With Kurt Warner a little more than three hours away from starting his third Super Bowl, details about what he could be looking for in free agency continue to emerge.
According to NFL Network’s Adam Schefter, Warner wants a two-year deal worth about $9 million per year.
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen also reported today that Warner wants two years.
Of course, as Aaron Wilson pointed out earlier, Warner hasn’t even decided whether he wants to play anywhere next season.
Meanwhile, rumors that Warner’s offensive coordinator Todd Haley is heading to Kansas City continue to swirl.
According to Mortensen, while Haley has not been allowed to interview with the Chiefs yet, he spent a significant time on the phone during the week trying to get a coaching staff in place.


  1. Seems to me the NFL has become just another occupation where you try and screw everyone you can, make sure you get all you can, for as long as you can, no matter what it does to affect the product and above all…if you have any doubt, lie.
    For the fans sake, could we please get past the actual game before qwe start trying to talk about whos going where for more money?

  2. Vikes. Give the man his money. I doubt he’d want to leave Arizona though, and who’d blame him. I’m sure any QB, with the exception of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, would love to have Boldin and Fitzgerald to throw to.

  3. Good luck with that, Kurt. The only aging QB who could get a deal like that is the Most Unhonorable Lord Favre.

  4. Did God tell him to ask for $9 million for 2 years? I thought it was in His hands? I’m confused.

  5. Haley hasn’t proved anything, other than Fitz can catch everything thrown his way. Chiefs would be blowing it with other, better qualified coaches out there.

  6. Warner to Detroit? Could be a good bandaid if they want to phase in a young QB ovet he next couple seasons.

  7. i bet zygi would toss aother 18 mil into the pool of perennial underachievers know as the MN vikings. might help…

  8. I realize it’s just a sidenote of the post, but I find it funny that Haley’s been blowing up the phone lines getting a coaching staff together… wonder how much more of that time could have been spent on the game plan and disecting the steeler’s blitz schemes. Apparently it’s not that important.

  9. I think that (18 mil over two years) would be fair to both sides)
    Ariz, Minn, some team outta pony that up to get Warner in place.
    The Vikes could have 2 more years on their 25 year plan to get a starting QB.

  10. actually, almost anyone is a step up from herm. with that team they need to play balls out offense.
    meanwhile, hermish offenses keep the balls locked up under double secret probation.

  11. You get Jesus and Warner for 9 mil per? Sounds like a good deal. Provided Jesus comes through tonight as a gesture of good will.

  12. well the wife always tells me jesus saves.
    then i ask where he shops.
    i see kurt playin 2 more years. the cards cant afford him, boldin and fitz so i see them trading boldin.

  13. How much is God’s cut?
    This guy has no integrity. Look at players with class and follow their lead, jerk. Look at Edge and McNabb.
    And, nice pick for a TD… Maybe God is a Pittsburg fan Kurt?

  14. if i had 18 million dollars lying around, id pay the man just to shut the hell up. his good natured “christian act” is just a ploy. we all know you have skeletons in your closet kurt. quit acting like you are this holier than thou preacher. i’d hate to see those skeletons. his wife is BAD enough.

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