Bill Cowher’s flirtation with the Jets apparently didn’t last too long.
According to ESPN’s John Clayton, Cowher was interested.  He even had some preliminary discussions with the Jets regarding their head-coaching vacancy. 
But the discussions, per Clayton, fell apart because “there wasn’t a front-office configuration that interests him.”
In other words, the decision of owner Woody Johnson to fire only coach Eric Mangini and not G.M. Mike Tannenbaum has prevented the Jets from landing Cowher.
Cowher would have wanted final say over the roster.  And Cowher would have wanted to bring Kevin Colbert and/or Omar Khan from the Steelers to run the personnel side of the business.
But Tannenbaum wasn’t going anywhere, so Cowher isn’t coming to town.
And that’s precisely the way Jets fans need to view this one.  Johnson chose Tannenbaum over Cowher.
Johnson chose Tannenbaum, a lawyer who cozied up to Bill Parcells and became a salary-cap wizard and scratched the right backs and kissed the right asses and climbed over guys like Terry Bradway until Tannenbaum occupied a position where he could squander millions on overhyped veterans and suffer no consequences when they failed to succeed.
Johnson chose Tannenbaum over Cowher, a 15-year head coach who followed a living legend in Pittsburgh, led the Steelers to six AFC title game appearances, two Super Bowl berths, and won the same number of Lombardi Trophies that the Jets have claimed in the entire history of the franchise.
Who would you choose?  Tannenbaum or Cowher?
Meanwhile, we’re amazed by the fact that the New York media has yet to focus on Tannenbaum’s responsibility for the current status of the team.
Tannenbaum signed Calvin Pace.  Tannenbaum signed Damien Woody.  Tannenbaum drafted Vernon Gholston.  Tannenbaum traded for Brett Favre.  Tannenbaum traded away John Abraham.
Johnson could have traded Tannenbaum for Cowher.
And didn’t.
Jets fans should be enraged.


  1. I didn’t realize that Calvin Pace was considered a bust. I was under the impression that he was doing a decent Adalius Thomas impersonation?

  2. “Johnson chose Tannenbaum, a lawyer who cozied up to Bill Parcells and became a salary-cap wizard and scratched the right backs and kissed the right asses and climbed over guys like Terry Bradway until Tannenbaum occupied a position where he could squander millions on overhyped veterans and suffer no consequences when they failed to succeed.”
    Mike you are 100% right

  3. Florio, dont forget he also chose Favre over Pennington. And not only did he make that choice, but he gave Pennington up, and received nothing in return. And, on top of that, he gave the Dolphins their missing piece, through leadership, and physical talent, Pennington is arguably the one single reason that the Dolphins won the division, they are hosting a playoff game, and the Jets are out of the playoffs, again.
    But, no one has mentioned whether Mangini would have kept his job if they won on Sun. Personally, I think he sealed his fate when they lost in Seattle. Winning on Sun, would have propelled the hated Pats to a division title, and would have been worse than finishing 9-7 and missing playoffs. He would have been fired regardless in my opinion

  4. Couldn’t have happened to a dirtier franchise or more miserable fan base.
    jets have always been quitters..which makes Farve fit in so well…his ‘ my shoulder hurts’ was so weak and pitiful & happened when they lost. They also should be fined for injury report violations.
    jets headed back where they belong, bottom of NFL scrap heap…envying NE/Miami & the Giants

  5. No one is going to sit here and say Tannenbaum is more valuable than Cowher.
    However, your judgment of his record is DREADFUL. I must’ve missed how the signings of Pace and Woody were bad. HE TRADED ABRAHAM FOR MANGOLD. Mangold is a Pro Bowler this year. I must’ve missed Jane Abraham’s name on that list.
    The Favre thing didn’t work and Gholston has been slow to develop. Fine. Show me the GM with the perfect record.
    Ferguson was the 2nd alternate Tackle when Peters and Thomas were undeserving and got spots. He drafted pro bowler Leon Washington. He drafted pro bowler Darrelle Revis. He brought in pro bowlers Faneca and Jenkins. He took this running game from one of the worst in the league in 2006 and rebuilt it with 5 new players and made it one of the best.
    You weren’t telling us how bad the offseason was when the Jets are 8-3. So a five-game collapse when the team’s roster is flying high is the GM’s fault and not the coach’s?
    Tannenbaum put the pieces in place. Sure, not every move worked out. The Patriots spent high picks on Laurence Maroney and Chad Jackson. EVERY team makes mistakes. This roster is more talented than the one he was given. That’s a fact.

