In a Friday press conference during which he addressed many issues relating to the disappointing outcome to a season of high preseason expectations that skyrocketed after a great start, Buccaneers G.M. Bruce Allen seemed to commit to spending money in the 2009 offseason.
A lot of money.
Whether he meant to make such a commitment remains to be seen.
Specifically, Allen responded to questions about the team’s enormous amount of unspent salary cap money by explaining that the 2008 cap balloon resulted from shifting excess cap space from one year to the next.  (This is most often done via so-called “likely to be earned” incentives that as a practical matter won’t be earned; the incentive counts as cap space in the current year, and then when the trigger isn’t met, the amount carries to the next year.)
“The reason we have cap room is we’ve been able to carry over cap room from the 2006 season to the 2007 season,” Allen said, according to Pewter Report, “and from the 2007 season to the 2008 season, and we are going to that again this year for the 2009 season.  We did that because our intention is to spend the cap room.  We never want it to go to waste and we are allowed to do that according to the collective bargaining agreement.”
And so, in the last year with a salary cap under the current CBA and the Bucs having $45 million in projected cap space over and above their current contractual commitments, 2009 is the “use it or lose it” year in which every dollar presumably will be spent.
Indeed, unless there’s a new CBA by March (and that’s highly unlikely at this point), Allen and the Bucs won’t be able to carry excess cap space over to 2010.
So unless he was merely trying to duck the issue by suggesting that the Bucs intend to spend money that they truly don’t intend to spend, Allen has in a roundabout way made it known to all players and agents that Tampa will be handing out lots of cash money this year.
We hope the folks who’ll be writing the checks are on the same page.


  1. Jesus. And it’s rumored the Raiders only have around $5mil of cap space for next year. With $45mil or so, we could get, like, FOUR more Javon Walkers!!
    Fortunately, it was the Raiders that put the capstone on the Bucs’ underachieving season (and Kiffin’s epic slide. Take that dagger.)

  2. It’s about time they spend some money in Tampa. I was shocked when they didn’t do it last year. Maybe now they can bring in a decent quarterback who isn’t 35 years old and maybe a wide received that isn’t named Michael Clayton. God knows he should be counting his blessings every week for even having a job.

  3. Stay away from Albert Haynesworth, Mr. Bruce Allen. Claude Wroten may be available though.

  4. the bucs make no sense, they are hosting the superbowl THIS season, so
    why not spend the money this year to ensure that you have a legit
    shot at hosting the superbowl in your own stadium, instead they put
    their hopes on retread injury prone old QBs like garcia and griese,
    they waste time and money on rehabbing cadillac williams, they still
    paying overrated chris hovan and paying money to another old guy
    in galloway. If the Glazers weren’t so busy kissing alex ferguson’s butt
    at manchester united, they would realize what a mess chuckie and bruce
    allen are creating in tampa.
    Also the bucs love collecting turds like antonio bryant, jerramy stevens,
    and aqib talib.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. In this press conference last year he made the comment he will sign a Tiger Woods like free agent…..and we signed Jeff Faine….

  6. To Silver_and_Black_in_DC: It’s kind of odd when the Bucs win, Gruden wins. When the Bucs lose, Kiffin loses? The way you and Gruden see it, Jon has not lost a game in Tampa his entire time here.

  7. Ugh. High Dollar free agents, for the most part, suck. The only team I can remember that spend a lot of money in free agency and won the Super Bowl is the 1994 49ers. Every other team that tried it seemed to implode.
    The 2001 Pats signed a boatload of free agents and won the Super Bowl, but they mostly signed cheap cast-offs that fit a role. Not high priced free agents.
    Who the heck are we going to spend $45M on?

  8. The Glazers need to send Allen and Gruden packing. I didn’t fell that way until the end of this season. Allen is a lousy GM, and Gruden’s game planning has more to do with satisfying his ego than matching players to players.
    Marv Levy was in town Friday….saw him getting a yogurt at a local mall. He said he was in town “on business”. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Bucs, but my lunch buddies and I had just finished talking about Allen’s press conference and then we see Marv.

  9. Yeah, those those turds…Antonio Bryant was a Top 10 receiver this year and Talib was tied for the team lead in INTs…Best rookie corner this year until Rodgers-Cromartie showed up as of recent. Everybody would appreciate it if you knew what you were talking about before u post it…

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