As someone pointed out today on MSNBC (we can’t recall which of the generally interchangeable early-afternoon afternoon talking heads that it was), Tuesday’s inauguration of a new U.S. president will feature constant images of folks using their wireless devices with built-in cameras to capture the action.
But while most folks assume that the phone won’t be good for much other than taking pictures due to the thousands and thousands of phones that will be vying for cellular space, Sprint has boosted capacity up to 90 percent in and around D.C.
Still, there could be delays, given the crush of people heading to the event. 
“We can prepare our networks to handle 10 to 15 times the normal amount of traffic, but we can’t exactly predict how people will use their phones,” Sprint spokeswoman Crystal Davis told the Houston Chronicle.
So if you’re heading to the inauguration, make sure you have your Sprint phone. 
And, remember, Sprint is the official telecommunications partner of ProFootballTalk.  So supporting Sprint is the same as supporting PFT.
In fact, we received just today an e-mail from a reader who finally has switched, due to our constant badgering.
“Pounded over the head time after time about Sprint,” the reader said.  “I joined Sprint today.  You happy?”
Yes.  Yes we are.


  1. Why would I being going to the inauguration?
    I stopped watching the news Friday when the Obomber circus started and I won’t be turning TV Tuesday nor will I be listening to PC-ESPN.

  2. Florio, please read this. You need to work out some type of incentive deal for either new customers who join Sprint and mention PFT as reason or existing customers getting say $5 off their monthly bill. That way it can be easily tracked how much your services are worth to Sprint

  3. I must say I have had many plans….I just changed my sprint plan to the unlimited family plan…..totally awesome….worth every penny. No worries about kids accidently surfing the internet, or using too many minutes, or texts… other carrier can touch sprint when it comes to plans.
    /nothing better to do at 7:30am than hawking sprint

  4. Yeah, wouldn’t want to miss the inauguration of the first socialist president in our history, from many angles.

  5. Inauguration Day is a very important moment for all Americans. It is a perfect display of transfer of power without an ounce of blood being shed.
    The problem I have is this particular inauguration day seems more like a “coronation” the way the media is behaving. The media is really distorting tradition here. The quote “if Christ could see Christmas he’d puke” comes to mind.

  6. @Devils Advocate
    Agree. The media bias in this country is sick.
    I get the historic significance of this day, but the media is playing this event up like it is the most important single moment in human, nay, world history.

  7. typical magoo – you a$$hole
    cant you read! no one is bitter here. the new presidents hope are our hopes as well! we want him to succeed. we are in a shit load of trouble and we need change.
    that being said the criticism above is aimed precisely at the way the MEDIA has handled this nobel event.
    Can you read that you MORON or do you need thicker glasses.
    I find your comments regarding bitterness smacking of bigotry and I find them insulting.
    watch your words mister.

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