the down?

  19. When you toss a snowball it usually breaks. If you toss it and it doesn’t break, then your knuckleball sucks or you been bakin’ it in your freezer. The fan was hilarious though, grabs it and starts dancing with it LOL

  20. Let me get this straight. The Seahawks beat the Jets and put a serious kink in the Jets playoff hopes the the Seahawk fans have the stones to throw snowballs at Jets players after the home team won?
    To quote a famous newscaster:
    Stay classy Seattle. Your a douche!
    Ok the “your a douche” part I added but that was bullshit. It would seem Philly douchbaggs have some competition.
    And Mr. Ellis was in his right. Sad thing is though not only will he get fined by the NFL, but some douche Seahawk fan will probably see fit to sue him. Sad..

  21. Hey florio,
    Is there some kind of proxy or filter or maybe just a underlying hatred of anything Vikings related that prevents any of my comments from being posted?

  22. That was not ice. Packed snow maybe but not ice. I would be surprised if it got cold enough for it to have the ability to turn a chunk that big into ice. Just consider it a really big snowball.
    I also consider myself an expert on the matter having weathered 32 prairie winters.

  23. Alright, calling any one city classless or not is really stupid. Give any drunken fan in any city mass amount of projectiles and they will be thrown by the end of a game.
    Whether it’s snowballs or promotional objects given in different stadiums, if they can travel a decent distance, they will find air. That’s why so many stadiums give you plastic bottles of beer with no caps.

  24. Wow, some of you guys are the douches. Like Seattle is the first stadium to ever have fans throw snowballs. Nobody got hurt. Get over it. What “classy” team do you root for?

  25. So fans pelting a team with snowballs after they lose is classy? I root for the Redskins and if a bunch of Redskins fans pulled that shit I would call them out as well (accept if they did that to the Crackboys). Win with class and lose with class. The Seahawks won the game. Why embarrass grown men by throwing snowballs at them as they leave the field after a loss?
    So all those years ago when the Chargers (I think) were playing the Giants and a bunch of Giants fans threw ice balls out of the stands and knocked out a Chargers coach? Was that all in good fun? Or how about that jackass in Detroit that threw a cup full of beer at Ron Artest and started a mini brawl? All in good fun? Classy? Or how about that Father/Son combo that ran out of the stands in Chicago and beat up the opposing teams 1st base coach? Thats part of the fan experience isn’t it?
    The point is yelling stuff at players is one thing, throwing objects at them is another. Innocent people at a game with their kids and players/coaches can get hurt for no good reason. And blaming it on the booze is no excuse and one day could wind up costing us folk that can hold our liquior the opportunity to actually buy a beer at a game.

  26. Common people… Stop making a big deal out of it. It was all fun and game. Shaun should be fine for it. Also enough with the “stay classy Seattle” thing. When was the last time you see a snowy football game in Seattle? Let have fun. It’s entertainment after all.

  27. Wethog–Big difference. Nobody was hurt by the snowballs. Throwing iceballs or running onto the field is an entirely different thing.
    Good lord, they beat Brett in Holmy’s last home game, they were excited..NO ONE GOT HURT.

  28. Well if it is OK for those classy Seachicken fans to throw snowballs at the entire Jets organization as they leave the field, I really don’t see the problem with them fighting back. And I say that completely hating the Jets organization and completely loving Seattle for beating them.

  29. Ellis deserves to be suspended for the Dolphins’ game!!!
    Um.. ok, as a Dolphins’ fan, that’s a stretch. I wonder how much cash they are going to sue for?

  30. Remember Foreman getting hit in the eye in the playoffs? Long time ago, but that was serious. Whoever was comparing this with (and blaming the fans for) Ron Artest’s rampage: No one was hurt. If we hurt the Jet’s feelings, well boo hoo. Didn’t seem like it, though. Remember Vinnie’s ‘touchdown’ a decade ago? Consider it vengeance. We have to latch on to small things this year.
    Fans pay BIG money to attend these events and feel entitled to participate. It adds color to the game, but sometimes goes too far. I don’t think it did this time, and Ellis is OK by me, as are the hawk fans.
    Merry Christmas

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