When a league source recently predicted that “wild sh-t” could be happening in Dallas, the source had no idea how right he was.
Our pal Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline.com has pointed out to us a rap apparently featuring Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett.
It needs to be seen and heard to be truly appreciated. But it contains salty language, so put the kids in bed before viewing it.
As you might imagine, there are only so many words that rhyme with “Romo.”


  1. Dude, it sucks…and Martellus, you idiot Aggie, that will be $25G’s for unauthorized use of the Logo…

  2. what is this guy 14 years old? words cannot describe the embarrassment of that. but i am sure within days , jethro jones will spin it…”boys will be boys”, and he’s got that right, cause those two aren’t freakin adults.

  3. Let’s give credit where credit’s due. In 2009, this likely is indeed what it means to be “America’s Team”.

  4. What a piece of trash. Does anyone else find it hilarious that he is sweating all over a team autographed helmet. AT LEAST HE KNOWS HOW MUCH THAT HELMET IS WORTH!!!!

  5. I googled him like he told me and all I came up with was 20 rec for 283 yds? Brent Celek had more than that in the PLAYOFFS!

  6. Hey, rook, perfect time to be talking sh!t about guns.
    Obviously you can drop bombs like you drop passes. Next time how about you freestyle about sh!t you have actually accomplished.
    BTW – you were the Potsy of Hard Knocks. So, I guess your place as the chickenhead of the ‘Boys is true.

  7. In meager times like these, there really is nothing like hearing backup, rookie Tight Ends talk about how much money they have.

  8. If Joe Six Pack’s comment is anyway related to that retard plumber, the angry old man, or that horrible uneducated wench, please do what they did. Lose and then go away and be forgotten.

  9. What an idiot. I would say, “so much for Martellus Bennett’s career in Dallas,” but then again this is the team that keeps employing T.O., and until recently was the only team willing to give Pacman Jones a paycheck. Who knows, maybe now they’ll cut Witten and make this joker the starting tight end. How ’bout them Cowboys?

  10. Unfortunetly I listened to the whole thing. One thing that seemed lacking was the lack of mentioning Hoe’s and Bitches. I thought that was standard for freestyle “rap”. Not even a shout out to his “babiesmomma”.
    Sadly this isn’t the only jackass on the Crackboys so they truely are “America’s Team”. Sad…

  11. Question; So is the entire Cowboys roster filled with dumbasses?
    Martellus Bennett; Yep, watch this.

  12. To JoeSixPack,
    That was pretty damn racist. I’m surprised it made it through.
    Enjoy drinking yourself to oblivion while, the rest of us move on as a nation.

  13. I am sure Jerry is estatic to see this kind of stuff coming from his beloved team, specially the fact that dude actually wears the Cowboys helmet! Classic! Even though his rap was weak.

  14. Lesson learned from that waste of bandwidth:
    Has to be seen to be appreciated does not equal – Has to be seen.

  15. My god, they used the “N” word more often than an episode of “The Boondocks” I wonder what our new President would think of that?
    Really, there’s nothing in this world quite like unbridled immaturity!

  16. so i only made it in about 30 seconds…what a waste of life and electronics.
    good luck with this guy dallas….

  17. This young man seems like a real intelligent, humble, respectful, intelligent, appreciative, humble guy to me. But if I had to pick one personality trait that stands out, obviously you can tell by the video that it would be his amazing intelligence. Or his humility and appreciation.
    When I see things like this nice young man singing his cute little song, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would stereotype people. I mean, he seems just like a normal guy to me. I’m sure you can find similar behavior at any corporation’s Board of Directors meetings.
    I just don’t get it, what’s the big deal?

  18. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Boys aint won a playoff game
    Since nineteen ninety two
    Not bad for a white boy, huh?

