And the party in Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota continues.
Per the Associated Press, Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew will have final say for all football matters moving forward.
Meeting with the media on Tuesday, Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand said that their 21 years combined experience with the franchise makes them the best men to turn the team around.
Why?  Because they witnessed the mistakes made under former CEO Matt Millen.
So, if we understand this (and we’re not really sure that we do), having a front-row seat for a train wreck makes the witnesses to the calamity the best persons not to crash the next train?
The bottom line is that neither Mayhew nor Lewand will be saddled with any accountability for the past eight years of futility. 
Instead, they’ve been rewarded.
Oh, poor Detroit fans.  We hope your hockey team does well again this year.


  1. Hmmm… Isn’t that Mayhew and Lewand’s only choice at this point?
    Also, sorry Florio, but the Sharks will beat the Red Wings in the Conference Finals.

  2. Florio…I hope you keep this artcile and do a rewind/lookback like you did yesterday with the Marinelli firing. How can these guys be help accountable for the bumbling manuevers Millen and Ford Sr. made? They were their bosses! Do you really think that Millen would listen to Mayhew and Lewands good ideas? That is what got him fired eventually.
    Give the guys a chance!

  3. I think most of us Detroit fans have accepted the fact that this team won’t be good until the owner, Ford Sr., dies or relinquishes the ownership (whichever comes first).
    That said, we have no choice but to hope Mayhew learned from Millen’s mistakes. We’ll see who he gets as a coach and who they hire as the 3rd man on the front office crew. If they can get a man with good player personnel/scouting skills, it may not be so bad.

  4. How long can the blame game last? Perhaps four or five years tops? It is going take some time for management to bring in their guys.

  5. Ford is ruining the city by perpetuating the mismanagement with this nonsense. I feel for the Detroit fans and season ticket holders.

  6. Why the hate for Lewand? The guy was running the Business side of the Detroit Lions and has done nothing but good for both the team and the city of Detroit. He was the man in charge of building Ford Field, he spearheaded Detroit being awarded the Super Bowl and Final Four and he has had the team in good shape with the cap (Millen’s flops getting cut notwithstanding).
    Maybe you should do some actual, like research, before you decide to crucify someone. Oh wait, that is why you are such a Drama Queen. Oh yeah, the Rumor Mill is a place for you to make sh*t up about people without having accountability like a real journalist.

  7. Couldn’t agree more Florio. They should have been cut at the end of the season. They need to rebuild the front office entirely because the people working behind Millen are just as responsible for the mess. Millen was just the only face really known behind this whole mismanagement.
    Ford is gonna have to worry about losing their company and football franchise if they don’t wise up. Cause I wouldn’t pay to watch the Lions play with those two still there.

  8. It is beyond unbelievable that Parcells or Cowher is not on the Lion’s radar. Instead, they stick with these two schmucks.

  9. Can we please have the Lions repossed by the NFL and Ford put out on his backside? This is ridiculous, short of hiring Bill Cowher as the next coach and “personnel guy” they kept talking about, this off-season is already in shambles.
    Please continue to rip this franchise until they do something reasonable
    Thank you

  10. a lousy business manager can negotiate and write stupid contracts. meet lewand.
    now the gm reports to him. here goes absolutely nothing.

  11. “Hmmm… Isn’t that Mayhew and Lewand’s only choice at this point?
    Also, sorry Florio, but the Sharks will beat the Red Wings in the Conference Finals. ”
    What are you, high? Did you see what the Wings did to the Sharks little “streak”? Regular season records are nice, until the Wings come into your house and punch you in the face.

  12. Florio…you are a tool.
    What has Mayhew done since the Millen firing…just landed a 1st and 3rd round pick by dumping a high-priced, over-rated WR that would have left after the year.
    Lets be honest, that team was nothing but a JV team playing varsityball….meaning the talent blows
    You, like me, have absolutely no idea what goes on within any organization. The difference is I don’t pretend to know everything.
    Fact: the 10 years prior to the Matt Millen era, the Lions made the playoffs 60% of the time….would have been 70% if not for Paul Edinger’s 50 yd field goal on the last play of the last game. The team is no worse than any other organization (minus the Matt Millen years)

  13. fjrain says: Matt Millen never had a 0-16 season when he ran the Lions!
    Uh…who do you think put together the team that went 0-16? Who was GM when the season started? Who had been GM for the Lions since 2001?
    Instead of answering the rhetorical questions, I’ll give you the chance to Google the answer.