  6. Maybe Woody didn’t want spit all over his face……… and an overhyped veteran coach.
    So much for these coaches that retire and then think that the entire keys to the kingdom should be handed over to them in GM/Coach role.
    We all know what will happen – Brett Favre will have a bionic arm installed next week and be named player/coach and the team will change names to the NY Favres so that the prophecy can be completed.

  7. This franchise has never really been run properly so its not surprising. I live in NY and saw something on the back of todays sports page about Woody Johnson still being enamored with Favre. Its ridiculous. Favre has a TERRIBLE year. The front office did as well. Yet only Mangini took the fall. Cowher would have had no tolerance for Favre and his stupid interceptions and prima donna attitude so it would have been a bad fit for him. He is better off waiting for a better organization to come along

  8. As I mentioned yesterday, the problem is the owner. He brought in what he thought was a Cadillac in Brett Favre and he turned out to be a Pinto. Only the owner somehow still sees Favre as a Cadillac. Favre got Mangini fired. The team supported Mangini yesterday. The owner has no feel for where the team is. He is a lot like Dan Snyder thinking he could buy his way to a Super Bowl.
    As long as Woody is owner, the Jets aren’t winning anything.

  9. Nothing is set in stone. I’m sure something will happen. We have a better chance of signing Cowher then any team in the NFL. I think there’s still time to make a decision and obviously Cowher carries more weight than Tannenbaum. But, obviously Tannenbaum needs to go. But, realize Tannenbaum drafted Leon Washington, Nick Mangold, Derrelle Revis, etc. You point out these guys who didn’t have an amazing season but still played well but forget to mention the studs that he did bring in. Also, as far as Gholston look at what they said about Mario Williams his first year. Now he’s playing as expected.

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo is the SKY FAILING? Cowher the Chin doesnt want to coach the JERSEY JETS? MAYBE THE JETS CAN BRING BACK KOTITE

  11. not a swift move the jets are a joke overpaid big mouths with nothing to show for it. hasbeen qb inept mgt. way to go losers

  12. No mention of the Jenkins trade or the drafting of Revis. Pace was a good signing and the whole Favre thing…..Woody was the guy who wanted Favre

  13. Forio your right on the money with this one. I’m from New
    York and found myself wondering why Tannenbaum was not let
    go with Mangini to recruit the right head coach. The media
    in New York has not even raised many questions about some
    of Tannenbaum’s moves. The local newspaper Gods have spared
    Mr. Tannenbaum.

  14. The jet’s organization is akin to a disease with no cure; it would have infected the reputation of even Bill Cowher.

  15. reminds me of the ny post picture of two Jets coaches, i think it was kotite and walton, with the headline…”Dumb and Dumber” Classic back cover, but what’s amazing is that you could change the picture to Johnson and Tannenbaum and it is still appropriate. It is why when i moved from Jersey to Baltimore in 96 it was easy to dump the Jets and root for the Ravens…the Jets will make this type of decision regardless of owner, GM, manager, etc…they have two choices and will always go wrong…

  16. What a spin, Dr. Florio. When you say, “Johnson chose Tannenbaum over Cowher, a 15-year head coach who followed a living legend in Pittsburgh, led the Steelers to six AFC title game appearances, two Super Bowl berths, and won the same number of Lombardi Trophies that the Jets have claimed in the entire history of the franchise”,
    that is the same thing as saying ONE. This guy with a big chin won ONE Super Bowl. That is one more than Marty who can’t get a gig or get along with AJ Smith.
    Another loose tip. The only thing this lacks is “an unidenified source”. Sheesh. This criteria must make Shanahan King of the World.