  19. wow, this is sad.
    It’s amazing how far we have come as a people.
    We try and try to unite with the rest of America and we still got FOOLS who get money and still act like FOOLS.
    I came from the hood and I rep the hood til I die. But, I will give my life for a white, asian, latino, etc just as much as I would for my black brothers. But, its sad that the sentiments are shared by others. This shows a lack of respect for the people that put him in the situation he is in and those who he left.
    I also bet $20 he’s going to be joining Pacman in the unemployment line.

  20. WOWEE… Dallas is gonna love this one.. That place is a melt down factory.. Aikman is a class guy and presented the organization well – he’s got to be embarassed by this trainwreck… Worst part, Irvin will defend Bennett and Emmit will just say he Debacled the song..

  21. If anyone criticized Martellus, Jerry will be like, “That was my idea. I directed that video.” and it’ll be about as effective as his claim that he was the one that was late for those chartered flights.

  22. Yo, Yo, Hey marty B. u aint that good anyways, u prolly playin with ur boys dingaling everyday. You play tightend but ur end aint tight. Thats prolly why u and ur boy get into catfights. Ur a 2nd round pick soon u will get busted for smoking grass, thats prolly why they call u the iron chef of pounding man ass.
    Peace homey

  23. “Marty B the shit, is a little kids hero.” Oh how your grandmama would be so proud.
    To his credit, the trainers said that the helmet must stay on at all times when performing hazardous tasks.

  24. This makes me sick as a lifelong Cowboys fan. RIP Coach Landry, this is what it’s come to in Dallas under Jerry Jones.

  25. That was…AWESOME!!! Folks, sometimes you just have to enjoy the entertainment that the morons of the world provide you.

  26. Two more Dallas Cowboy TURDs for the Tidy Bowl Man (Jerry Jones) to wipe after. Mommas don;t let your babies grow up to be cow turds!!

  27. Yo yo yo….my name is Martellus,
    my bitch is Vox Veritas,
    he’s out washin’ my ride,
    ’cause I likes to be stlyin’-us
    He be runnin’ all my erands,
    doin’ all my laundry,
    cleanin’ all my shit,
    while I sit and drink fohties
    I’m rockin’ out from home,
    rhymin’ to my mix,
    got nothin’ else to do,
    cause we lost fohty-fo’ to six!

  28. For those of us that don’t speak ghetto, what was he “rapping” about? I couldn’t understand one word he said.

  29. I just hope he isn’t late with my pizza when he’s delivering it five years from now. I’m not tipping if that sh*t’s cold!

  30. Did that really just happen? Im completely blown away. Personally I hope they get him to rap the Star Spangled Banner at the SuperBowl.
    Wow, I hope Matt Ryan comes out with a rap like this too.
    “Intials are M.R
    but they call me Matty Ice
    I dont use swear words
    so my Rhymes are really nice
    I practice really hard
    and work on my game
    got no street cred
    so they think im kinda lame
    I dont use guns
    and I dont fight dogs
    I dont smash into buicks
    from riding on my hog
    I dont make stupid videos
    for the whole world to see
    which is why ill make more money
    with commercials on TV

  31. 44-6-andthenRomofainted says
    have fun with your socialist president.dont let your blind liberal hate stop you from seeing what he really is.

  32. Maybe I’m just to white for this, but I could not understand WTF they were saying. Sounded horrible anyway.

  33. i know that clown didnt bring up up brent celek are you kidding me i just love the way the cowboys constantly get bashed. to all the eagle fans your team choked once again and i guarantee we’ll win our 6th title before you win your 1st

  34. ok first this is to everyone who bitches at someone for being a racist for commenting about someone elses comment whom they thought were racist, u know if a white player had done something as dumb there would be 100 comments saying wow look at this white boy or what ever type of vernacular u would prefer to use. but the fact here is that white black hispanic or asian when you are suppose to be a “professional” you are not supposed to do these idiotic things. playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right and openly admitting about ur guns when everything that has gone done lately with plax and everything else thats not something you should be openly admitting like that if he played for any other team he would be cut and should be cut then he go make all the rap songs and videos he wants hell if he gets cut he could already be on to his first hit tittle ‘I HAD MONEY”

  35. Paper bag over this fans head. The hits just keep coming. Here is what I want Florio. You start in West Virginia, Runn Full blast to Texas, and kick me square in the balls please. This is just one embarrassment after another.

