Despite a report from Tom Kowalski of that the Chiefs had refused to give the Lions permission to interview defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, permission apparently has been given.
Because Cunningham has been hired.
The Lions announced the move on Wednesday.
As we understand it, permission indeed was refused (making Kowalski’s report accurate . . . meaning that contrary to the beliefs of some we’re not ripping him), but the Chiefs have since relented.  It could mean that Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards soon will be released from the final year of his contract.

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  1. If your a Chiefs fan you have to say good riddance at this point. His defenses were awful regardless of the talent.

  2. This isn’t an unexpected move. Edwards has/had a weekly spot on sirius nfl radio and after the Cincy game he admitted he was going to release a good chunk of his defensive staff. cunningham isn’t edwards ideal choice for a DC but he relented when he came on board because the players lobbied for him. cunningham caught a lot of flack in the local media for putting dorsey straight up on the center or guard instead of having him play in one of the gaps.

  3. Herm should start considering interviewing for that Colts DC position, he’s not going to be here, and I’m pretty sure he’s well aware of that fact. The Colts may be the only people willing to offer that position…..cause in my eyes, he should stick to Dbacks. His 2-900 record, in my opinion, should seal his head coaching and coordination options shut. I’d like to see a stat on Head Coaches who’ve blown the most leads.
    Player’s coach for sure, do the players seem to play for Herm?……maybe certain young players.
    Can Herm manufacture a winning season when the team is solely his project?…….NO.
    However, the guy can speak – he should possibly consider politics instead of football.

  4. Florio – This proves that people like Jason Whitlock and you don’t know what you are talking about. Turns out the coaches were told what there job status was after all.

  5. If they have a year remaining on their contract — accept a job with another team, then the Chiefs are not responsible for their salary next year.
    I wonder if they are trying to force Herm out and get out from under his $4 mil?

  6. Schwartz and Cunningham, should give the Lions D a boost…Hopefully they get someone(another AFC coach?) as good on the otherside of the ball now..GoLions!

  7. Hopefully they hired Gunther the European pop star (Too lazy to link a youtube clip) and not Gunther Cunningham the defensive coordinator who’s time in the league passed roughly 10 years ago.
    Both wear stylish sunglasses, by the way.

  8. Herm, the worm in politics?? Please, are you joking?? I hope so! He should stick to motivating himself on that treadmill every morning instead of “playing the game to win” something he has shown he cannot do.

  9. I think this is a mistake on the part of the Lions. They had the worst defense in the NFL last year. SO they fire the coach, make a good hire in Schwartz and then he hires the DC of the 2nd worst defense in the league last year… Great move, i guess a little improvement is better than no improvement.

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