The Miami Dolphins have won the eight-team contest for the services of a little-known CFL pass-rusher, who could have a big impact at the next level.
According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the Fins have signed defensive end Cameron Wake, formerly of the B.C. Lions.
Wake had 39 sacks in two seasons with the non-Detroit Lions.
He played college football at Penn State as “Derek Wake.”  Once he arrived in Canada, he opted to use his middle name, Cameron.  (Maybe it’s because “Derek” is Canadian slang for “douchebag.”)
Undrafted after running the 40 in 4.55 seconds, Wake signed with the Giants in 20065.  He was listed in the 2005 NFL Record & Fact Book as a linebacker.
Wake visited eight NFL teams, and his decision came down to the Colts and the Dolphins.
Per Schefter, Wake signed a four-year deal, which could be worth up to $4.9 million.  He also will receive nearly $1 million in guaranteed money.
For a guy who wasn’t drafted, it’s a good deal.  But if he plays in the NFL like he played in Canada, it won’t be long before that contract makes him starts acting like a real Derek. 


  1. (Maybe it’s because “Derek” is Canadian slang for ”douchebag.”)
    Nah. Mike is …..
    Humour thy name is not Florio.

  2. Caveat Emptor when it comes to CFL guys. Some years ago the Cowboys took a flyer on a guy that was voted most outstanding offensive lineman in the CFL two years in a row, guy named Mike Kiselak, and he sucked royal choad biscuits in the NFL.

  3. Caveat Emptor to the Caveat Emptor…
    Do you recognize the names, Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Raghib Ismail & Jeff Garcia?
    Maybe it was just the Cowboys that ruined Mile Kiselak.

  4. Just clarify things.
    Derek is NOT slang for douchebag in Canada.
    And the CFL is one of the best football leagues. Its just as good as the NFL and just as entertaining.

  5. “Caveat Emptor when it comes to CFL guys.”
    Eh. One of the Dolphins’ greatest signings several years ago was an offensive lineman named Mark Dixon, who played for the Montreal Alouettes. *Any* signing — whether it’s from the draft, a free agent or whatever — has risks.

  6. Wake will win DROY next year, this guy is freakin’ unbelievable. He is like Kampman in that he never quits, but he is faster and a bit stronger. And no I am not a BC Lions fan so I am not being biased, Wake is the real deal.

  7. to shortie6t9…
    The CFL is horrible football. Only 3 downs…WTF? It’s an 8 team league where 6 teams make the playoffs, and once had two teams with the same name…Roughriders. Pathetic…and I live in Canada. NFL is 100 times more entertaining than the CFL.

  8. shortie6t9 is obviously canadian. Dont ever say the CFL on the same level of entertainment as the NFL. Never!

  9. Good on the Giant to announce the promotion of Linebacker coach Bill Sheridan to DE coordinator. Notable it came one day after Dom Capers signs with Pack. Also, on same day that Cameron Derek Wake signs with the Fin.
    Could Sheridan have been same coach that 4 years ago let Wake walk?
    Prediction: one of these guys is going to successful in the NFL.

  10. I’ve been to many BC Lions games. Wake is a monster with a motor that doesn’t quit. He’s a bit undersized for NFL. That being said I think he will still do well in the show.

  11. I’ve seen Wake in person too. But I just don’t see how he has the size to play as more than a situational rusher in the NFL.
    virtualplague: alot of guys end up in the CFL because they simply didn’t have a high enough profile to get noticed at a small school. I’m not saying that a ton of CFL guys are diamonds in the rough, but the NFL’s scouting system is not a 100% comprehensive (especially given how it has a bias to certain measurements that exclude players who would excel at undersized, ‘tweener-type positions).

  12. Derek means douchebag in Canadian? Funny, so then CFL must mean Douchebag(s) plural in canadian.
    Hope this kid pans out for the Fins! I have faith in Parcells finding diamonds in the rough. Fasano, Pennington, and Davone Bess are prime examples.

  13. He was in the CFL was because he was an undersized linebacker but has been able to put on weight since getting a shot. According to a few articles he doesn’t own a TV or internet because his sole focus has been on becoming a better player. He may still be undersized but if someone like Robert Mathis can excel then he’ll at least have a shot, especially when you consider his role in the 3-4 and his background at OLB at PSU. Oh, and here he is grabbing money off an 11’8 ceiling –

  14. “Do you recognize the names, Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Raghib Ismail & Jeff Garcia?”
    Yeah. So? Are you saying that the next QB or WR that makes the jump is going to equal one of those guys? 99.9% of those guys are in the CFL for a REASON.

  15. “I thought Vox meant douchebag but maybe that’s just a Dallas regional thing. ”
    I KNOW when I see the name “JimmySmith” that there’s a heaping helping of Packerfan dumbassery in store.

  16. Hey cletus7777…
    With 3 downs it makes football a faster pace and a little bit harder to reach first down. Who cares if there is only 8 teams in it? Regardless of the amount of teams i still think its just as exciting as NFL.
    I watch both and i find the CFL just as good and yes i know what im talking about im not just saying this cause im Canadian.
    Dont get me wrong the NFL is exciting but just cause a player comes out of the CFL does not mean he sucks. I hope he wins DROY to show you that just cause players come out of the CFL doesnt mean they suck. Example: Look at Jeff Garcia he played for my fav. team in the CFL (Calgary Stampeders) was an elite quarterback in the CFL and goes into the NFL (and yes it took a couple years) but now look at him he is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.
    You guys can think what you want about the CFL but i know what im talking about.

  17. “Yeah. So? Are you saying that the next QB or WR that makes the jump is going to equal one of those guys? 99.9% of those guys are in the CFL for a REASON.”

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