The annual effort to divine the future intentions of Brett Favre doesn’t officially begin until Favre broaches the subject with Al Jones of the Biloxi Sun Herald.
And Favre has.
Earlier today, Favre “spent a few minutes” with Jones, addressing several topics relating to his recently-completed season with the Jets.
As to whether Favre will be back in 2009, the jury once again is out.
“I feel the same way as last year,’’ Favre said. “I will take some time and make my decision.”
Last year, no one realized before July that Favre’s decision-making process had a Door No. 3.  This year, although neither Favre nor the Jets have broached the topic, the possibility of Favre playing in 2009 for a team other than the Jets needs to be considered seriously.
Especially since Favre “feel[s] the same way as last year.”
We continue to believe that Favre and the Jets will shift around the pawns, bishops, and rooks regarding whether he “retires,” or whether the Jets release him.  Either way, the Jets need to clear his $13 million salary by the start of the 2009 league year.
The Jets surely prefer the retirement route.  Though, in theory, Favre could unretire in July and thrust the team into the seventh level of salary cap hell, Favre knows that his legacy wouldn’t survive a second effort to strong-arm his way out of town.
So we think he’ll ask for an unconditional release before the date on which the Jets must be in compliance with the 2009 cap, and if the team won’t release him, then Favre will defer his retirement decision until after the bean counters’ annual day of reckoning has come and gone.
The options for the Jets will be to clear $13 million by releasing Favre, or to dump a bunch of other players to make room for Favre’s salary — only to have Favre thereafter retire.
Our guess?  Favre will “retire” from the Jets, but he’ll have in his back pocket the ability to unretire and join the team of his choosing.  Most likely, a team that plays the Packers twice per year.
Meanwhile, Favre responded to inflammatory comments from running back Thomas Jones, the team’s 2008 MVP.  Jones sharply criticized Favre during a radio interview last week, and then later tried to backtrack.
” I have not seen the comments,’’ Favre told Jones.  “To be honest, I am not worried about the comments, either.  Was Thomas backed into a corner or in a bad mood when he said those things?  I don’t know but ripping Thomas is not my nature.
“The bottom line is I didn’t play well in the final five games.  It starts with me and it should.  I am not ripping Thomas because that is not my nature.  My expectations of myself are high and the only one that I let down was myself.’’
Favre also addressed criticism from unnamed players that he was distant and aloof.
“I am not going to let one or two guys ruin a career for me or the relationship I had with my teammates,’’ Favre said.  “If you poll my past teammates, I bet 90 percent would say they enjoyed playing with me.  I am not so insecure as to let the comments bother me.’’
But it’s more than just comments from unnamed players.  Boxing trainer Teddy Atlas, a “special assistant” to and good friend of former Jets coach Eric Mangini, also has unloaded on Favre.
“I think Brett Favre basically is a selfish guy,” Atlas told the New York Post, echoing comments he made to Max Kellerman on ESPN 1050 in New York.  “Brett Favre goes out there with his gray hair, his Wranglers and gets up when he gets hit.  I understand why people like that.  But there’s another side.  He’s a selfish guy.”
Regardless of where Favre lands in 2009, it’s fairly safe to say that it won’t be with the Browns. 

53 responses to “FAVRE WATCH 2009 COMMENCES

  1. WHO THE HELL CARES, his days of being a dominant player are long gone. just retire you frickn has been.

  2. I’m sure Favre is very much concerned with comments by teammates in the media. And he should watch what he says about what his former teammates would say about him. When that whole thing about helping the Lions gameplan for the Packers came out Charles Woodson said there would be more stories like this coming out about him. Favre better keep his trap shut or all sorts of bad stories about him are going to start trickling out.
    I doubt the Packers care anymore about Favre playing in the division. He’s a turnover machine and if he plays for a division rival by choice the fans of Green Bay will kick him to the curb for good.

  3. An even older, even fatter and even more mentally out of his tree Favre playing GB twice a year sounds good to me. It’ll be raining INT’s, and it’s nice when you can chalk up two wins before the season starts. I’m sure Chicago fans feel the same way.

