Scott Linehan is returning to the general vicinity of his greatest professional exploits.
The NFC North.
According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Linehan will become the next offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions.
Five years ago, Linehan helped Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper put together one of the best regular seasons in league history, with a passer rating in excess of 110.  But for an even better season from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Culpepper would have been the obvious choice for MVP.
Though Culpepper and Linehan are now reunited in Detroit, the reunion might not last for long.  Culpepper is due to receive a $2.5 million roster bonus in March.
And as to anyone who might think that Culpepper’s stellar 2004 season had more to do with the presence of Randy Moss, we’ve got two responses.
First, Moss missed several games that year with a bad hamstring.  And Culpepper was nevertheless solid his absence.
Second, Megatron.

24 responses to “LINEHAN TO THE LIONS

  1. I guess that Raiders interview went swimmingly… I was kind of hoping that Scotty would have taken/been offered the gig.

  2. Darn it.
    I was almost Lions free and now it looks like they are putting together a professional staff.
    Ah, who am I kidding, they are still the Lions. Nevermind.

  3. Sweet, sounds good on paper anyway. The race is on for the Lions to win a game before the Cowboys win a playoff game.

  4. Bummer, I had high hopes that the Vikes would
    bring him in to help the horseshit play calling
    Beville and Childress conspire to.

  5. chauncey pullpecker was about a .500 qb with moss ,that damn good o-line, and other good wideouts and backs.
    without that, specifically without moss, he is like 7-20. so, it isnt just the lions.
    he blows chunks, and hiring linehan basically means detroit is keeping chauncey pullpecker. prepare to keep seeing horrible lions foobah.

  6. Linehan has yet to prove himself in the NFL. He wrecked the Rams. His coaching record is 11-25.
    The vikings had a losing record when Linehan was there(23-25). No one is believing anything special about his time with the vikings.
    The best you can say is Miami had a 9-7 record during his brief stay there.
    Some good coaches never get another chance yet this loser keeps getting recycled.
    Only the Lions could view him as a step up. The poor Lions now have a bad Offensive Coordinator.

  7. “And as to anyone who might think that Culpepper’s stellar 2004 season had more to do with the presence of Randy Moss, we’ve got two responses.
    First, Moss missed several games that year with a bad hamstring. And Culpepper was nevertheless solid his absence.”
    Yeah, and he was real solid the next year, throwing 6 solid touchdowns and 12 solid interceptions before his knee got blowed up.
    Any Vikings fan out there knows that Moss made Culpepper. Granted he hasn’t played on the best teams since, but he has never since shown the explosiveness he had from 2000 to 2004. Throw in virtually any strong armed QB in that offense and they would have succeeded in Culpepper’s place with Moss around.

  8. This guy was a mediocre offensive coordinator at best. He was a chic name for one year after a good season with the Dolphins and then he went to St. Louis and has run a good offense directly into the ground.

  9. Posted by Mike Florio
    And as to anyone who might think that Culpepper’s stellar 2004 season had more to do with the presence of Randy Moss, we’ve got two responses.
    First, Moss missed several games that year with a bad hamstring. And Culpepper was nevertheless solid his absence.
    Second, Megatron.
    uh Florio, Calvin Johnson was a frosh at Wake in ’04. so what the hell does he have to do with ’04 Culpepper???? that made absolutely no sense.
    even though you dont know how to back up your own points, i do agree. Culpepper, in my mind, would be a perennial preseason MVP candidate. Poor Don was never able to come back from tearing all three major ligaments in his knee. I hope he has a good ’09 campaign wherever he ends up.

  10. oh god. in my last comment i was going off strictly memory and yeah i was a little off but oh well i dont get paid to do this shit. and itll still be fun to read other ppls post bashing my idiocy.

  11. uh superBrowns 69, CJ went to Georgia Tech, not Wake…and Florio means he could be Pullpecker’s new Randy Moss. Hope Mangini is smarter than Browns fans.

  12. Just when I thought I was out..They pull me back in!
    Damn you Lions!!! Just when they couldn’t possibly get lower they go and hire what appears to be a solid head coach, and very promising coordinators. Now if they can just stumble on some talent…

  13. So the Lions are trying to turn things aroung by hiring the defensive coordinator of a 2-14 team and the OC from a 2-14.
    Setting our sights a little low aren’t we?