  17. I agree with the above posters. I fail to see what was so awful about the Pace signing or the Woody signing. Clearly, the Jets problems were heavily coaching related. Eric Mangini proved himself, against all odds, as clueless as Duh Herm when it came to in-game management.

  18. It’s funny that you act like Cowher would have come for the same amount of money Tannenbaum gets paid. You’re a joke, Florio. This was simply a business decision.

  19. Why would he? Bill Cowher is first class all the way and the Jets are a second class organization even in their own city. Cowher is doing the right thing.

  20. Cowher wants to bring in personnel people he trusts that know what type of players he wants.
    Considering the way GMs are rarely held accountable and HC are told to make it work with the players the GMs bring in. It makes sense that Cowher would want more control. Favre was forced on Mangini by Tannenbaum and Mangini was the one who was fired when Favre’s arm became tired?

  21. So Cowher wasn’t interested in the Browns because he wasn’t going to coach in 2009. Now apparently that isn’t true since he was intrigued by the Jets. So since he does appear to be interested in coaching in 2009, he could still hold the GM/Coach position in Kansas City. With Denny Thum as president of the business side, Hunt has made it known that he’s looking for a personnel guy to carry the GM title. Sounds like that could be a good fit…

  22. Jeez Mike…what makes you think that Cowher is just going to go in there turn things around? It took him more than 10 seasons to win a Super Bowl. Has he ever had complete control of personnel before? Holmgren was supposedly going to be a Wiz at Personnel and Coachong and look at what happened to himm?

  23. Mbehavin2 says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 11:30 am
    “Florio – Very Good Question about Tannenbaum. Is Tannenbaum another word for Teflon?”
    Actually, it’s another word for Christmas tree.

  24. This is the biggest joke of an article I have ever seen.
    “Johnson chose Tannenbaum, a lawyer who cozied up to Bill Parcells and became a salary-cap wizard and scratched the right backs and kissed the right asses and climbed over guys like Terry Bradway until Tannenbaum occupied a position where he could squander millions on overhyped veterans and suffer no consequences when they failed to succeed.”
    In case you didn’t notice, Tannenbaum spent two years of hardly spending anything in free agency and built from within the draft. 2006, the Jets biggest signings were Kimo von Oelhoffen and Andre Dyson. In 2007, the biggest signing was Kenyon Coleman. On the flip side, they built through the draft by taking D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Leon Washington, Brad Smith, Darrelle Revis, David Harris and Chansi Stuckey. All of whom have been key parts of this team over the course of the past 3 years. After a 4-12 season, show me a Jets fan that complained when they went out and outbid Bill Parcells of the Miami Dolphins for the services to Calvin Pace. Show me a Jets fan that complained about signing on a Pro Bowl left guard to replace the revolving door that the Jets had there in 2007. Get real. Jets fans had high hopes for this team. And this offseason’s top acquisitions of Kris Jenkins, Damien Woody, Calvin Pace and Alan Faneca were hardly the cause of this team’s failure. The only true argument here would be acquiring Brett Favre. I do not see how you can actually sit there with a straight face and hold Mike Tannenbaum accountable for this collapse when it is the players who play the game or the coach who lacks the motivational skills to keep these players going deep into the season.
    “Tannenbaum signed Calvin Pace.”
    Calvin Pace was a key to the Jets run stopping success that ranked seventh in the NFL and was a key to the Jets pass rushing attack that was also seventh in the NFL with 41 sacks.
    “Tannenbaum signed Damien Woody.”
    The Jets hadn’t had a solid right tackle since Terry Bradway let Kareem McKenzie walk away to free agency. This is the first year where they finally had stability at the position. Woody was hardly a problem for this team.
    “Tannenbaum drafted Vernon Gholston.”
    A junior defensive end in college, forgoing his final season to head to the NFL. You knew that Gholston was going to be a project. Why is this a shock?
    “Tannenbaum traded for Brett Favre.”
    The majority of Jets fans loved this trade because they were sick of Chad Pennington tossing dink and dunks down the field. Hey, it may look bad now, but it was clear Pennington wore out his welcome here. When you get cheered for getting injured on the field like Jets fans did to Pennington last season, it was clear his time was up. Fans clearly were not impressed with Kellen Clemens work behind center either. The majority of Jets fans knew what they were getting in Favre. A gunslinger. They knew he was going to have his moments and he was going to toss his fair amount of interceptions. But to peg this season entirely on Favre is a joke.
    Tannenbaum traded away John Abraham.
    Yes, traded away John Abraham, a player who was constantly injured with this team. A player who was clearly unhappy with his contract…and the Jets didn’t want to fork over the money to keep him. Funny how this is brought up now since he had 16.5 sacks this year, right? I can hardly doubt any Jets fan is complaining about this because they know they got a Pro Bowl center in Nick Mangold out of it. At least do a little research before you shoot down a past trade and see what the Jets got out of it.
    This is why this article and more importantly this site is an absolute joke.