  4. This is why I’m glad he didn’t end up in Tampa. Now the the Bucs could come up with a long-term QB solution…

  5. Does Mangenius really hate Brett as much as everyone says? I mean he did name one of kids after him. Might want to switch that middle name to Brady or Kellen or something.

  6. He’s obviously so board with his life/family that he is already talking to this guy about whether to retire, unretire, retire then unretire, or whatever two weeks after his season ended. Nobody wants him. He’s not worth half of that $13 mil at 40.

  7. I think I will sit out the Brett Favre carosel ride this offseason. Just let me know in September if he is playing or not or a better question where he is playing.

  8. Thank Jesus for another Favre watch.
    I’m getting sick and tired of all this “football” news – coverage of playoff games, coaching changes, the senior bowl, potential free agents, the upcoming draft and the like.
    Please Brett, do the right thing and don’t make up your mind until mid August.

  9. Does “spent a few minutes” mean almost an hour with the entire Lions coaching staff listening on speaker phone… again?

  10. Hey Fade2Bleak you forgot “LOL” at the end of
    your comment so we knew you were joking.
    Jokes that need to tell you they’re jokes suck.
    You should include “LOL” at the end of your name.

  11. Hello Cleveland! Lerner likes proven track records like this. Patriots Defensive Coordinator as a Coach – Ravens GM. Now Retread QB.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  12. gr33nb@yf@n says:
    January 7th, 2009 at 10:01 pm
    Pleeeeeeese let Favre be on the Vikings or Bears!!! After his season this year, I welcome it!
    Bite me!
    Quite crying. At least when we lost quarterbacks they had the b*lls to leave the league.
    I say keep em and sign another quarterback or draft. Cuz we know Favre is only good for half a season. So I say just rotate him in by half 1 half Favre other half new guy (K. Warner would be cool to see). Two washed up has beens equal one pro bowl quarterback.

  13. Some day Webster’s Dictionary will add a new word to it’s pages and that word will be “Farved”
    A public figure once revered the world over. Thought to be one of the best at his position ever due to great media coverage and contacts. A person who continues long after his skills have left him, revealing to all a selfish, egomaniac, overrated due to one great year and the ballwashing that followed.

  14. Didn’t Mangini name his son after Lord Favremort? I’m sure he’d be glad to have him in Cleveland.

  15. The Jets should be preemptive, cut him, and move on. Find the future. Your magical season failed at a mediocre 9-7.

  16. What is this guy going to do when he gets no more attention? Bottom line, he should have stayed retired. He just tarnished his reputation and I doubt he’ll get it back.

  17. Let me give you favre haters a list of qbs that favre is better than by the way how many ints did that sissy armed pennington throw in the playoff game oh that’s right 4 and by the way with him the jets were 4-12.All I’m saying is you no what you get with favre a lot of ints but he will win you some games.There are a few teams that could use him for one year to improve drastically here’s a list along with the qbs he’s better than k.c.-tyler thigpen,chicago-kyle orton,minn.-tavaris jackson,buff.-trent edwards,jac.david garrard,stl.marc bulger,wash.-jason campbell,tampa-jeff garcia,tenn.-kerry collins

  18. This Teddy Atlas guy sounds like such a credible guy on all things Brett Favre. The boxing trainer really added so much clarity to the situation. I’m glad I don’t live as near to NYC as I used to, where every loud mouth can get on talk radio as an “expert” based on some loose connection to a team.

