With history certain to be made on Sunday, either if the Lions lose at Green Bay and fall to 0-16 or if the Packers stumble at Lambeau and spark riot conditions in Wisconsin, the Lions are viewing Sunday’s game as their own personal Super Bowl.
And Detroit cornerback Travis Fisher has made an unusual promise that hinges on the latter outcome. 
“If we win, I ain’t catching the plane back home,” Fisher said, per the Associated Press.  “I’ll walk back to Detroit.”  (He reportedly was laughing.  Which is far better than the alternative of crying.)
But if Fisher walks from Green Bay to Detroit, he’d miss out on the party that apparently has been scheduled, win or lose, by some members of the team.
A Facebook posting touts the event:  “On Sunday, December 28th, all of the Detroit Lions will converge on Downtown Detroit’s very own, Esko Lounge to celebrate an end to their season.  This will be an upscale event and will be hosted by starting safety, Dwight Smith, and Gosder Cherilus, a 2008 1st Round draft pick.”
The posting lists some of the players who’ll be present.  “Confirmed Lions in attendance include:  Calvin Johnson,Chris Roberson, Daunte Culpepper, Rudi Johnson, Ernie Sims, and Kevin Smith, just to name a few.  In addition, players from other NFL teams, the Detroit Pistons, and Tigers have also been invited.”
The Facebook posting also includes an image of the official flyer, which touts the event as “The Grand Finale.”

39 responses to “LIONS PLAN TO PARTY, WIN OR LOSE?

  1. i think we know why they cant win a game. they worry to much about the post game to actually concentrate on winning the game! daunte knows how to party, hopefully he buys the rookie a lap dance!

  2. Dwight Smith?????
    Better patrol the stairwells. If he put as much time and effort into his playing as he did into this party, he might be able to make a tackle once in a while. Total loser.
    Gosder Cherilus?????
    Watch your knees party goers.

  3. Too funny PJW, I was thinking the same thing, Love Boat part II (and yes Detroit is on a body of water). I’d also advise the club owners to check any stairwells for Dwight and his female companion(s).

  4. sounds like we now know the real problem with the Lions. The same problem the Love boat boys had and now Daunte Culpepper will have the pleasure of being part of both embarassments.What a joke!

  5. “Lust Boat II” in the Detroit River. In full view of America and Canada.
    That would have international incident written all over it.

  6. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Lions won tomorrow. And I’m a Packer fan. I’ve had a couple of dreams this last week where they’ve whooped us.

  7. I don’t blame them, I would do the same.
    Win: Congrats, we aren’t the 1st 16-0 team in NFL history!
    Lose: This season is over, next year HAS to be better.

  8. Do you think some of the Lions players will invite Packers players as the clock ticks down in the final minutes?
    I honestly don’t know what to make of this? I wonder if the Buccaneers threw a party.
    Detroit, you are on the clock.

  9. Nice to see the team is focused on their task at hand 🙂
    Part of the Facebook invite has this interesting tidbit re:entertainment…..
    Cost: Ladies are free before 11pm with an RSVP to (heldback email address).
    Nothing in their re:watersports, but with Daunte, who knows?

  10. Pathetic – more evidence that this team is a huge bunch of losers and this franchise won’t turn around until they clean house of all these guys … oh yeah, it won’t even turn around then.

  11. Wow! I’d be pretty P.O’d if I was a Detroit Lions fan and my 0-16 team was celebrating their season … As a Bengal fan … I feel your pain.

  12. I really hope to see Coach Marinelli get a win.And how about that dumbass reporter talking trash about Marinelli’s daughter? Has he been fired yet? If anyone knows who this piece of trash works for please post it here. I’m a bucs fan,and Marinelli’s our old d-line coach.I have tremendous respect for him.That reporter crossed the line and made whoever he works for look bad,really bad!And hey Marinelli,come back to Tampa!!Monte Kiffin’s leaving next year,i feel for our defense.

  13. The Packers don’t play well at home and have a long losing streak going too.
    You get no credit for a win against the Lions but the next team to lose to the Lions will be greatly embarassed.
    I don’t know if the Packers realize the months and months of offseason embarrassment if they screw up this game.
    Then again Detroit players just want to get the season over and go home.
    How many times have Lions fans seen a new coach introduced?? One who will change the culture and asks for the fans patience because he was not a part of what went on in the past.
    If there are Lions fans out there are they not numb to the destruction and “rebuilding” cycle??
    How many franchises would look back on a Wayne Fontes era as “the good old days” ??
    The Lions’ situation is so sad that no one can find humor in it.

  14. Wow. This is as bad as the AIG Party after being bailed out…
    Speaking of being “bailed out”, Ford doesn’t need a bail out, the Detroit Lions do. The lions have alread lost 16 straight regular season games, this is going for 17 straight (and all 16 this year). Where will it end?

  15. Detroit needs a clean sweep…. ownership, management, coaching and players. Top to bottom the organization needs to be totally redone. Unfortunately the league doesn’t seem inclined to try and force the Fords out so as long as they own the team it will be a the NFL’s toilet bowl.

  16. hitmanbuc, what has Marinelli done to make his employer look good? The Ford family looks a lot better than whatever media outlet employs the reporter? At least the american auto industry is still thriving…

  17. Daunte sure knows how to lead a team…ya figure he would have learned what not to do by now. Anyone living in Minnesota would know not to trust any shindig sponsored by Culpepper and Smith.

  18. This is truely a sad testament as to just how bad this franchise is. If I were management here, I’d fine and/or cut anyone who attends this party. I would be truely ashamed to attend this “Oh yeah we lost 16 games” party.
    I feel bad for the fans of this franchise.
    I guess we know what is taking priority, for some players, this week in Detroit. Culpepper obviously didn’t learn anything from his last big party. It’s easy to see why he hasn’t been as successful in the NFL as he thought he would be.

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