As previously reported by Scout.com’s Adam Caplan, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been named the 2008 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year.
Flacco and the other finalists attended a press conference at the Tampa Convention Center on Thursday afternoon, where the award was presented.
The winner was determined exclusively by fan voting via NFL.com and Sprint wireless service from January 2 through January 27.
Specifically, fans cast more than 1,002,500 votes, more than double the 2007 total of 440,000.
Flacco, the first rookie quarterback in league history to win two playoff games, recognized that the three January games in which he played helped his cause. “The playoff run helped,” Flacco told a group of reporters after the press conference. “It shows what getting playoff experience can do for you.”
He acknowledged that his football career likely wouldn’t have unfolded in the manner that it has if he hadn’t transferred from Pitt to Delaware. “That’s why I did what I did,” he said of the transfer.
But as to rumors we’ve heard in the past that Pitt wanted to move him to tight end, Flacco said that the school never made such a request of him.
Flacco also said he had an inkling he might win, based on the extent to which the league was encouraging his agent, Joe Linta, to ensure that Flacco attended the event.
In a general question-and-answer session after Flacco received the award, he and the other finalists gave their picks for the Super Bowl.
Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan picked the Steelers.
Texans running back Steve Slaton agreed, as did Titans running back Chris Johnson.
Bears running back Matt Forte also picked the Steelers.
Flacco, the last guy to make a pick, agreed — but for a different reason. Flacco said he heard Warren Sapp of NFLN pick the Steelers because he wants the Cardinals to win.
So Flacco chose the Steelers for the same reason; he said he wants the Cardinals to win.


  1. I’m confused – did he win the real award or did he won some other award?
    For some reason, with so many awards this feels like Championship belts in boxing.

  2. His stats were similar to those of Worthlessberger’s in Jen’s fifth season (this year), and Flacco was only a rook. Joe is going to be a stud.

  3. The problem with comparing his stats with Roethlisberger is that Roethlisberger had a bad season. I will agree with you that Flacco may be good in the future but there are also a lot of Qb’s that looked like they may be good as only to regress. Baltimore won with defense. Pittsburgh wins with defense but not quite to the extent the Ravens do. Time will tell with Flacco.

  4. “Flacco, the first rookie quarterback in league history to win two playoff games…”
    You should say “the first rookie quarterback to be on a team that won two playoff games.” Flacco himself didn’t win those games and I’m sure there’s 52 other guys on that team that would like some credit. I never have seen a guy get so much hype for what he didn’t do (throw ints) instead of what he did do (played below average in the playoffs with his team winning two games despite his poor play). Seriously… is this guy going to Canton because he went two games without a pick? Everybody is getting a hard-on over all that, which is hilarious… 4 PFT posts about this award the past few days… yep.

  5. Congrats Joe!!! We are proud!!! Future Hall of Famer!!
    Thanks to all of you Steeler fans who voted for him!!

  6. BostonAtlanta says:
    January 29th, 2009 at 9:56 pm
    Matt Ryan is still better than Flacco.
    Hell yeah he is better. And he did more with a franchise that was pretty much in ruins, where as flacco had command of a franchise that only 2 years earlier went like what? 13-3? and won the division! Falcons have been bad for a while here.

  7. If Matt Ryan had the field position that Flacco’s D gave him he’d have 30 TDs, an undefeated season and a Lombardi in Arthur Blank’s trophy case.
    Matt Ryan is Coke, the real thing. Joe Flacco is, well, Diet Pepsi. Enough said.

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