  25. Does anyone else see how perfect this is??? Cowher comes to Cincinnati. Mike Brown refuses to hire a GM, but wants someone lese to be the fall guy. Cowher comes in has complete control and coaches a team that can’t get any worse. If you go 6-10 next season, its an improvement.
    Oh wait, we’re the Bungles and our front office is the worst in the NFL. Looks like another year of Marvin Lewis and 4-11-1 football. When does my season ticket bill come again?

  26. I think your take on this is exactly right. Ineffective but connected weasel manager stays….to the detriment of the organization and the owner is oblivious to it. I see this sort of thing in business all the time. A guy is promoted and/or kept in power despite a marginal job performance. It happens because they kiss up to the right people. Tannenbum will also balk at any coach who is not going to be clearly subordinate to him and his authority….gotta keep the owner from hearing “alternate views”. In this case it’s causing the organization to lose out on a coach with a long term proven track record of winning. Dumb.
    As a Pats fan I love it. Keep Tannenbum in power!

  27. @ tjones28
    Yeah, Tannenbaum has done a great job.
    getting their collective asses kicked by the PATS, FINS (Good luck in the playoffs BTW) and the Bills is no reason to think he hasn’t done his job correctly.
    He also is the one who pushed the spygate issue that, although fans and ESPN are happy about (Check the comments), the football world doesn’t seem to happy about.
    Notice no coach besides Dungy of course, has come out and said how happy they are Tannenbaum and Mangini talked about this.
    This site is #1, go to and listen to Cris Carter an “stink” wax idiotic.

  28. “Tannenbaum traded for Brett Favre”
    EXACTLY and Packers got a high draft pick for the 39 year old who they refused to trade to division rivals Minnesota or Chicago both in need of a QB. Tannenbaum makes Thompson look smart.
    Tannenbaum was too stupid to even think of trading Pennington and get something in return for him or to only trade him out of the division.

  29. Comparing Chad Jackson to Vernon Gholston is a bit non-sensicle. One is second round pick and the other was the sixth overall pick in the draft. Belichick and Pioli took Jerod Mayo with the tenth overall pick.
    Pioli/Belichick first round picks:
    There aren’t a lot of mistakes there and only Seymour and Mayo were top ten picks.

  30. Jets fan – Relax. You knocked the Pats out of the playoffs and only have to give the Pack a 3rd for Favre. Baltimore won so the last game was in effect – meaningless, except for Mangini and your feelings and nobody is crying about his dismissal with his goofy play calling and on field management.
    I believe that Favre’s agent Bus Cook has pictures of a naked love trist between Woody and Mike after their comments yesterday about wanting Favre back for ” a year or two”.
    Add a little yellow to the jerseys, dig up Reggie White and the Michael Jackson Thriller zombies and bring in Holmgren so we can all relive 1996 over again.
    How long before we hear Pete Carroll’s name again – Yeesh!

