The Seattle Seahawks and new coach Jim Mora has a new defensive coordinator.
It is former Buccaneers linebackers coach Casey “Gus” Bradley.
The news first appeared on earlier this week at NFP; Adam Schefter of NFLN confirms it today.
John Marshall was the defensive coordinator in 2008.  His status with the franchise for 2009 is unknown.
Bradley, 42, has spent only three years coaching at the NFL level.  He was hired by the Bucs in 2006.
At the college level, Bradley coached at North Dakota State (his alma mater) and Fort Lewis College.
Bradley worked as defensive quality control coach in 2006, and became the linebackers coach after Joe Barry left to become the defensive coordinator of the Lions. 
Barry recently has said that he’d “cherish” an opportunity to return to Tampa, notwithstanding the fact that the Bucs wouldn’t let him out of his contract in 2006 to join his father-in-law in Detroit. 


  1. This is good news for Casey. Through my fathers business I’ve met him and had multiple conversations with him. Great move for him. A promotion and he gets off what is known now in Tampa as a sinking ship. I don’t know what the talk in Seattle is about future of the team there but with a HC change they almost have to be in an upward movement right?

  2. Thank God John Marshall and his vanilla schemes have been replaced.
    I look forward to seeing what Bradley will do, even if Mora calls the def. plays.

  3. Joe Barry is a good coach and needs to choose Tampa over Chicago and separate himself from Rod’s hip. He needs to establish his own identity. The only reason they failed in Detroit is because of the front office ineptness of Millen. Millen might as well have been drafting and signing free agents from the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
    The Bucs and fans will welcome him back.

  4. @carp
    He was already on the staff before being named the next head coach (Secondary coach/Assistant coach).

  5. Looks like Ruskell’s totally gotten rid of all of the Holmgren guys and brought in all of his (not Mora’s) guys…Guess he’s lined himself up for total success (as in all him) or failure!

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