  14. Linehan turned down the Niners to bounce to the Lions? Can you say St. Louis all over again. Cunningham as the DC, I didn’t think he did such a bang up job with the Chiefs defense last year.

  15. Florio, all Culpepper’s 2004 season does is prove how worthless stats are and how much a bad QB in the NFL can hide with their legs, particularly if the team around them compensates for the QB’s failings.
    Having watched that season I wondered why teams appeared to not defend Daunte honestly. It was like they were playing as if Moss was still in the game. Regardless whether true or not, the central point is QB’s like Daunte and Randall Cunningham who hold the ball forever and need their primary receiver open or the o-line to block for 9 seconds plus to get through half their reads don’t fare well when facing great defenses. They can pull out wins against good teams in the regular season because of their legs, but if scrambling were valuable there would be a QB who won a superbowl because of his legs and the league’s best QB’s would always mirror Micheal Vick.
    Stats will tell you that the QB’s who win championships and progress in the playoffs (even recently) have negligible running yards. Guys like Daunte and Randall (and probably Joe Flacco who is Daunte Jr) who hold the ball forever, but can hide this with the run are franchise killers who win a lot in the regular season and inexplicably flame out in the playoffs.
    If you want to breakdown Daunte’s 2004 season do it right. He didn’t play many good defenses and the bad teams are the teams he racked up huge #s against. Against good defenses in 2004 Daunte scored lower than the avg scored against the good defenses. So if Daunte would have been facing good D’s he would have down right sucked even with all the tools he had. Checkout the following year when he had to face defenses that were playing honest coverages. He was horrible and had to run to get any yardage.
    Here’s a little more context for Daunte’s career:
    Gus Ferrotte put up huge numbers when Daunte was hurt with the same Vike offense, much better than Daunte’s and was offensive player of the week. Jeff George looked like he was headed to the hall of fame with the same offense that Daunte inherited and it wasn’t a bunch of meaningless stats that didn’t translate to wins. Brad Johnson had numbers as good as Cunningham’s and Daunte’s for the three games he played in 98. Everybody was blaming the Miami O line for Daunte’s failures, until Harrington was put in. It was clear after that it was Daunte holding the ball too long. Joey Freaaking Harrington!
    2004 was a bunch of meaningless stats.

  16. Cunningham ran the T2 for Herm. It was not his defense, he was just the caretaker.
    Yes he sucked for the last three years in that system, the Rams don’t have the personnel for it either.
    Lucky for Detroit, the T2 is HISTORY!
    The coaches are SAYING the right things SO FAR, they want to coach to the players strengths, not try to fit them in some pre-designed scheme.
    It still remains to be seen as to what they can really accomplish.
    Schwartz also stated that he already knows what type of O the Lions will run, so they needed someone who can coach Schwartz’s idea of O.
    And St Louis is only a couple hour flight so he can leave his family there while working in Detroit.
    I believe that’s why he turned down the Niners offer.

  17. Florio – Stop looking at box scores that say Randy Moss didn’t start and had 0 catches because it doesn’t tell the whole story.
    Randy Moss still SUITED UP and PLAYED so he didn’t miss several games.
    Here he is almost catching a TD..
    He wasn’t quite the same but that hobbled Randy Moss is better than a lot of receivers. He still got plenty of attention paid to him and was going against starting CB.
    Go back and look who the Vikings played during that stretch. Those were some of the worst defenses in the NFL save for the Giants and probably Titans.
    Randy Moss has made plenty of QBs better. And what happened to DC? Hes had how long now, and hes not even a shell of his former self.
    The fact is Daunte Culpepper isn’t good at reading defenses, he never was. He has a great arm and accuracy. His crutch was lobbing it up to Moss in the end zone when it came to short quarters passing.
    Don’t believe me? Ask Cris Carter.. He heavily implied Daunte Culpepper needed coverage cheat sheets in Minny on ESPN right before the SpyGate press conference with Goodell.
    Also if receivers don’t make him, why did you bring up Megatron? I agree that if he will have any sort of comeback it will be because of him, but didn’t you just contradict that argument?

  18. saying Culpepper was a good qb without Moss will make Cris Carter wanna shoot you.
    The O-talent on that team was so good even Linehan and Culpepper couldn’t screw it up.

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