  31. “Tannenbaum signed Calvin Pace. Tannenbaum signed Damien Woody. Tannenbaum drafted Vernon Gholston. Tannenbaum traded for Brett Favre. Tannenbaum traded away John Abraham.”
    Pace and Woody have worked out more than fine. Let’s give Gholston more than one year before we start calling him a bust. I would take Favre over Pennington again in a heartbeat. Besides that Abraham brought in Mangold, Abraham was DOG when he was on the Jets. Let’s not forget this is a guy who did not play in a playoff game because he wasn’t 100%.
    As others have stated, when did Cowher become a great personell guy? We know you have a hard on for the Steelers Florio, but this is ridiculous.

  32. A coach like Cowher is just what the Jets need, someone who will inspire and not be afraid to bench underperformers and spit & scream when it’s warranted. Mangini might be a smart football guy, but come one, could you show a little fire & desire to win?
    That said, Cowher would never be happy in NYC. This is a guy who used to complain about the PITTSBURGH media. I can’t believe he was ever that close to saying yes to the Jets, probably just building up buzz and letting his conditions get broadcast to other teams. Never a great in-game strategist, Cowher’s head would explode after the first post-game press conference following a loss off questionable play-calling. I think he’s going to KC.

  33. In 2000, Sherman became the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He led the Packers to five consecutive winning seasons from 2000–04. From 2002–2004, he led the Packers to three consecutive NFC North Division titles. From 2000–04, he compiled a 53–27 record, and a .663 winning percentage, which is the second highest in Packers history, trailing that of Vince Lombardi’s, who is one of the most successful coaches in the history of football.
    Sherman was a bad GM but a winning coach – They don’t need a GM. They need a coach and if they are keeping Favre………….

  34. Jets fans, now that Favre didn’t work out I’m sure your a little upset, but if the decision was yours 5 months ago to either bring in Favre or keep Pennington, admit it, you would have taken Favre (if you didn’t know how the season would unfold)…I am a Bucs fan & wanted him to be in TB over Garcia, would he have done better? Probably not, but still he’s a legend & you can’t pass him up when Pennington hasn’t done much & Favre was coming off a great season. I agree the Jets were better this year & had the right players in place to make a run, they just collapsed (like Tampa did) the last few games of the year & that’s not Tannenbaum’s fault since he’s not the one holding the team together down the stretch.

  35. How can anyone criticize the Gholston pick yet? He was expected to be a project player.
    The Steelers drafted two similar players in the first and second rounds of the ’07 draft – Lawrence Timmons and Lamarr Woodley. Both barely played in ’07, but both have been defensive playmakers in 2008.
    As for the FA signings, they all worked out except for Favre. Even Favre was playing at a high level until his age finally caught up to him.

  36. Don’t forget he also acquired Kris Jenkins traded away Johnathan Vilma, drafted Dewayne Robertson… cut Chad Pennington… though he did acquire the best Jets RB since Curtis Martin in Thomas Jones.

  37. What a friggin joke this franchise is! Woody just put more emphasis on his relationship with Tannenbaum than on winning! Too bad for Jets fans!

  38. Look Tannenbaum has to take responsiblity for this:
    1. Hiring Mangini – who was not ready to be a head coach.
    2. Drafting Vernon Gholston – #6 pick in the draft shouldn’t be a project. If he is, he shouldn’t be drafted #6.
    3. Signing Woody, Faneca, Pace and Jenkins as Free Agents, and trading for Farve. Now, sure these players played well this year – but the Jets did not make the playoffs. Now, the Jets will have to deal with the salary cap ramifications of these signings.
    4. Cutting Pennington loose. Sure they could have kept him as a backup, but they didn’t. Sure they could have held him through training camp, incase of an injury, but they didn’t. Sure they could have held onto him for a while and then traded him at the end of camp when injuries happened to other teams (or their QB’s were not ready for prime time). But they didn’t. Instead, they released him free and clear, he signs with a division rival and leads them to the playoffs.
    5. If Brett Farve decides not to play next season, or has significant damage to his throwing shoulder – there is no one on the current Jet roster who can play QB. If this is not something to blame on the GM, then who do you blame it on?
    Mangini had to go because he clearly lost the team. Tannenbaum needs to go as well

  39. I don’t believe Cowher actually gave serious thought to the opportunity for the reasons he stated.
    However, I do believe the front office structure will be the key to where he lands when he is ready. I have believed part of why he left the Steelers was the transition from Dan to Art as team president. Dan hired him and stuck with him giving him an extension following a disappointing season. When Art became Pres, he began making noises about now is the time to win, and we have waited long enough. I think after Cowher got the ring, Cowher scummed to family pressure to get out from under Art.
    Cowher’s desire for the “right” front office set-up is probably driven less by a desire to have total and final say then to have a FO team he had confidence in and could work well with as he has had both and bad in Pitt.

