A league source tells us that the Browns already have parted ways with G.M. Phil Savage.
It’s not clear whether he quit or whether he was fired.
The move was widely expected.  It has come faster than anyone anticipated.
Some reports suggested that Savage would be given a chance to stick around in a reduced role; it currently appears that there will be a clean break.
The next question becomes whether the Browns will try to stiff Savage with respect to his buyout.  Arguably, Savage’s e-mail exchange with a disgruntled fan could provide the Browns grounds for terminating Savage with cause.
And Savage doesn’t seem to have the temperament to fight such a decision via the filing of a formal grievance with the Commissioner’s office.


  1. He did some good things for the team, but the bad outweigh the good two-fold. He’s also not management material. Lerner ought to sell the team to someone who can recognize the difference between an idiot and a football mind.

  2. I’m from Baltimore: I want to defend Phil Savage. Phil did a great job as Assistant to Ozzie Newsome during his tenure in Baltimore. I feel that the conditions were not right for him to Succeed in Cleveland.

  3. harryos29,
    The conditions in Cleveland may not be good, but trying to let Savage escape blame is wrong. He has had the control here. He hired Romeo, he shaped the roster. He has definitely done some very good things, but he has also made many mistakes.
    To be honest, Phil Savage is a good evaluator of talent. He had the right position in Baltimore for his talents. He is however a terrible GM.

  4. He was given full control over the 52-man roster and he drafted and brought us in a bunch of overpriced turds and lame ass players (give or take a couple, and a few 3rd overall picks)… just still a bad team 4 years into his regime.

  5. harryos29 – How were the conditions not right? He had an owner that trusted him to do what he wanted. He had an owner that was willing to spend and support all free agent moves.
    Nobody but Phil put himself in a postion to respond to fans via email the way he did. Nobody made Phil throw Romeo under the bus at least twice on local radio.

  6. He can’t be fired for cause because if thats true they should have fired him when the email happened.

  7. “He was given full control over the 52-man roster and he drafted and brought us in a bunch of overpriced turds and lame ass players”
    dead wrong . he got us a franchise LT, QB, WR, FB, ILB, DT,Cribbs, LG, .
    What we paid Phil for He graded above average. Romeo Crennel was Randy and Phils pick. at the time maybe the Browns needed a coach with Super Bowl Rings, 30 years in the NFL and was a players coach.
    Everything can go back to Crennel:: the fg’s the quaterback situation, Lack of discipline for Braylon, 0-8 vrs. Pitts., Defenses lack of aggressiveness,Leashing Chuds creativity for Cribbs+Harrison, Clock management, not utilizing Wimbley, getting shut-out by the Bengals 2x, The Steelers 2x, No energy on the sidelines, 0-4 on opening day, Not playing Rookies, indecisive on Mo Carthon, Coin flippin, low win % on challenges, losing % vrs. division feel free to add on…

  8. i agree with philw. if they didnt can him within 2 weeks of that email, the only way that can be invoked if it was one of several similar incidents.
    to tell the truth, i dont think he should be fired. he has done an overall good job.
    but if they bring in a new guy, savage should leave even if offered a reduced role.

  9. ClevelandsOwn,
    Savage’s record was spotty at best. His drafts were average. His FA record is atrocious. Compare his acquisitions over the past four years to what GMs of other organizations have done–his record doesn’t compare favorably.
    For every good move, he’s made an equally bad one. For example, if you want to give him credit for acquiring Shaun Rogers, you better recognize that he handed Haloti Ngata to BAL on a silver platter. Had he not chosen Kamerion Wimbley, he wouldn’t have had to give up draft picks and a record contract to Rogers. Yes, he’s found some talent, but his record demonstrates some awfully poor decision making to go along with the gems.
    I don’t think he’s a bad talent evaluator, but his bottom line is this:
    After four years, he’s produced a team with the 6th worst record in the NFL, and zero playoff appearances.
    He cannot be excused from responsibility for that. At the least, he shares responsbility with Romeo for the disastrous results they’ve achieved together.
    In addition to that, he’s conducted himself unprofessionally and embarrassed himself and the organization several times (most recently with the K2 staph situation and the F-U email.)
    On top of all that, when you take into consideration how he’s repeatedly thrown Romeo under the bus, there was no way the organization could have hired a respectable HC–nobody would have wanted to come in here and work for a guy like that.
    I’ve got no problem if they manage to find a way to keep him around as head scout, but as GM? Good riddance.

  10. All you need to know about Savage is what an unnamed Browns player said after the Winlsow fiasco- “He carries a bible in one hand and a knife in the other”
    Savage’s begining of the end came when he effed up the Anderson FA signing. He could have had him for $2.74MM RFA contract yet he peed his pants and gave him a $14MM contract after Anderson showed Browns nation he wasn’t starting NFL material by finishing the last 10 games of ’07 with a sub 60 QB rating.
    Combine that with the overpaying for a journeyman WR in Dainty Stallworth, lack of talent at the DB positions, the Winlsow incident and the ultimate classless act of the F-Bomb e-mail during the Bills game.
    Good riddance Mr. Savage!

  11. “he has done an overall good job.”
    The team he has total control over has 6th worst record in the NFL over his four years–that is a good job?
    Maybe his zero playoff appearances?
    His average (at best) draft record?
    His horrible FA record?
    And on top of all that, he can’t behave professionally, instead throwing his HC under the bus every chance he gets, trashing his players in the press, berating fans via email…
    What, exactly, has he done well?

  12. Bottom line is you don’t put an untested rookie at the top of a multi-million dollar (as in almost a billion dollar enterprise) and expect him to be a Bill Parcells or an Ozzie Newsome. Key for the Browns now is to hand the keys to this super Beamer to an adult. Opie was given way too much latitude and it hurt him, Crennel, and the Browns. Many fans here in Cleveland are rooting for the current owner of the Dolphins to sell the team, freeing up Bill Parcells to be a “free agent”, so to speak. Any doubters as to his abilities should call Dallas owner Jerry Jones and ask him if he regrets letting Parcells walk in favor of keeping big mouth T.O.

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