  19. Okay folks – here’s what will happen and you heard it here first:
    On or about August 24, 2009, Brett Favre will request and be granted an interview with Greta Van Shush-Buga-Boo of FOX. He will tell her that he “doesn’t trust” Mike Tannenbaum. Then, he will proceed to cry to her about Mike Tannenbaum not signing Randy Moss. Then, he will cry to her about how Tannenbaum didn’t interview his buddy Steve Mariucci for the vacant head coaching position. Favre will undoubtedly forget that Mariucci was being paid $5 million a year by the Detroit Lions to sit on his ass and talk football with Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders. Not sure what’s in that drinking water in Mississippi, but it’s rather obvious that Favre can’t add 2+2 to get 4. Regardless, at the conclusion of the interview with Miss Appleton, Wisconsin – your programming will resume with All My Children, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital.
    Sadly, there will be no mention of the fact that Favre has routinely said every February since at least 2002, “Uh, grunt, fart, poop … I might retire now”. The fact that a bunch of so-called “Packer fans” went out and bought Jets jerseys and the fact that they and Favre all now look like complete idiots, will also not be mentioned. God forbid. Greta wouldn’t like that.
    Then, on or about August 25, 2009, Brett Favre will report to the Minnesota Vikings in Eden Prairie, MN, to create yet another ridiculous fu*king circus. It is highly advisable to the locals that they install big tents, lots of balloons, and selfish ass-clowns wearing purple # 4 jerseys to commemorate the event. Brett will try to “stick it to the Packers” and will fail once again while Aaron Rodgers kicks his ass in every QB statistical category imaginable.
    Lesson learned here, folks? No one player is bigger than the TEAM.

  20. Really, does anyone care besides Favre and the media who loves him?
    I don’t really want to have this guy bashed over my head anymore. He is done, finished, kaput.

  21. “Let me give you favre haters a list of qbs that favre is better than by the way how many ints did that sissy armed pennington throw in the playoff game oh that’s right 4 and by the way with him the jets were 4-12.”
    I don’t hate Favre, I am appreciative what he has done for the Pack…however his skills are fading just like a pass off of his back foot. BTW, I think Favre threw 6 or 7 INT’s in a playoff game against St. Louis a few years back.

  22. It sure is funny to see the same tired old responses from same people every time there’s a story on PFT about Favre. The same people saying the same thing, time, after time, after time. All complaining about all the Favre stories, and yet, they take time out of their day to not only read every single one of them, but to respond to every one of them as well. I wonder if they’ve ever heard of the word, hypocrite ???
    Or, colossal dopes like nerdmann (by the way, the most aptly named person in the world !) with his “biggest cancer” post every single time. Boy his Momma must be proud. I guess it makes little people such as him and others like him feel “important” if they anonymously rip a legend like this. One wonders what, if anything, they do in their life.
    Of course none of these ass-clowns are ACTUAL Packer fans, but, apparently, pretending to be one and ripping a legend like Favre gives their pathetic little life a little more meaning.

  23. When are you guys going to start this as to Tony Dungy who pulls this same crap every year? Oh, its ok for him bvecause everybody likes him, right?

  24. all of you favre haters have to be bandwagoners as well…if you knew anything about the history that has followed him you’d realize how stupid you all sounded when saying things like “the most overrated player in the history of the game” or “the biggest drama queen”. obviously all you’ve done is caught a couple of articles on pft or seen a segment on espn and based your opinion on his career with these credentials. don’t be scared, go ahead and do some research and stop relying on other people to spoonfeed you your football fix!

  25. Now we know the offseason has officially begun.
    Next will be the annual over-hype of the Cowboys, reminding us how much “talent” they have………

  26. Imagine Farve’s wife.. she’s probably so sick of it. Is our marriage going to work? I’m taking my time to think about it.

  27. I did not read this item, but instead saw or more like it was drawn to the name BRETT FAVRE, AND decided that enough is enough !
    I am sick and tired of BRET FAVRE.
    The bastard needs to retire so we can concentrate on stuff that really matters; like who the Seahawks hire as defensive coordinator.
    Yeay the walrus is dead !!!!!!

  28. Once again you are talking out of your rear with little regard to the realtities to which you speak. You say “The Jets surely prefer the retirement route. Though, in theory, Favre could unretire in July and thrust the team into the seventh level of salary cap hell.” Do you think about what you write before you type it? The Jets can cut Favre at any point with zero cap ramifications. Zero. They can cut him now or later and nothing will be go the 2009 cap. Nada. They can cut him on April 1st and there will be nothing on the 2009 cap. Same for June 1st, July 1st, August 1st and September 1st. As long as they cut him before the 2009 season begins, there will be absolutely nothing on the 2009 cap or thereafter. No money transfers to future years unless the player is still with the team that gave him said contract. When the Packers traded Favre, they ate the hit from his signing bonus. Not the Jets. Ever. Your journalistic accurately is pathetic. The Jets hold the cards and can trade him or cut him at any time with no consequence (unless it’s to the NFC North, in which case they’ll give up 3 first round draft choices, but again, with zero cap ramifications). You hired Ted Sundquist. I doubt many read his column. Use him for something practical. Like proofreading your poorly thought out blogs. If Ted isn’t interested, I’d work for cheap. Maybe even free, for a bit. Also, your grudge against “Lord Favre” is getting tiresome. Grow up.

