In our ongoing effort to engage periodically in the profession known as “journalism,” we contacted Patriots spokesman Stacey James to determine whether Friday’s departure of a football-publications employee is an isolated occurrence, or whether it’s part of a second round of layoffs.
James said that the person whose employment will be ending today is actually the last remaining employee from the initial round of layoffs, which were announced in late 2008. 
James said that no other layoffs will be implemented at this time.
It’s also our understanding that, unlike layoffs conduct by for example the Redskins, the football operations in Foxborough have not been affected by the downsizing.  Instead, the layoffs came from other aspects of the overall operation of a football franchise, a stadium, and the other businesses owned by the Krafts and housed at the Gillette Stadium complex.


  1. “Anybody else sick of seeing the fat girl ads? I hope they are paying Florio well. ”
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  2. ForceFed240,
    I was thinking the same thing about that broad with the muffin top.
    In terms of the Pats operation, I’ve been a season ticket holder off and on for the last 35 years both with my dad’s tickets, as well as my own the last 15 years. Many excellent points have been made in the previous story about the fans being the last priority and treated as an annoyance at the games. All very true.
    The new stadium is indeed beautiful, state of the art, all that. However, the old stadium had a sense of community. You’d see the same guys sitting around you at all the games ($39.50 per seat for the 2001 season), as opposed to having to split up these up among many friends and family – $117 per seat tickets (to sit in the second level), because no one can afford to go to all the games anymore. The new stadium is also built so tall that crowd noise goes straight out of the stadium. It’s very quiet watching a game in there. Of course, all the luxury box pseudo fans are inside the box, when the temp drops under 50 degrees, so that doesn’t help for crowd noise either.
    The tailgating close to the stadium has become obnoxious, due to the police state atmosphere with every Mass. State Trooper on site in an angry mood and staying that way, while they make six figure salaries harrassing docile, well behaved tailgaters. Oh, did I mention paying $50 to park and deal with that crap? That’s why I park a mile away, in a private company’s non Kraft lot that wants my business, lets us save spots for late arriving buddies, and treats the tailgaters like kings. I also no longer consume any beer or concessions inside the Stadium. I won’t put another dime in the Krafts’ pockets.
    Patriot Place struggling is not a surprise, considering the way the Krafts treat their season ticket holders. Why would any of us want to go there and do further business with them? I love the team, but don’t care much for the Krafts.

  3. So what’s with the responsible journalism? Why the effort there Florio, are you trying to find something to support another theory of yours?
    Is the football-publications employee a PFW employee?
    And how many complaints have you got about the fat ads? They need to go! Can’t pull up the web page at work any more, you can see that shit from across the room.
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  4. Hmmmmmmm,
    I am starting to think Florio just does this to get the anti-patriot people to give their tiresome camera and cheating comments.
    So here they come.

  5. @rasalas . . . .
    reading comprehension skills are critical to meaningful participation in these debates.
    when it’s hard news, we say so (with words like “i know”). when it’s rumor, it’s couched as rumor. when it’s speculation, it’s couched as speculation (with words like “it’s possible that there will be others”).
    we posted the item based on the information we had last night, and we followed up on it today.
    because we’re not bound by editions and deadlines, we sometimes have stories that develop and evolve based on our information.
    and when come across subsequent information that contradicts a prior report, we say so.
    it would have been easy to simply go back and edit the earlier story.
    it would have been even easier to simply expunge it.

  6. So why didn’t you contact the Patriots before posting your original item based on an “industry source”? Just to be first — which you accuse mainstream outlets such as ESPN of doing?
    Conveniently overlooked in this post is the fact that your original report was wrong. It’s also proof that you don’t note when you were wrong, as you claim; you just post something different and move on. It’s not the same thing.

  7. @forcefed: you wuss. The real whine and cheese fans are the rednecks like you that constantly whine about how they are the only true fans and complain about the quiet stadium, the other fans, the cost of parking, food, beer and anything else that that doesnt remind them of their little caves where they can do what they want when they want. I know you miss the smell of piss in the air but its time to wake up and realize ITS BETTER!

  8. ForceFed240
    “Anybody else sick of seeing the fat girl ads? I hope they are paying Florio well.”
    A) They make the “Rockin world go round.”
    B) He needs to sponsor Goldmetal flour.

  9. Mike,
    Safe to say that “rasalas” won’t be winning the SuperBowl Party Package, huh?!!
    BTW, that’s my wife in the “before” picture….don’t know who the skinny one is……go easy on her!!!!!

  10. I hope the Krafts catch wind of the discontent from the loyal fans. I live 3500 miles from Foxborogh. I never knew any of this until now. As a diehard Pats fan on the outside looking in, I didn’t have much to celebrate until the Krafts bought the team. I hope they (the Krafts) care enough to make some changes.

  11. For those not in the Boston area, there’s one guy who calls Boston talk radio a few times a year and changes the subject to bitch about prices and his terrible treatment at the stadium. He never does say why he doesnt’ just give up the tickets, seeing as there’s a 20 year waiting list for them. If the prices were too high, no one would pay them – pretty simple. And the Krafts are super people – they do a huge amount for the community. Robert Kraft was a season ticket holder long before he owned the team, and there were no super-duper boxes back then. How many owners can say that? Boston has had some disaster owners – remember John Y. Brown and Phyllis George? Johnny was telling Red Auerbach who to sign. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Layoffs in their non-football operations make sense. My buddy and I went to CBS Scene at Gillette on Wednesday night, and were two of less than ten people at a bar meant to hold hundreds. For those outside New England who don’t know, CBS Scene is a three-story complex next to the stadium, with a CBS store on the ground level and a two-story bar/restaurant on top of it. It’s part of the Kraft’s “If you build it, they will come” effort to expand non-football revenues. I realize that this particular money pit is not run by the Pats, but it does illustrate the larger issue. In this economy, fans and non-fans alike are not going to consistently make the journey to Route 1 in Foxborough so they can pay $11 for a pizza and $18 for wings. They’re not going drop by the pro shop and buy a Wes Welker shirt for little Johhny. Nor are they going to subscribe to the team’s “Patriots Football Weekly” publication. They may even cancel their subscription. When people are paying down $300,000 mortgages on homes now worth less than $260,000, those kind of extras get left by the wayside.

  13. The NFL announced today that for financial reasons, they had to eliminate one team from the league.So they’ve decided to combine the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and form one team, causing many layoffs but saving millions of dollars in costs. They will be known as the TAMPACKS. Unfortunately, they’re only good for one period and have no second string!

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