It’s somewhat amazing to us to see that beneath mouths previously clamoring for the Chiefs to get rid of coach Herm Edwards reside hearts that now bleed for him.
Poor, pathetic Herm. He had to wait ten whole days to find out whether owner Clark Hunt and new G.M. Scott Pioli would continue to employ him.
Poor, pathetic Herm. Whose reward for three so-so seasons as head coach was $9 million.
Poor, pathetic Herm. Who will be paid $3 million not to coach the Chiefs in 2009.
That’s what everyone seems to be forgetting. Herm will make $3 million in 2009, even if he spends the rest of the year playing to win the game . . . of Scrabble at his kitchen table.
If another team wanted to interview Herm for a head-coaching vacancy, does anyone think that the Chiefs wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to save all or part of that $3 million?
If another team team wanted to interview Herm for an assistant-coaching position, does anyone think that the Chiefs would have declined permission?
And does anyone really think that Herm hasn’t been discreetly lining up possible opportunities elsewhere in the event that the Chiefs didn’t bring him back for 2009?
I realize that part of the job of journalists and columnists is to agitate. But aimlessly spraying bullets only makes it harder for the audience know when the target has been struck.
The same reasoning applies to assistant coaches that are or were twisting in the wind. If the Chiefs choose not to keep them in 2009, they still get paid.
Sometimes we can’t figure out how that same courtesy extends to some of the folks who are paid to write about football.

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  1. I thought Herm was part of the greatest day in modern Jets history. The Monday Night Miracle.
    Then, I saw a replay and it was Al Groh.
    So Herm has nothing on his resume that makes me remember him.

  2. No offense Mr. Florio, but you criticizing Joe Posnanski is like Craig Counsell criticizing Albert Pujols.

  3. The blogger on ESPN made the same point, that Herm was wronged by not being fired earlier. PA-lease.
    If anything, the Chiefs shoud be happy that Pioli took the time to evaluate the situation based on the facts rather than just make a rash judgement and can him right away.
    Seeing coaches of the caliber of Herm Edwards roam the sidelines make me thank my lucky stars that he is not the coach of my favorite team. He is terrible.

  4. Herm Edwards is now a finalist for the Gene Mauch / Don Zimmer award for the ability to find multiple high-paying head coaching jobs while having virtually no success…

  5. Trivial Pursuit is more fun to play at the table. Remember: The Moops invaded Spain centuries ago.

  6. I think the sympathy for Herm lies in the fact that he’s such a likeable human being, not that he’s an excellent, or even average coach. People can connect with him on a personal level because of his integrity. You don’t see so much heartache for coaches who are surly. Just my .02 —
    I’m indebted to the guy because even though he just took me through two of the worst Chiefs’ seasons in my lifetime, he has laid the foundation for the resurgence of the franchise. Now I’m ready for the next leader who will take us over the mountain and into the promised land.

  7. Herm get a lot of milage out of being a great guy and a so-so coach. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy, but what has he done to gets gigs?

  8. I totally agree with this. I read an article by Florio’s boy Paul Domowitch (sp?) where he echoed these sentiments before he got fired. Said something like leaving him flapping in the wind… I would think that a new GM should be able to take stock of what he has, look at whats out there and decide whether to keep the status quo or waiting until the following year.

  9. Players seem to love Herm, but he hasn’t done much as an NFL head coach. His teams, especially in New York, underperformed.
    Moreover, as a game manager, he’s terrible. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched him bungle the last two minutes at half time and game end.

  10. You call that, “three so-so seasons?” The NFLN calls it the 3 worst season (win percentage) in the history of the Chiefs.

  11. As A Black man (I know it shouldnt matter but it does), I will loudly say HER EDWARDS HAS ALWAYS SUCKED AS A HEAD COACH! The end.

  12. Bradtorr, so basically he’s Dick Jaroun? Woohooo I love my Bills!!! Too bad Ralph is such a cheap bastard that he won’t fire a coach.

  13. mort says green bay will interview him for the defensive backs postion, adam shcefter says nothing yet , so stay tuned.