  40. Sport 3411:
    The fact that you dumped your team because you moved should discount anything that comes out of your mouth regarding football. Work on your loyalty, then worry about organizational moves.
    I hope for your sake Baltimore wins the Super Bowl or you’ll probably switch again.

  41. O’Tannenbaum has been much better than Terry Bradway, but that’s like comparing Bill Polian to Matt Millen (in terms of competency, not personality). Let’s not forget wasting draft picks of D’Flopashaw Ferguson, Dustin Keller (no size and awful hands), Kellen Clemens, Justin Miller (still productive, but not as a Jet), Mike Nugent, Brad Smith (sorry, but he’s terrible). I won’t put Gholston in that class b/c the Jets’ defensive scheme is very complicated and DeMarcus Ware looked like a bust after one year in a similiar system with Parcells. Oh yeah, he hasn’t brought in a decent pass rushing end or a better than average wideout.
    Why does Tanny have immunity? I remember he was one of the original salary cap “gurus,” but now even everyday fans understand most of the specifics of contracts, signing bonuses, etc. This guy is replaceable.

  42. Jets fans should be enraged.
    Pats fans should be rolling on the floor laughing.
    The NY Jets, by far, are the most screwed up franchise in the history of professional sports. Tannabum can’t even speak a coherent sentence w/o 96 “um’s” and “ah’s” in them.
    Loving it in NE ….

  43. Cowher is overrated… He is waiting for the perfect situation to get back into coaching much like the situation he had in Pittsburgh. But he won’t find it. If Cowher had to navigate the schedule Tomlin just did? That team woulda been 8-8 or worst.
    Funny that people are crediting the success of the D to the DC with Tomlin as HC but Cowher with their past success. Whereas Tomlin built a sick D in Minne.

  44. … and only have to give the Pack a 3rd for Favre.
    That statement denotes an utter lack of NFL knowledge. Move along now, your mommy needs her PC back.

  45. “A junior defensive end in college, forgoing his final season to head to the NFL. You knew that Gholston was going to be a project. Why is this a shock?”
    LOL! Yeah, that’s what you expect out of the sixth pick in the draft. If Gholston can make it to be a situational pass rusher by year three, it will be a spectacular pick up. The guy barely played and was a healthy scratch in a game or two and HE WAS THE SIXTH PICK IN THE DRAFT. If you knew he was going to be a project,you draft him in the second or third round, you don’t take him in the top 10 and pay him $50 million.
    Gholston was a bad pick. If Tannebaum selected him with the intent of him being a project, then it was a stupid pick on top of a bad one. You draft immediate impact, potential franchise players with the sixth pick (unless it is a QB then you can wait on the impact).

  46. I don’t understand all these Jets fans saying “you don’t understand, Gholston is a project player”. What? Who uses the 7th pick in a strong draft on a freakin’ “project”? Projects are for mid-to late rounds if you even have that luxury. Unless you suck continuously 7th overall picks just don’t show up and drop in your lap every year. They could have drafted Mayo, or Rivers, or Curtis Lofton, or Rodgers-Cromartie at CB. With him and Revis at bookends they would have been set for the next 5 years with shutdown corners. Project? You gotta be shittin’ me. Huge mistake.

  47. “1. Hiring Mangini – who was not ready to be a head coach.”
    Terry bradway signed Mangini who helped to stage a coupe d’etat with Tannebaum several weeks later to get Tannebaum in the GM position. You cannot blame Mangini on Tannebaum although he did lobby for him.

