Now that they’ve begun their offseason, the Titans have to figure out their quarterback position.  Kerry Collins is a free agent and he made it clear to The Tennessean that he isn’t willing to return for a 15th season as anything but a starter.
“I made my case known, that I’d like to be here and feel that I can be a part of several more good seasons.  I have several good years left in me, I know that,” Collins said.  “I will pack up and go somewhere else. I don’t want to, but that’s the reality of this business. . . .  I am a starter in this league and if nothing materializes that way I will retire.’’
Titans coach Jeff Fisher seems amenable to bringing Collins back for another year.
“Certainly getting Kerry back is important to us,’’ Fisher said.  “Kerry has one or two options in my opinion:  He starts, and hopefully that is for us, or he is on his tractor, on his farm.
According to The Tennessean, the Titans would like to explore a two-year contract in the range of $4 million plus incentives.  If Collins is the starter, that would mean another year on the bench for Vince Young.
Financially, such a move works in the short term.  Young is due to make $2.16 million in 2009, but his salary rises by more than $5 million in 2010 before topping out at $8.5 million in 2011.  That’s an awful lot for a quarterback who might not have seen meaningful action in two years.


  1. Vince should just cut the charade and call up Curtis Enis and see if he can get a job on the third shift at a garage door manufacturing firm.
    I’m sure he’s blown a bunch of that cash, just have one big party and do away with the rest.

  2. It’s difficult to imagine the Titans going back to Vince Young as their quarterback. He’s lost credibility with his teammates and his coaches. They are unlikely to have any confidence in him.
    In all likelihood, the Titans will keep Collins for another season or two, choosing to draft and develop a young quarterback as his successor. As for Young, he’ll probably be traded before his salary escalates toward the end of his contract. The team that acquires Young will demand that he restructure his deal or that the Titans defray some of his salary.

  3. Good for Collins. If Tennessee doesn’t want you I happen to think you would look fantastic in Viking Purple.
    Vince I hope you learn from this. You are a great athlete and have all the potential in the world. By all accounts you are a complete moron, suck this up and prove all the critics wrong.

  4. Keep telling yourself that, Kerry.
    You’re the biggest girl on the field. Go a pair and then call yourself an NFL QB. If it werent for that defense, your line, and your running game, you’d suck. (like you did everywhere else)

  5. Collins is a decent QB, but clearly not among the elite of the AFC. Vince
    Young is even worse, the Titans may have a tough time making the playoffs next year. You can also tell a playoff pretender by how they react in big games late in the regular season. The immature behavior shown by some Titan players at the end of the Pittsburgh game, for example.

  6. If it was not for Collins the Titans would not have even sniffed the playoffs.
    When even the great defender of all first round picks writes articles about the great sulking one then Vince Young has a problem, only he can change that impression.

  7. We had the curse of Kerry Collins last week. All 3 teams that he has played for at some time lost.
    NY Giants
    And all the QB’s played a similar game…..hmmmm.

  8. Be careful not to run in VY. Jeff Fisher will take out your knee in a desperate move to show you he cares about his owners favorite player.

  9. “Keep people off him and he’ll do fine”. In other words, coddle him and baby him. No one maximizes their potential in life without being challenged- it’s just not possible. Little Vince definitely missed a few ass-whippings, and this is what the Titans are left with after a top 3 pick in the draft. I can’t believe that psychological tests before the draft can’t reveal these types of weaknesses.

  10. I can see Collins possibly returning to Carolina after the debacle that Delhomme had vs the Cards. Delhomme is, I believe, an $11m hit on the cap next season and isnt worth that kind of money. Its a running team with a solid defense much like the Titans. I can see him finishing his career where he started with success much like he had in ’96 early in his career.

  11. I’ll agree Collins had a good year in 2008, but historically, he’s been up and down. At his age, 2008 may be the best Collins you get.

  12. The Titans are actually not in a real good position here. They have a high draft pick buried on the bench and now a real old QB demanding astarting position and contract.

  13. “Good for Collins. If Tennessee doesn’t want you I happen to think you would look fantastic in Viking Purple.”
    To whoever wrote this: Nobody looks good in Purple. But it’s Violet isn’t it?
    Nobody looks good in Violet either.
    Also, will the Queens have the same dopey, uglythansin uniforms in LA?

  14. “He starts, and hopefully that is for us, or he is on his tractor, on his farm.”
    WTF?????? Do we have another one???

  15. I think Vince Young needs to take a year off and get in the booth. I for one would love to see VY join Emmitt Smith in any capacity.

  16. It’s really a shame that Vince Young is so immature. He has a real opportunity to learn from a veteran QB, but prefers to sulk on the bench instead. Another guy with a million dollar talent and a ten cent head.

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