The best thing about the most obvious, superficial analyses of NFL coaching connections is that, sometimes they’re accurate.
We suggested last night that former 49ers coach Mike Nolan could be the next defensive coordinator in Green Bay, due to the fact that Packers coach Mike McCarty worked as Nolan’s offensive coordinator in 2005. 
A league source tells us that Nolan curently is in the process of lining up a staff of assistants, and the thinking is that Nolan will be the next defensive coordinator of the Packers.
The Packers announced on Monday the termination of defensive coordinator Bob Sanders and four defensive assistants.


  1. Florio, don’t you hate Nolan anymore or was that only when he’s a head coach? Are you going to praise him when he gets the job?

  2. “Running a 3-4 or a 4-3? That’s what we Packers fans want to know…”
    Nolan doesn’t run a 3-4. He likes to talk about running a 3-4 during the offseason but once he gets in to games, he plays a “big nickel” package instead, which is basically a 4-2-5. He’s scared to run anything else because he’s scared of giving up a big play. The 49ers didn’t start running a 3-4 until after he was fired and, with that change, their defense improved dramatically(finished the season 13th after being ranked 28ish when Nolan was here). He has a history of running soft defenses. In washington, Daniel Snyder left a cup of Vanilla on Nolans desk to let him know what he thinks of his defense.

  3. Super Bowl or bust next year, unless we waste our first round draft pick like we do every year. GO PACKERS

  4. la-ame. bring in the good ‘ol boys. gilbert brown with the defensive tackles. bryce paup with the defensive ends (still lives in green bay and is a high school coach). leroy butler with the secondary. craig newsome with the corners. george koonce (asst. a.d with marquette univ.) with the linebackers. all (don’t know about newsome) still have WI ties and are up and down “the shore” often. promote winston moss to def. coord. and you are set, chet.

  5. Bye Kampman, Bye Cullen Jenkins, Bye Al Harris, Bye Johnny Jolly, Bye AJ Hawk, Bye Brady Poppinga…Hello Mike Nolan…Hello youngest team in a row for 1000 years in a row. All Hail TT and MM.

  6. I like the concept of a 3-4, but the Packers just don’t have the personnel to run it right now. Their two best linemen aren’t really big enough to play end, Pickett’s not really big enough to play NT in a 3-4, and their LBs did a great job of demonstrating this year that they can’t rush the passer. I don’t think they’d be able to replace all those guys soon enough.

  7. The Nolan rumors have been floating around ever since Nolan got fired and the Packer defense went to the ash bin.

  8. Good thing Nolan wouldn’t be coaching the offense and would have nothing to do with Rodgers. DOH! Ziiinnngggg!!!

  9. How appropriate. . .a loser coming in to run a defense full of losers on a team full of losers that plays in a stadium full of losers.
    This couldn’t possibly go any better!

  10. Ahhhhh!
    The Gonz.
    Do I detect the sulphurous stench of a dejected and bitter ViQueen fan???? How many championships does your team boast of? How many NFL MVPs? Superbowls?
    The only way you bozos even beat the Packers once this year was thru a safety call that the league even admits shouldn’t have been called. Keep whining and keep electing those blue chippers (like jesse the guv and now Al Frankenidiot) to your guv over in the land of 10,000 mudholes. Maybe you’ll get a real stadium instead of the NFL’s version of an inflatable sex toy some day when you get a real team with any sort of history of success.

  11. Picket doesn’t need to play DT in the 3-4, Thompson drafted a superstar Defensive Tackle by the name of Justin Harrel, remember? So if they switch to a 3-4, TT can trade Pickett for a draft pick, which he can then use to draft a 3rd string QB. For some reason, this scenario sounds familiar.

  12. @ jyernberg
    Why is the window small? Because you don’t have patience? We have a first year QB, the youngest team in the league. We have about the largest window of any team.
    If there was ever a time for the Packers to get into a new scheme, it is now. I’m all for sacrificing a year or 2 (personnel changes and learning curve) if it means we can have a dominant defense for the rest of Rodgers’ career.
    Short-sightedness does not bring the rings. Take the time to rebuild the defense the right way. The offense is potent already.

  13. Maybe Nolan called this “big nickel” defense because San Frans defense sucks? That is a definite possibility.
    And there is plently of talent of defensive talent, but not the type the Packers need. We need to concentrate on the defensive line. We need an immediate starter at UT, a pass rush specialist at RE, and depth at NT. There are a few FA’s I would like in GB like Tank Johnson from Dallas and Igor O from SD.
    If we had a run defense, we are in the freaking playoffs. We allowed 170+ yards on the ground against Tampa(Lost by 7), ATL(lost by 3), Tennessee(Lost by 2), and Minnesota(lost one ONE). Talk about pathetic.
    Every DC in GB will fail until we fix the defensive line.

  14. Thegonz, assuming your a Vikings fan, if I remember correctly you guys were the last team to lose from the NFC north. I guess that is a good way to end the season tho, with a loss. Cause your a loser, and your Vikings are losers, and everything about your “Dome” promotes losing. Nice try tho.

  15. “How appropriate. . .a loser coming in to run a defense full of losers on a team full of losers that plays in a stadium full of losers. This couldn’t possibly go any better! ”
    Could be worse. We could be playing our games in a glorified warehouse, while wearing purple.

  16. the Gonz
    i hear some hostility in your post.
    could it be because YOUR garbage ass squad got eagled?

  17. durv
    the window is ALWAYS small. even when your the patriots. the vikings are making some decent moves and it will only get harder for us to win the division if they get a decent QB. a sense of urgency is not the same thing as short-sightedness.