  14. Lifelong Detroiter here. Anyone could have made that Roy Williams trade. Mayhew just made it so he could convince the old stodger Ford to keep him. Lewand has a hand in Culpepper’s 2 year contract, Kitna’s crappy deal through next season, shall I go on?
    Message to all Lions fans: don’t go to the games. Hurt the Fords where it counts most: the profit margin. Once the empty seats pile up, Ford will either kick the bucket or sell the team.
    Get ready for 7 TV blackouts in the D in 2009, cause all you sentimental bags will but tickets to the Thanksgiving game.
    0-16 in ’09.

  15. They wouldn’t be worse than Millen simply because it is not possible.
    The fact that Millen lasted as long as he did should tell you all you need to know about the ownership of the Lions.
    Bottom line, I am glad they play in the NFC North.

  16. Lifelong Detroiter here. Mayhew and Lewand are Ford’s puppets. Until WCF learns what house cleaning really is, the Lions won’t change.
    The only real change comes when Ford kicks the bucket, cause he’s not selling anytime soon.
    0-16 in ’09, with 7 TV blackouts….cause all you sentimental bags will buy tickets to sell out the Thanksgiving game.
    Once Detroit fans realize that staying away from home games will hurt the Ford’s profit margin the most…..until then, on with your hopeium.

  17. This is a funny article.
    Now that the Lions aren’t playing, a little humor for the Lions is great.
    By the way the Sharks are going to eliminate the Wings handily if the wings survive long enough to meet the Sharks.
    The wing are the second best team in the NHL.

  18. Like I commented yesterday, not a day goes by when this website doesn’t bash the Lions, and like Mayhew said judge me by my actions.

  19. This is from the same folks who are running the Ford motor company into the ground. Maybe they’re confused and think that Lewand and Mahew are union members. What a joke this team is.

  20. This must be like a never ending nightmare for Detroit Fans. So how long will the losing streak be? Are the Detroit fans looking at 0 and 32, next year?

  21. “I think most of us Detroit fans have accepted the fact that this team won’t be good until the owner, Ford Sr., dies or relinquishes the ownership (whichever comes first).”
    We should get a Detroit/Cincinnati playoff watching/binge drinking party. What you just wrote has described our franchise for 17 years.

  22. Joe F-
    Please put down the kool aid and Corn Bread and look at the situation. They just appointed the two stooges that worked with Millen for all these years (Mayhew 7/8).
    Mayhew would not give one example of how he is different from Millen or where he thought Millen made mistakes. He simply threw him under the bus with Rod and refused to give any examples. The fact is, we cant judge his actions because he refuses to tell us what they were.
    The Lions are perpetual losers for precisely this reason, they have no backbone. WCF hires guys he likes rather than conducting a thorough search of all available talent. Do you really think Mayhew is a better candidate than Scot Pioli or Bill Parcells? Honestly?
    The Lions deserved to be bashed continually until they put a legitimate staff together. They lack credibility and this is the perfect example of why. I love the Lions to death, but I refuse to buy this BS they are selling. THEY DIDNT EVEN INTERVIEW ANOTHER GUY FOR THE JOB!!!! HOW THE #$#& CAN THEY JUSTIFY THAT?
    And to the idiot about the Sharks, until you beat the best, you cant be the best, We spanked you a couple weeks ago and we’ll spank you in the playoffs. GO WINGS

  23. “William Clay Ford (Lions owner)has nothing to do with the car company. Maybe you should do some research before posting next time.
    Don’t belive me then here’s a link:,_Sr.”
    If by “nothing to do with the car company”, you mean he’s Henry Ford’s grandson and helped run the company for nearly 60 years, then you’re absolutely right. From the link you posted:
    “After his older brother Henry Ford II retired as head of Ford, William remained as a director of the Company. He was chairman of the most important of the directors’ committees, the Finance Committee.[7] He sat on the Ford Board of Directors for 57 years, retiring on May 12, 2005.”

  24. The rest of the league better watch out. Mayhem said this yesterday at the press conference, “I think where we’ve hurt ourselves in the past is by talking too much”.
    Now we know how the elite teams get so good. They poured over the press clippings of the Lions and that’s where New England, the Giants, Indianapolis, etc. got all of their ideas. Those ideas were better than a subscription to Blesto.
    I really hope this doesn’t hinder the 60 year rebuilding plan.

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