If the Ravens are going to beat the top-seeded Titans on Saturday, they’ll need safety Ed Reed to be on the field, and effective.
Though it’s too early to conclude that he won’t play, he didn’t practice on Wednesday, due to a knee injury.
Also missing practice for the Ravens were tight end Todd Heap (back) and receiver Derrick Mason (shouder).
Defensive tackle Justin Bannan (foot), linebacker Jarret Johnson (calf), cornerback Samari Rolle (thigh), and kicker Matt Stover (right ankle) were limited participants.
Linebacker Antwan Barnes has been ruled out with a chest injury.
For the home team in the first of the divisional round games to be played, defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth fully participated in practice, despite an MCL strain that knocked him out of the last two games of the regular-season.
Cornerback Nicholas Harper (groin), linebacker David Thornton (hip), and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch (groin) also fully participated.
Defensive end Dave Ball (back) and center Kevin Mawae (elbow) did not practice.  Mawae has said that he won’t be playing this weekend.


  1. So yet again the NFL Playoffs are full of star players that are either not playing or playing at a limited ability (Tomlinson, Mawae, Haynesworth, Gates, Big Ben, Jacobs, etc etc etc), and yet that dolt of a corporate Yes-Man Roger Goodell wants to expand the regular season to 18 games.
    He’s a complete freaking idiot who has no clue about the quality of the actual game that takes place on the field and cares only about marketing the game in Europe, getting apparel licenses, and TV contracts.

  2. Since the NFL began seeding the teams in each conference in 1990, there has been a #1-#6 matchup 11 times and the #1 seed has a record of 10-1. Most of that damage has been done in the NFC, where the #1s are 9-0 against the #6s.
    The only time a #6 defeated a #1 was in 2006 when Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers knocked off Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

  3. Haynesworth needs to rest that MCL! We want him nice and healthy in a few weeks when he takes his physical to join the Atlanta Falcons. 😀

  4. Haynesworth, Vandenbosch and another d-lineman serving a suspension did NOT play in the game for the #1 seed seed against Pittsburgh but Titans still won easily. All 3 will be back on Saturday.

  5. @ emoser:
    How can you make such a misleading generalization about my city? Are you from Pitt or something? That’s like me saying Pittsburgh is full of nothing but hillbilly, inbred country-folk… Oh, wait… nevermind.

  6. Bob S, this is a game where the Ravens can win, but I really do think the Titans will play as they should and finish off the Ravens. The experience of Jeff Fisher and Kerry Collins — along with the LenWhale White and Chris Johnson running attack, compared with a rookie head coach, a rookie QB, and a seemingly less dangerous McGahee-McClain attack (the Mac Attack?) will be too much burden for a surprisingly good Baltimore Ravens team.
    Baltimore will say goodbye to a great season, though the team will go down with a fight.

  7. Bob S., anything to make you feel good.
    Reed does not need to practice. With our lack of a bye week, this is a way to give him rest. Haynesworth is not going to be 100%. Advantage Ravens!!!!!!!!

  8. My 2008 Baltimore experience…
    The Ravens beat my Dolphins twice (convincingly) and knocked them out of the playoffs, ending a magical season.
    I took a trip to Baltimore in September, the food was great but… I was stood up by a fine piece of ass, I almost got into a fight at an awful college bar, and a women asked me, and I qoute, “hey, you wanna smoke some crack, do it, and die?”
    Baltimore, I hate you, Go Titans

  9. Reed is gonna play, all those guys for Baltimore didn’t participate or were limited because they need all the rest they can get. the Ravens played on Sunday, the game is on Saturday, and Tennessee has been resting since they beat the Steelers. It’s gonna be root canal football, unless you’re a titans or ravens fan, we respect and enjoy a defensive slug fest. My prediction…They trade blows until the final round, and the game will be won on the last possession, may the best team win….but GO TITANS!!

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