  14. “I realize that part of the job of journalists and columnists is to agitate. But aimlessly spraying bullets only makes it harder for the audience know when the target has been struck.”
    Is there any wonder why major news organizations (print, television, and radio for regular and sports) are referred to as “The Drive-By Media”?

  15. I think the Chiefs were fairly considerate in their disposal of the man who destroyed the franchise. In three years Herm successfully took the team from playoffs to bottom feeders. The only decent thing they’re left with is an offense that he didn’t develop. The defense was terrible when he got there and worse when he left. He failed at every aspect of his job and the accusation that the organization left him “twisting” is absurd. Oh, I’m sorry, you went 2-14, you didn’t know you were gonna be fired? Build on that you overrated jackass. I’m very happy the Chiefs gave up the pick that resulted in Leon Washington for you. You’re awesome.

  16. icase81 says:
    January 24th, 2009 at 11:27 am
    Why are coaches contracts guaranteed and player contracts are not?
    probably becuase your top coaches make the same amount as kyle boller

  17. When Herm left the Jets to coach KC, it was clear KC go into rebuilding mode. KC got hot at the end of his first year and made the playoffs, but everyone saw that KC was old in all the wrong places (namely the offensive line). Fast forward, and you’ll find that two HOF-potential candidates had retired (Will Shields and Willie Roaf), plus they traded away their best defender (Jared Allen).
    So, with all of the rookies they’ve started over the last two years, it’s clear KC has been in rebuilding mode for the last two years. The “unfairness” factor lies in the fact that Herm was expected to win games with THAT roster.
    Is it actually fair? Probably not. But that’s the NFL…

  18. “Mike Florio says:
    I realize that part of the job of journalists and columnists is to agitate. But aimlessly spraying bullets only makes it harder for the audience know when the target has been struck.”
    Can we expect this to apply to PFT as well or did you leave out ‘bloggers’ on purpose?
    What’s the difference between journalists and columnists aimlessly spraying bullets and ‘bloggers’ blindly throwing shit up against the wall?
    Just wondering…

  19. im gonna shed tears for herm because the raiders won their most games against the chiefs in the last 6 seasons when herm edwards was the coach. too bad hes gone!!!!

  20. If Herm were smart he would become the Bucs’ DB coach, everybody knows that coaching Buc DBs is the fast track to becoming a head coach… Edwards in 01, Tomlin in 07, and Morris in 08… all were previously employed as Buc DB coaches.

  21. I don’t know…GM fired shortly after the season ends…bad record during the season…no success during your time threr in KC…
    Herm should have cleared his office out after Peterson was fired, knowing that the next guy (Pioli) would want to hire his own HC. He should have seen the writing on the wall…guess he was myopic or something…

  22. Wow 3 million dollars for a guy whose abilities should be
    more in line with a position coach in the NFL. Great job
    Herm you over achieved regarding the amount of money you
    were paid. We should all be so lucky.

  23. …Aimlessly spray bullets like this site? You reported the whole everyone got fired in Carolina for a week than you post up somethign about how it wasn’t his influence that got coaches fired. Than wrote like it was just some asshole off the steets spreading those rumors.
    Bloggers…all the same thing in the end of the day

  24. Well, the chiefs did get old and carl didn’t really replenish them.
    But herm is the last coach, and kaycee the last team… To succumb to the lions.
    If they wanted to win more they should have started huard more. And opened the offense up.
    Herm always runs a crappy unimaginative offense.

  25. I think Herm is a great guy but….
    He is the worst clock & game manager as a coach that I have seen in 35 years of watching football.

  26. naw, that (aimless spraying of bullets) only happens near marv’s bar in philly. or michael vick’s farm. or anywhere near punkman jones.
    in all fairness to their recent 15-33 run (2006-08), the chiefs went 11-33 from 1976-78 (part of a 21-51 run from 74-78). but they had been declining almost yearly since their 1969 super bowl victory (actually since the 68 post season) and all their stars of their 1960-73 run were slowly retiring. and the broncos were taking their place.
    now, their division is pretty crappy and no one has really taken their place. so, in that respect, herm’s performance is worse than the chiefs’ coaches of 74-78. at least they had real competition.

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