This week, the Ten-Pack for takes a look at ten moves made by the four surviving teams that helped them get to where they are right now — one win away from the Super Bowl.
Fans of the Steelers, Eagles, Cardinals, and Ravens will be acutely interested.
Fans of the other 28 franchises might be interested in wishing/hoping/praying that their respective teams will follow the lead of the final four teams. 
Here it is.


  1. “The only new arrival was center Justin Hartwig, who at the time of his signing was viewed as an unnecessary luxury, given the presence of Sean Mahan.”
    Come on. Sean Mahan was easily the worst player on the team last year.

  2. The only thing that I disagree with is the remark about the Raven’s QBs of the past. They might not have done much and Flacco to his credit has done more, but can you blame any of them for their performance with the “weapons” they had to work with? I realize the point of that post was how billick was the problem and he definately was, but those QB’s didn’t have much of a chance.

  3. “Harbaugh had spent years as a special teams coach, and only one year as the Ravens’ defensive secondary coach.”
    Ravens’ defensive secondary coach, more like Eagles’ defensive secondary coach. Harbaugh was with the Eagles and only a head coach with the Ravens. Sporting News have proofreaders?

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