It was reported over the weekend that Ravens director of pro personnel George Kokinis will interview for the G.M. job with the Browns.  But the Ravens have blocked the move, at least for now, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Under a new rule adopted by the NFL in October 2008, a team that is still participating in the postseason may grant permission for a non-high-level employee to be interviewed for a high-level position such as G.M.
However, the team currrently employing the candidate is not required to grant such permission.
The Ravens reportedly will grant permission for an interview to occur on Sunday, regardless of whether the Ravens win or lose at Tennessee on Saturday.
Then there’s the bigger question of whether the Ravens can prevent Kokinis from taking the Cleveland job.  Although Kokinis might be under consideration for the position of “General Manager” of the Browns, he must be offered the job of “General Manager” as defined by the league’s Anti-Tampering Policy.  If he isn’t, the Ravens can block the move if he’s still under contract with the Ravens.
So, in other words, the G.M. job in Cleveland must give Kokinis:  “(1) the authority over all personnel decisions related to the signing of free agents, the selection of players in the College Draft, trades, terminations, and related decisions, and (2) the responsibility for coordinating other football activities with the Head Coach.”
So, in other words, if former Jets coach Eric Mangini is trying to create a Belichick/Pioli vibe in Cleveland, with Mangini having final say over the roster and the draft and Kokinis being the right-hand man running the personnel side of the business, it apparently can’t — and won’t — happen, since the Ravens seem to be poised to prevent it.
Unless, of course, Kokinis’ contract in Cleveland says he has final say but he really doesn’t.  (Fins G.M. Jeff Ireland thinks that such a move would work; he’ll let us know for sure after he runs it by Parcells.) 


  1. Mike that is horses*it, They did not block it. They are conducting all interviews on Sunday. Did you read the article? We know you have some ax to grind with the Browns but report the facts.

  2. RANDY…DON’T HIRE MANGINI!!! I’d rather you hire Chuck-E-Cheese or Micky Mouse…at least they have reasons for being a RAT!
    Hire Shannahan…although he slightly resembles a rat…he’s never snitched on his former team. He has loyalty to his team…even after he was dismissed…he was praising the owner who fired him. He has class…we need class…wait for him.

  3. So does that mean the Ravens have executed the heartless and ego crushing ” Kok Block ” that all of us males have had to suffer through at least once in our lifetime…

  4. Excellent news….the Ravens front office, just in case anyone doubted this, are a pretty smart group. Kokinis has been a huge assett to this franchise. Biscotti can likely afford to pay Kokinis GM money to help him avoid being part of the next disasterious chapter in Cleveland.
    Sounds like a no-brainer to me….Kokinis avoids Cleveland, gets paid and stays part of a well managed organization with and ever increasing pside.
    Hail to the Ravens!

  5. it apparently can’t — and won’t – happen, since the Ravens seem to be poised to prevent it.
    Disagree. Ireland in Miami clearly isn’t calling the shots yet he was allowed to basically lateral to Miami from Dallas.

  6. The only reason Ireland left Dallas for Miami & Parcells got away with it was that Jerry Jones didn’t stop it. Florio wrote a couple articles about that when it happened.

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