  18. nolan will be an upgrade of over all the past coordinators gb has had, he worked with some of the best in the game .ray lewis, ed reed,give the man a shot, in green bay he will eventually be veiwed as a genious just wait and be patient fans, it will take time, but the days of green bay having a dominant defense will return.

  19. Things change every year in the NFL
    Heck, Miami went from 1-15 to 11-5 in one season. ATL also had a big turnaround.
    This is why you can’t get too caught up in building dynasties or worrying about what other teams are doing. A coaching change here or there, injuries, etc can make a break a season.
    It’s also the same reason why I don’t worry about the Vikings or Bears either. Every team is 0-0 going into the next year and what they did (or did not do) the previous year is irrelevant unless you are the Patriots. They win every year it seems.

  20. How appropriate. . .a loser coming in to run a defense full of losers on a team full of losers that plays in a stadium full of losers.
    Gonz is a “Packersexual” He lives on their chat lines and forums to spit out his sophmoroic rantings to cover up his deep seeded love for them. He actually thinks the NFL is made up of 3 teams,Vikes, “pcakers” and Bears. Anyone who talks smack about the Vikes is a bear or “pcakers” fan because in his small mind, no one else could hate the vikings like a bear or “pcaker” fan. Even though the Eagles(that’s another NFL team Gonz, by the way) smaked down the Vikes. his hatred or Packersexual love will be directed to Bear and “pcaker” fans. He gives bad names to everything that has to do with the Wisconsin landscape, even though in reality it is a mirror image of Minnesota, even though he has never been out of his Brooklyn Center trailer house to even see the beauty that is the midwest, as he is sooooo obsessed with his beloved/hated “pcakers”

  21. The Queens are making decent moves? They won the division by default, need a center, RT, corner, two safeties, three receivers, a couple of special teams, front office and a football field. Oh, and a QB and coach. They have 18 FAs.
    I guess those are decent, upcoming moves if you’re a Packers, Bears or Lions fan.
    The Queens stink. They’ll stink in LA too.
    The Packers D is going to immediately get better with the addition of a DE and DT, the return of Jenkins and a better scheme.
    Look for the Pack to win it all next year.

  22. I hope this remains just a rumor, GB needs a real DC, not Nolan.
    As for the Gonz, leave the poor boy alone. He sits in his mom’s basement, living for the day when the BIQUEEN’s to win the big one just like Sports Illustrated predicted. The problem is that Chilly is the coach and T Jackoff is the QB and as everyone saw last weekend, neither are ready for prime time and the longer Ziggy sticks with that retarded pair, the better it is for the rest of the NFL.

  23. Hey, maybe he can give McCarthy fashion tips seeing as how the biggest splash he made in the NFL was wearing a suit on the sidelines. As to trashing the Gonz, read a Vikes post on this site and see the same lame-ass ploy run every day by Bob Nelson and Jimmy Smith. The Pack ain’t going to be too bad at all if your GM gets off his ass and signs some free agent D-linemen and at least one LB, something he has indicated he won’t do. At least you’ve got a QB. If the Vikes “brain trust” stays with the same crappy QBs, you cheesers may even have a chance in the North.

  24. TheGonz says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 10:47 pm
    How appropriate. . .a loser coming in to run a defense full of losers on a team full of losers that plays in a stadium full of losers.
    This couldn’t possibly go any better!
    How appropriate. A loser makes a loser comment like that.
    @jandlms: They elected Franken to the Senate, not to be governor. Pawlenty is governor. The rest of your post I agree with.
    @skigirl: TheGonz isn’t the one who consistently points out that one “pcaker” typo from ages ago. I forget the guy’s name but it’s a different troll, not this one.

  25. To show good sportsmanship towards Gonzo, the assumed Vike fan. I ask you this Gonzo. Are you doing okay after getting ejected from the bandwagon? Did you suffer any injuries? Road rash, a concussion? I heard people were flying off (the bandwagon) left and right as it sped out of MPLS. One eye witness stated “it was like a black Friday morning at Wal-Mart. People pushing and shoving each other to get off as fast as they jumped on.”

  26. “The Pack ain’t going to be too bad at all if your GM gets off his ass and signs some free agent D-linemen and at least one LB, something he has indicated he won’t do. ”
    Source please.
    But you’re right, the Packers will win it all in 2009. We’ve done that 12 times.
    How about The Violet?

  27. Ha ha – What a burn. Nolan is garbage. The Niners D went from a mid 20’s NFL ranking to 12th after Nolan was fired and this man was supposed to be some special D Coordinator. He made his name in Baltimore and last I checked that Defense is STILL good and it had nothing to do with Nolan. One things if for certain: the Niners D got MUCH BETTER once Nolan was fired. Look up the stats. Nolan might be the most overrated defensive coach in the NFL. Enjoy the Big Sub Green Bay. I wonder if he will ask Aaron Rogers to jump on one foot again and repeat that Nolan is the master over and over again.

  28. Has anyone else seen that D-bag Gonz’s rants at SBnation? Click his name and read them. He claims that Berrian was well worth the money: He had 48 catches and 900 yards…worth $13 million???? He also said that the Queens have the best GM (cap wise) in the league…see Berrian above. Berrian is the 12th HIGHEST paid player in the game. He made $285,520 a catch this past season. What a GM!! He even glorifies beating the Giants 3rd stringers! Let the Queen fans enjoy this season…they are not as good as the fans think. Yeah they went to the playoffs, but that is like sitting next to the hot girl in class…doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you are nailing her.

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