  36. I didn’t bother to watch, but I gotta tell ya, I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. 44-6, ACDC, you guys are killin’ me! East 96th St. Funny shit!

  37. This just in… from an unamed source…
    Martellus Bennett has been added to the roster of potential wanna be football players that will try out for the Dallas Cowboys on the ‘as yet un-named’ reality show.
    Michael Irvin – the host of the new reality show said that “Martellus got[s] a 90% to 70% chance of winning it all and may one day actually become a [football] player.”

  38. We picked Anthony Fasano with a second in 06, traded him and a starting LB for a 4th in 08 and picked a TE(this douche) in the second of the same year. Nice GMing Jerry.

  39. I couldn’t understand a single word these animals were “singing”. But then again, all I speak is English.

  40. Martellus Bennett is the wordsmith of our generation. I was moved to tears by the pure poetry spilling out of my laptop’s speakers. Amazing, simply amazing.

  41. 44-6-andthenRomofainted says
    have fun with your socialist president.dont let your blind liberal hate stop you from seeing what he really is.
    Come on its pretty funny when you get called out for being a Harvey Dent.

  42. Man, you’d think he shot himself (Burress), beat his woman (J. Harrison) got busted smuggling narcotics (Kaczur), shot somebody else (M. Harrison), got busted selling narcotics (Jolly), forgot the rules (McNabb) or ran somebody down with his car (Lynch).
    He made a crappy rap video on a webcam and gets this kind of response?

  43. “I googled him like he told me and all I came up with was 20 rec for 283 yds?”
    I’m sure that life’s hard when you’re playing behind the best TE in the NFL. Celek and Smith may not be in the top 4 TEs in the division. Neither could start for any other NFCE team.

  44. Someone needs to call Ricky Watters to do an intervention. If it were possible, I think the Casio would have thrown up during that act. It’s not “wild shit” happening in Dallas. It’s just the regular kind.

  45. Just proving my point that Jerry Jones needs to step down as GM. We can’t win with these idiots. It’ll be another 11 years until we win a playoff game. Christ…

  46. Bennett can’t start anywhere.
    Rap is not music and has no redeeming social value.
    Step 2 for jones (out of 12) – cut this maroon.

  47. VOX: I’m sure that life’s hard when you’re playing behind the best TE in the NFL. Celek and Smith may not be in the top 4 TEs in the division. Neither could start for any other NFCE team.
    You are truly amazing. You will defend anything and use it as a weapon against the Eagles. Funny. Were you on your knees holding that camera? How did you get to the locker room from Topeka?

  48. homebruer says:
    “44-6-andthenRomofainted says
    have fun with your socialist president.dont let your blind liberal hate stop you from seeing what he really is.”
    When Bush nationalized the banks, HE made us into a socialist country. Don’t let your myopic conservative rage blind you to what was already done.

  49. From his Wikapedia page:
    “During an interview at the NFL Combine, when asked about his interest in both basketball and football, he responded: “Football is my wife and basketball is my mistress”.”
    Apparently, rap is his dirty little ho.

  50. And VOX manages to not only defend the complete trash that his team is and also take a shot at the Eagles who embarrassed his Boys while knocking their sorry asses out of the playoffs and saying Celek couldn’t start on any other NFC East team. Gee if Celek couldn’t start on any other team, what does that say about your defense who got a 44 piece dropped on them? I thought even Vox would be embarrassed by that joke of a team and this latest development. But no, even he has to chime in and defend “Americas laughing stock”…hahaha..Have fun continuing to not win a playoff game and spending ridiculous salaries and draft picks on over rated players and thugs. Celek had a better playoff performance than Bennet AND Ro Wiliiams entire season with the Pies. Lmao….

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