Giants quarterback Eli Manning told ESPN’s Bob Holtzman that he expects to play only one half of Sunday’s game against the Vikings.
But Holtzman emphasized that Eli was merely guessing, and that neither Manning nor backup David Carr have been given specific information as to the plan.
Out for the Giants will be running back Brandon Jacobs, tight end Kevin Boss, and cornerback Aaron Ross.
Earlier this week, coach Tom Coughlin said that the Giants would play to win in Sunday’s meaningless game.  But with absolutely nothing to gain by beating the Vikings, Coughlin apparently has realized that the smarter move will be to get out of the game with as many players as healthy as possible.
It’s a sharp contrast from last year’s meaningless regular-season finale, against the Patriots.  The difference there, however, was that the 15-0 Pats were chasing history — and that the Giants acquired the confidence necessary to win three road games in the playoffs (and to upset the Pats when it mattered most) by pushing New England to the limit, before ultimately losing by only three points. 
Finally, and as we pointed out last week, it might be better for the Giants if the Vikings and not the Bears qualify for the postseason.  The Bears are better suited to competing against the Giants in the Meadowlands, if either team comes to town in the postseason.  So by losing to the Vikings on Sunday, the Giants could be making it easier to get back to the Super Bowl.

3 responses to “ELI TO PLAY ONLY ONE HALF?

  1. So what if the Giants let the vikings win and the vikings practice outside all week in minneaplolis where it usually is alot colder than NY ( for all you dumb asses that think it only gets cold on the east coast) And they go to NY and beat the crap out of the Giants? It really isn’t ever a good idea to lose on purpose. Winning is not a switch that can be turned on or off. Just ask the Cardinals.

  2. I was actually thinking about that, it would be silly not to practice outside in a grass field, unless you know its covered in snow.

  3. Eli doesn’t play well against fat defensive tackles with athleticism (vikings last year, shaun rogers this year)….. which is why knocking the vikings out now would make the most sense…..

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