With the Redskins and the Browns laying off more a chunk of employees in recent weeks, we’re told that the San Francisco 49ers could soon be laying off employees as well.
As we hear it, only a handful of layoffs are expected in San Fran.  The Browns recently laid off 15 employees, and the Redskins released more than 20.
The theory in some circles is that the teams are using the current economic climate as justification for an effort to examine the overall operations and reduce unnecessary costs. 
Two areas of potential vulnerability are, as we understand it, web content and in-house legal counsel. 
One source tells us that the NFL could be supplying more of the content to team-specific sites.  Another source says that there’s a feeling that multiple teams will trim the number of lawyers that they directly employ.
Another area where cuts could be made is salary cap management.  With the last capped year streamlining the process of negotiating contracts (due to the unavailability of most of the gimmicks used in the past to create web space), there’s simply not as much of a need for such expertise as in past years.
And there might be zero need for capologists next year.  Absent an extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, there will be no salary cap at all in 2010.


  1. Once the idiotic players understand that without a salary cap there will also be no salary floor, the salary cap will return asap. Because pretty much only Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have that monopoly money.

  2. Basically a bunch of families are losing their jobs because they were not hired based on skill but based on relation… Sad that people who inevitably do nothing are losing their jobs.

  3. I hope to hell they figure that out. The NFL will suck majorly if the CAP is done away with. You think Jacksonville, Detroit, St Louis, Cleveland, suck now, just wait.

  4. The 30-year-old-son-of-the-owner-made-team-president is doing a heckuva job there. God Bless nepotism and greedy owners!

  5. Cutting your in-house lawyers is gonna hurt in the long run. The in house guys are on a set salary no matter how many hours they spend on a matter. Having to hire outside counsel — at billable hours — is gonna cost a lot more. But, all those law firms with associates begging for billables will be happy.

  6. The reason “nepotism” isn’t working is that none of these guys started or builtup the franchises.
    Where they did…. Some do well.
    Nfl owners are kind of insulated from failure. People keep buying tix.
    Snyder and jones won’t succeed in a cap free era. They will still meddle. Jones would hire an all star team and still lose playoff games. Not quite “all the players’ fault”.
    Of course, in frisco, people are probly begging to be laid off before the next appearance of “coach droptrou”.
    Snyder seems to have learned a little, but he still needs a qb.

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