  29. jkr- Chad was a bit off the six picks Jet threw in St. Louis eh? It’s been over for Jet the QB for awhile.
    But now, Jet reveals himself, over and over again, as an idiot.
    Why is he doing that?

  30. When people say that Brett is selfish…..you notice it’s all talk and they never give an example. Also unnamed sources and a personal friend of Mangini….anybody credible speaking? Come back for another year with new coaches and someone who knows how to utilize the talent on the Jets team.

  31. Now the Jet fans will get a taste of what Packer fans had to endure for the past 5 seasons. No doubt they will draw the same conclusions that ‘reasonable’ Packer fans have; the drama queen has overplayed his hand, we are sick of his declining production in the latter half of the season and leading the NFL in INT’s is not a good place to be in.
    For all those jock sniffing Favre worshippers who spew hate on the Packers and TT for doing what was in the best interest of the GBP, eat a slice of humble pie while you watch Favre try to stick it to the Jets.

  32. While the drama queen qb that seems to think the world has no other concerns but whether he will grace the football fields in 2009, lollygags and debates whether he can screw his team for another year, other teams are prepping for the draft…. your owner is s.t.u.p.i.d. Thanks to him, Cleveland Browns, got a decent coach cause you guys drove him outta town… we are lol….. and to all those who said Randy Lerner doesn’t no what he’s doing, looks like he outfoxed our media on this one….. in 2006 he was 4-2 in his division, 2-4 in 2007 (N. E, perfect season), and 2008 he was 4-2 in the division….. his defense ranked 5th in turnover ratio. The running back ran for over 1300 yards 2008, over 1100 in 2007 with Thomas Jones… and was the least penalized team in the NFL…. Discipline and defense wins championships, not whether he’s goody-2-shoe with the press… Crennel wanted to be everyones best friend you see where it got him…. UNEMPLOYED!!!!!!!! Fans wanted experienced, the media clammored for it, and Lerner listened and hired it…. so it might not seem like a sexy hire, but its a logical hire……Mangini has the stats to prove he was on the right track….. thanks NY… your loss our gain! So hope comes to Cleveland with a 38 year old coach that eats, sleeps and dreams about football….. WELL DONE RANDY LERNER…..WELL DONE.

  33. I hate that overrated peice of crap… this guy always throws the big pick… ONE SUPERBOWL… and well hes the greatest…. another product of the ESPN Propaganda Machine….. just like TO

  34. As a Packer Fan I would like nothing else to see him sign with the Bears or Lions or even better the Vikings.
    This clown has made a living burning bridges and causing disruption and I’d love to see Rodgers get the best of him just so he can shut everyone up once and for all.
    PS- Favre isn’t half the QB he was in his prime so if a team like MN wants him all I have to say is how can we make that happen? I personally believe a guy like Gus Frerotte might be a better QB right now.

  35. jkr, other than minnehaha and wash, i think the others should stand pat.
    wash wouldnt work, however (too cold) and lets see the late season minnehaha road sked first… minnehaha had a nice warm road sked late this last season.
    i dont get why mange and favre couldnt coexist in cleveland. clearly one was smitten with the other.

  36. This shouldn’t be as drawn out and dramatic as last off-season. The Jets aren’t debating cutting Joe Namath, they’re debating whether to cut a one-year player. Farve better understand quick that he holds no cards in this…

  37. Just watch, if he gets cut and nobody jumps to sign him Bus Cook will be crying “collusion” and threatening to sue the NFL.

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