With the NFL’s first-ever 0-16 season staring the franchise in the face, the Detroit Lions are taking steps to ensure that folks whill plunk down their hard-earned cash in 2009 for the privilege of watch the team continue to build upon what could be a 17-game losing streak by late afternoon on Sunday.
Per the Detroit Free Press, the Lions will reduce prices for eight percent of all general seating, and will make “significant price reductions” for club seats.
The specific cuts will be determined at a later date.
In all, the Lions failed to sell out five of their final six regular-season home games.  The only exception?  A Thanksgiving Day thrashing administered when the Titans came to town and fed the Lions to themselves.
For last Sunday’s home finale, an incredible 10,500 seats were not sold.
The Lions actually had increased ticket prices for the 2008 season, the first price hike in three years.
“I think it’s safe to assume that we will not increase any prices, whether it’s a season ticket or an individual ticket,” Bob Raymond, Ford Field’s vice president of business operations, told the Free Press.  “We’re just not in position to do that with, one, the economy, and two, the way the team has performed.”
Wow.  There’s actually someone in the Lions organization who gets it.  Maybe Bob Raymond should be the new G.M.


  1. With 0-16 staring them in the face…They should stimulate the economy by offering “employee pricing”…Just give the damn tickets away

  2. This is awful. I hope Lions fans don’t feed the machine. The only way for them to save the team is to boycott home games — forcing Ford to sell it.

  3. I whill not plunk down my cash, hard earned or otherwise, for this steaming pile of “football” that William Clay Ford presents every week. I am glad they stopped televising the home games anyway – I didn’t realize this before, but my wife is kinda hot…

  4. If Ford takes any of the bailout money from the Feds they should have to divest themselves of the Detroit Lions. GM and Chrysler have agreed to get rid of their jets and top management has agreed to take $1 per year. Ford could get from a few to several hundred million for the team. Maybe they could be the team that moves to Los Angeles. Los Angeles Lions????

  5. Instead of lowering tickets next year they should refund like 10% to every season ticket holder for this season. Sorry for such a pathetic season, enjoy.

  6. Don’t fall for it Detroit!!! Stay away and force Ford to sell. It’s the only way to end the nightmare.

  7. I bet the Lions win this week.
    They fail at everything, so it’s logical to expect them to fail at securing an 0-16 season.

  8. “Per the Detroit Free Press, the Lions will reduce prices for eight percent of all general seating, and will make “significant price reductions” for club seats.”
    Only 8% of general seating is getting reduced? So basically, they’re not changing prices for the average person. I don’t see how that’s going to help sell more tickets, unless Florio mis-read the article he didn’t link to, and it actually said they’re reducing general seating by 8%.

  9. Ford Motor Company is NOT associated with the Detroit Lions in any way other than having their name emblazoned on their stadium. That’s it! Buying a Ranger is not a backdoor fund for signing Matt Cassel so please, people, quit equating the auto bailout with the Lions. They are NOT LINKED.
    Anyways, this ticket drop is horrible. Hope fans don’t take the bait. Ticket people in the organization regularly have been laughing at season ticket holders threatening to stop buying them if Ford doesn’t clean house. So not selling out any home games next year would be awesome.

  10. “starman says:
    December 26th, 2008 at 11:00 pm
    what next? bring oprah to give away free Escorts(the car, not the whores!) ”
    One, they will not give away Ford Escorts because they think they can convince Jerry Jones to overpay for them.
    Two, They would probably be afraid that Drew Brees would crap all over them, just like he did with their hopes of winning last week.

  11. A big 8% of all tickets will have prices reduced.
    That’s big of them.
    “Officials are still determining the amount of the cuts and which seats will receive them, and details will be announced at a later date.”
    LOL…yep, that’s exactly how an a$$hole with a brutally horrific football team and a staff filled with lamprey-like suckups and incompetents would go about doing it…

  12. The tickets being reduced in price are the elite club seats. One of the Detroit columnists remarked something to the effect of this – “They are actually trying to sell those seats? I thought they were just serving as a storage facility for LaZBoy chairs…”

  13. Now if the over paid UAW workers will take a pay cut maybe cars can still be made in Motor City
    The lions are like every other business in Motor City garbage
    The city is a dump the cars are crap and the team sucks should just turn the City into a giant scrap yard

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