Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is getting “angrier by the minute” in the wake of his team’s season-ending thumping at Philly on December 28.
And Mort suggests that Jones could ultimately go back on his vow not to fire coach Wade Phillips.
By hiring former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.
Mort says that Jones has been thinking about pursuing Shanahan, more than Jones ever thought about chasing Bill Cowher or Mike Holmgren.
One big factor weighing in Shanahan’s favor is that he won’t need a huge contract over the next three years, since he’s guaranteed to receive a total of $21 million from the Broncos.
Don’t underestimate the financial aspect of the situation.  We’ve got a feeling that Jones is getting stretched pretty thin as he prepares to enter a $1.1 billion stadium in a bad economy that has featured the disappearance of much wealth, especially among those who are very wealthy.  The last thing he wants to do is hire a guy like Cowher, who’ll want upwards of $10 million per year.
Mort says that some view Shanahan as an ideal fit for quarterback Tony Romo, who has shown flashes of brilliance but who tends to gag at inopportune moments.
It’s possible that, if Shanahan comes to Dallas, Phillips could stay as the defensive coordinator.
The urgency to chase Shanahan could increase, if current offensive coordinator Jason Garrett lands a head coaching job with another team.
Shanahan is also regarded as a candidate for vacancies in Cleveland, and with the Jets.

48 responses to “SHANAHAN TO DALLAS?

  1. Florio–can you do some follow-up on Shanny’s contract? I read on the RockyMtnNews site that he gets the 20mill ONLY if he doesn’t find another job.

  2. Also I think Shanahan wanted to get Romo from Dallas a few years ago before he became the starter.
    And Mike Shanahan and Romo are both Easter Illinois University Alumni, that’s pretty cool.

  3. As much as I have enjoyed watching “the most talented team” (LOL)in the NFL implode this year, this move would make alot of sense for Cowboy fans.It has been already reported by multiple site that he has no interest in coaching the Jests.

  4. “One big factor weighing in Shanahan’s favor is that he won’t need a huge contract over the next three years, since he’s guaranteed to receive a total of $21 million from the Broncos.”
    $21M guaranteed by the Broncs has nothing to do with this. Money at this stage is more about keeping score for these guys, they don’t take less because of other sources of income. He’ll get paid what the market will bear for a coach of his experience and stature. And seeing that he’s THE top free-agent coach on the market this year with several teams free-spending owners looking for veteran coaching talent I doubt he’s going to give good-old-boy Jerry the hometown discount. Jones is going to have to pay him what he’s worth.

  5. I think Shanahan would be a big improvement over Phillips as HC. If Phillips would stay as defensive coordinator that would be great.

  6. Makes sense.
    Wonder what Owens would do with a coach that is in control of the team? Don’t go down the road that Shanahan talked to Owens about coming to Denver. That was 3 plus years ago when Owens was younger and had not broken his promises about changing.

  7. WOW! That would be interesting to see…but, would Shanahan be willing to work for Jerry Jones the GM?

  8. Don’t see how Shanahan would work out in Dallas. He’d want his zone-blocking running game implemented and those O-linemen may not be cut out for it. On defense he may not want to use a 3-4, and there would be no need to keep Wade “I’m agreeable” Phillips. The roster would get blowed up.

  9. I take exception to the comment that Romo “tends to gag at inopportune moments”. He only has trouble in December and playoff games.

  10. Hiring Shanahan would be the smartest thing Jones has done in Dallas. I’m not sure how keeping Phillips as d-coordinator would work out. That would be an akward situation for all involved. Shanahan would get the respect of the players and get the offense on track.

  11. Didn’t Shanahan leave Denver rather than take “advice” from upstairs? Why would Dallas look good to him, other than having lots of RBs with which to mess w/ fantasy owners?

  12. How much control over personal would Shanahan have in Dallas? Probably not as much control as he would have if he went somewhere else.
    Dallas has a lot of talent on their team which is a plus for any coach. The problem is that Jerry Jones seems to hover over that team and I can’t imagine any coach wanting to deal will that.

  13. I’m not sure if Shanahan would be a good fit…he would want to have some say in personnel decisions and the draft, and I don’t see Jerrah wanting to give anyone much to say about either. There are other options for Shanahan….Cowher has signed an extension with CBS, so he’s off the market for the time being.
    Who would really want to go to Dallas? Would you want to deal with an egomaniac as owner/GM and a club with chemistry/personal issues that seem to make the pages of the local paper???

  14. I seriously doubt Phillips would take a demotion if Jones brings Shanahan in. It may not be a bad move in any case.
    Lol, if this happens and Phillips stays, he should go out and bring back Chan Gailey, Barry Switzer, & Jimmy Johnson so he can have an entire staff of ex-Cowboy HCs. that would be cool.

  15. I think he’d be a better fit in Minnesota. The defense is well established, and Minnesota’s run game is better than Dallas’. Plus he could bring in his own QB if he wanted.

