Amid rampant speculation that, once Stephen Ross acquires controlling interest in the Miami Dolphins, V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells will exercise an option to receive the balance of his four-year contract and walk away with no strings attached, current owner Wayne Huizenga says that Parcells isn’t leaving.
Bill’s going to stay,” Huizenga said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “He told me [Friday] he’s going to stay.  He said he likes it here.”
With all due respect, what Parcells tells Huizenga is far less legally binding than the terms of his contract.  At a bare minimum, Parcells will parlay the current situation into a better contract with Ross.
Otherwise, Parcells wouldn’t have leaked to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen last week the details of the Tuna’s “take the money and walk briskly” arrangement.
Meanwhile, a league source tells us that former Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson attended Sunday’s playoff game, and that Peterson was “loving up to Ross” before the opening kickoff.
Earlier on Sunday, Adam Schefter of NFL Network reported that multiple league insiders are convinced that Peterson will join the Dolphins after Ross assumes control of the team.
And, if Peterson is going to be there, it really doesn’t make sense for Parcells to stick around. 
Unless Peterson is going to be picking up the Tuna’s dry cleaning.  Or giving Parcells lessons in how to spend 20 years with the same team and never go to the Super Bowl.


  1. I’m kinda disapointed. I would of really liked to see the Tuna end up in Detroit to see what kind of overhaul would take place their with a real football guy.
    Now I can’t wait for the Lions to make another stellar pick with the #1 overall and pickup Michael Crabtree to keep these solid drafts going.

  2. Well, that settles that.
    Because neither Huizenga nor Parcells is anything but trustworthy and can be taken at their word.

  3. Picking up his dry cleaning is all this guy is qualified to do. If he gets a job it’s proof that the NFL is nothing but an ‘Old Boys Club’.

  4. It’s always about the Tuna. The Dolphins win the division and make the playoffs after winning just one game last year and the first thing the Tuna does is feed the media a story about himself. He’s as big a selfish bastard as Lord Favre.

  5. Ashton Kutcher leaving ***** his own age for Bruce Willis’s sloppy seconds thinks that Stephen Ross ditching the Tuna for Carl Peterson is regrettable. One day the chickens will come home to roost.

  6. Quit stirring the pot Florio!
    If anything Bill gets a raise. Parcell’s is “old school” he’s not a one and done kind of a guy! At 67, the South Forida weather is doing him good!
    No worries Dolfans!!

  7. Well, Parcells did tell Bob Kraft that he wasn’t interviewing for the Jets job when that was exposed either. He was 100% honest there. So why wouldn’t we not believe him now.

  8. Enought with the conspiracy thing Florio, the dolphins lost already, no need for pointless entries to your blog, why dont you write about something else other than trying to screw with the greatest turnaround in nfl history.
    How about a real piece of journalism on who will end coaching where instead of relying for adam schefter to do the real work for you

  9. “Unless Peterson is going to be picking up the Tuna’s dry cleaning.  Or giving Parcells lessons in how to spend 20 years with the same team and never go to the Super Bowl.”
    Tuna Helper?

  10. If you’re Ross, why in the world would you ever replace Parcells with Peterson unless Parcells has made it known that he’s leaving? After Miami’s resurgence this season, ditching Parcells would be the absolute worst way for an owner to make a first impression.

  11. Quell coincidence – this announcement on the day that the Fins get booted unceremoniously from the playoffs. I’m sure this has nothing to do with trying to bolster fan confidence, ticket, and memorabilia sales.

  12. WH wouldn’t have anything to gain by lying about the Tuna now would he? Maybe the price would go down 12 million?

  13. By the time Huizenga sells the team to Ross officially, all of the front office jobs will be taken. Besides, he still has a lot of work to do in South Florida. The offense needs weapons desperately and the team needs to sort out their quarterbacks to find Chad’s heir.
    The Tuna wasn’t going to Motown since they’re keeping Mayhew and Co.

  14. All I gotta say is ha ha, go ravens, I’m a bills fan and I’m so happy that you guys lost today. 1-15 to 11-5 to 1 and done in the playoffs, wait 1 spanking and done in the playoffs. But about Bill Parcells, remember what he did in his 1st year with Dallas, he took them to the playoffs and lost to the panthers, Bill Parcells is a better year 2 man with a team, then he is year 1. So go Bills in 09

  15. Florio Parcells is leaving to make room for Carl Peterson.
    Really! Florio your speculation has nothing but a lot of
    air to it. Parcells brought in a guy from Dallas named Jeff
    Ireland who he promised the GM position to. I know you don’t
    exactly like Parcells for his disrespect to the media but
    your speculation on Peterson being Miami’s next GM is just
    plain nonsense. You don’t trust anything that Parcells says.
    You also will not admit to his genius of rebuilding a team.
    Guess what Florio Parcells will stay on four years just so
    Peterson never gets control over the Dolphins and the GM
    position. Peterson is an old washed up guy who is useless.
    The only valid thing you have written in your post is that
    Parcells may be using the out clause as leverage. Do you
    really think that Jeff Irland wants to report to Peterson?
    Parcells has just engineered the best franchise turn around
    in NFL history and you disrespect him by commenting about
    not going to the Super Bowl in twenty years. Your comments
    on Parcells are transparent and show bitterness and a real
    vindictive spirit. Florio get over it!

  16. The news of him staying was used to end the season on a high note, hence why they used it AFTER the game….keeps things positive heading into the offseason. As mentioned in previous reports the Tuna has just been given an extension of 1 year for the opt out.

  17. Parcells is about one thing and one thing only, himself. He doesn’t give a sh*t about Miami or anywhere else, or anyone on any given team he has coached or presided over. If he can walk away and put millions in his pocket doing so he won’t hesitate for a second.

  18. I don’t like Carl Peterson as GM. I do not know what is in Parcell’s contract, but I sure hope that when he leaves, he cannot take all the coaches and the GM with him like he did the last 8 times he left a team.

  19. it might seem crazy to you all,but i think ross was
    teamed up with parcells before he went to miami.this is
    a master plan comming to fruition now.ross is from new york
    and parcells always had ties here.he had access to people of
    wealth and pitched the deal to ross.i think parcells has
    stronger ties to ross than me crazy,but…

  20. Gov. Moonbeam…naw, we don’t think you’re crazy, LOL! Ross set it up so BP could get 12 mil extra free of charge.

  21. In your story on Peterson it was pointless to say that if Parcells stays then Peterson might get a position that in someway affects Parcells’ authority. That cannot happen because Parcells would stay only if Ross contractually agreed to give him all the authority.
    Prediction, Peterson ends up with Pats and, being the free-agent pig that he is, Peterson signs Ray Lewis in ’09.

  22. It figures nothing is ever CONSISTENT in miami since Joe Roby family sold the franchise. CONSISTENCY wins games, not this bs, of coach in, coach out, gm in gm out. BS if you ask me, and peterson becomes gm and Ireland and Parcells leaves, I’m done with the fins!

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