  48. Tannenbaum cut Pennington because the organization felt it was the right thing to do, because if they dicked around looking for a 5th round pick or whatever, Chad would lose his chance to find a good situation. There’s nothing wrong with that behavior, its sportsmanship, it should be encouraged. For a McCain lovin’ CEO, Woody Johnson has shown a strong streak of humility and integrity (look up Jamie Henderson sometime, fanboys). Take note of how Woody mostly stays very far away from the headlines. I’ll take him over 75% of the owners in the NFL.

  49. Cowher can go spit somewhere else. He is over-rated. And all you PATS (PATSI) fans just want to berate because you were knocked out of the play offs. Go blow!!!!

  50. “Cowher can go spit somewhere else. He is over-rated.”
    Ten dollars say that this guy (and every other Jets fan who is calling him overrated right now) calls Cowher a Hall of Fame coach if he actually does change his mind and ends up signing with the Jets.
    Of course, he is overrated before he becomes a Jet. Once he becomes a Jet, he just becomes doomed for failure.

  51. Many out there have missed the point……
    Coach Chin ascribes to the same philosphy as Coach Tuna, and that philoshy is……”If you want me to cook the meal, then you need to let me buy the groceries!”
    The game is won or lost on the field of play, not in the front office.
    Who do you want evaluating personnel….”a shyster lawyer, or a football guy?”
    Get real!
    Get real

  52. I’m not a Jets fan and I like Cowher, but he’s not a great coach. He’s a very good coach. He’s not worth $8-10m/yr (actually no coach is worth that much).
    The idea of Marty Schotts coming to the Jets looks like destiny. Think about it – the good guy coach who can’t win the big one gets hired by the team that has a history of choking. The Jets and Marty will either go down in flames or both will finally put their curses behind him.

  53. Hooo-Rah! As a Dol-fan, I love it!! Only wish they would not have fired the giant Man-gina! I always enjoy watching a Man-gina on the sidelines, with 53 little Man-ginas running around him.

  54. Glad the Jets traded DE John Abraham to the Falcons. The Falcons would have squandered away the first round pick back then anyway. They would’ve taken DB Jimmy Williams out of Virginia Tech at that spot and add another piece of trash to the roster (which happened anyway early in the 2nd round). As much as I love big Grady and Babs (and loathe 2nd year DE Jamaal “2 Career Sacks” Anderson), Abe is the only elite player on the line and he still manages all those sacks! That’s how a trade should work, great for both teams. Next victim: KURT WARNER.

  55. Anyone who watched Tannenbaums’ press conference can tell he’s a joke. Its quite obvious he plans to bring in some coach nobody ever heard of so he can control him and keep the power as GM. Mangini and Tannenbaum came in together and should have been blown out together. Any coach worth getting will not come to the Jets with Tannenbaum as GM. Jets need to hire Marty Schottenheimer, keep his son Brian as offensive coordinator, and bring in an experienced defensive coordinator who can create some pressure on the QB.

  56. Author: stugacz
    The game is won or lost on the field of play, not in the front office.

    its won or lost by BOTH.

  57. Author: leftsans
    Tannenbaum cut Pennington because the organization felt it was the right thing to do, because if they dicked around looking for a 5th round pick or whatever, Chad would lose his chance to find a good situation.

    with the garbage playing qb on so many nfl teams pennington would have got a lot more than a 5th if a 39 year old got a 3rd. and that is not the point. in that case why not just cut any player who has a contract if the player thinks he is now worth more money. and definately dont trade him. let the player find a “good situation.” GET REAL!
    He had trade value the nitwit GM got nothing for him and on top of it allowed him to go to a division rival.
    as incompetant as browns GM savage who should have traded the choke artist anderson last winter after having proved he was a choker against cinci, anderson had value last year, idiot savage paid him money that he should have used elsewhere and left a better qb quinn on the bench — savage was fired. tannenbaum should be too if johnson is reading these blogs and boards or the stories and fans reactions on the new york newspaper sites.
    and you know- with selling seat licenses on johnsons mind HE IS READING THESE SITES!

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