  16. Dallas definitely makes the most sense for Shanahan. Don’t forget, Romo almost signed with the Bronocs rather than the Cowboys when he was an undrafted rookie FA. Shanahan and Romo were both quarterbacks at Eastern Illinois, and would probably love to work together…

  17. Jerry Jones: “Wade, I’ll give you all the cupcakes you could ever ask for if you do this one favor for me.” *licks lips* *rubs hands*
    Wade Phillips: “Well aw shucks Jerry… I guess I’ll move down to defensive coach… I mean… I am kinda hungry” *smiles* *rubs tummy*

  18. Hold the presses! Are you telling me that the stretch faced, rug wearing slimy weasel Jerruh is gonna go back on his word yet again and fire poor Bum Jr? I’m absolutely shocked.

  19. It makes too much sense. Thus, it won’t happen. JJ doesn’t like rationality if it costs him power/attention.

  20. According to everything I’ve read, once Shanahan takes another job, the Broncos are off the hook for the remainder of his contract. It would still take a top tier contract from Jones to bring him on board.

  21. problem with this theory is that the broncos only owe shanny that money if he doesnt coach. if he gets another coaching gig then they are off the hook for the 21 million. So I dont see him going anywhere for less then say 7 million per season

  22. Shanahan’s contract guarantee expired once he takes another head coaching position. Jones would still have to give him a top tier contract. It would be pretty interesting to see Mike Shanahan replace Wade Phillips one more time.

  23. Well first of all, it would be the first good move Jerry Jones has made in a long time. Shanahan would not only take no grief from T.O., he might even get him the ball every now and then.
    I’m unconvinced that Romo is great at this level so could Shanahan help him? Can’t hurt.
    But Dr. Florio, you just lay out the line, ” It’s possible that, if Shanahan comes to Dallas, Phillips could stay as the defensive coordinator”. Say what? Who says? Sure it’s “possible”. It’s possible that Jerry Jones could get drunk and sell the team for a $1…BUT IT’S NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!!!!!!
    Why would that fat-ass, silver-haired, know-nothing, son-of-Bum stick around for a demotion? Why would you just say that? You don’t even have an unidentified source for this…what a load of crap!
    Anything, after all, is possible. But that line has no substance to it whatsoever. None.

  24. I think the only way Shanahan will agree to be in Dallas is if Jerra relinquishes some control. Shanahan has too much ego to be bullied around by Jerry Jones – it wouls clash unless Jerry takes a few steps back – which is what the Cowboys really need.

  25. Who in their right mind would want to take over a team with the former head coach demoted to a coordinator? Yes, Wade Philips is ineffective and, well, kinda meek, but that is never a good situation.

  26. This makes alot of sense! Shanny really wanted Romo, infact offered him more money to come to Denver, but at the time Plummer was the Broncos QB, and Romo had a better shot to start in big D.
    If Shanny goes the Dallas, is Bowlen still on the hook for the +$20 mil? I thought it would void if he became an HC somewhere else?

  27. yeah don’t underestimate the “bad” economy part of that stadium. heard some local business men (car dealers) on the radio saying how cowturds are BEGGING them, calling them daily sometimes twice a day to buy tickets and psls. all have said they aren’t interested and insinuated that jones is having hard time(other business types also passing) now that economy has tanked, no one wants to risk that kind of money with uncertainity of economy. that’s a shame, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  28. Dont see it happening. Al Davis and Jerry Jones are close friends. Jones wouldnt hire a guy that Davis wouldnt give a good reference to. Shanahan is a rat who cheated the cap to win SBs, and was never loyal to any of his players. Jones won’t go for Shanahan.
    Besides, Jones wants a coach who will sit backandlet him run the team. Shanahan wants to go to a team where he can run things, so the two dont fit together.
    Keep throwing pie against the wall.

  29. Yeah, I said the same thing. There is little doubt that this is gonna happen.
    Jerry just can’t resist.

  30. Nice idea but your incorrect. If any body signs Shanny to a contract, college or pro, then the Broncos are off the hook for the $21 million.

  31. This is incorrect. Denver is on the hook for the difference.
    “Reservoir_Dog says:
    January 3rd, 2009 at 2:52 pm
    Nice idea but your incorrect. If any body signs Shanny to a contract, college or pro, then the Broncos are off the hook for the $21 million.

  32. hell wade’s gone anyway. he might be out of pro coaching entirely if shanarat and the botox kid wait quite a while to seal the deal.
    the botox kid will give up some control. some. not all.
    he has to stop bleeding green. and he needs someone who will counteract his tendency, at least a little bit, to give his ‘stars’ (read: turds) whatever they want.
    and for all shanarat’s problems as a gm… he is still a better gm than the botox kid.

  33. If shanahan knew what was good for him, he would stay away from dallas. He’s not going to go to a team thats is full of show boats! Ie..T.O,romo,roy williams. Everybody saw what he did with Clinton Portis in Denver, CP was a hot dog and Shanahan didn’t like it. It would also be more proof of Jerry trying to buy a superbowl! IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!!!! Fact is: Cowboys are full of overrated players who care more about there own stats, rather then winning games. Shanahan knows this. Cowboys need a overhaul! clean out those stupid, overrated players and build some chemistry.

  34. WTF. I thought the “FRIGGIN COACHING STAFF IS IN FRIGGIN PLACE”? The cowgirls sure took an ass whipping from the EAGLES last week. JERRY JONES=AL DAVIS

  35. The biggest problem with the Dallas Cowboys is Jerry Jones. Why would Shanahan put up with the NFL’s “Dysfunctional Island”. Life’s too short and there are other options.

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