Pittsburgh Steelers speedy wide receiver Santonio Holmes, the newly-minted Super Bowl XLIII MVP, might want to brush up on his knowledge of NFL history during the offseason, especially learning about the late, legendary former Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.
According to the New York Daily News, Holmes twice referred to the man for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after as “Dicky Lombardi,” during a ceremony this morning.
Maybe Holmes had Lombardi mixed up “Dicky Moltisanti,” the father of “The Sopranos” character Christopher Moltisanti.
The NFL changed Holmes’ words in the official transcript, according to Daily News beat writer Rich Cimini, to the “sticky Lombardi” Trophy.
Cimini raises the point that the league might not be so thrilled that the MVP award was claimed by “a guy who admitted last week that he sold drugs as a teenager, a guy who was arrested for marijuana possession in October and a guy with two previous arrests.”
In fairness, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell looked appropriately enthusiastic and welcoming toward Holmes this morning to me.
All I want to know is who’s this Dicky Lombardi guy? Any ideas from the chorus?

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  1. I think Dicky Lombardi played drums on Spinal Tap’s ‘Shark Sandwich’ lp… not sure though… I’ll check wikipedia.

  2. Maybe Santonio is good friends with the Lombardi family and it was a nickname that was seldom used in public?

  3. All I want to know is who’s this Dicky Lombardi guy? Any ideas from the chorus?
    He’s the offspring of Vince Lombardi and former Packer QB Lynn Dickey.

  4. Holmes is a dumbass, but then again, the landscape of the league is more “ghetto thug” than “all-American boy.” Has been for a long time. Makes me enjoy hockey that much more.

  5. When Lenny Wilkins was coaching the Hawks, a reporter was talking to a player at a practice, and mentioned Lenny being a great player. The young player said to Lenny “Coach, you played in the NBA?”
    Young players don’t know the history of the game like fans do, and they don’t care.

  6. All I want to say is that if he spent Superbowl night watching a movie with his kids, he’s OK in my book.

  7. i need a puff of what santonio is blazin on. what a week for cannabis lovers. a pot head is not only a superbowl mvp, but a pot head is the best olympian of all time.
    im the type of guy who knows marijuana isnt for everyone and thats cool. but a change needs to be made regarding its use. its just great to see that these 2 guys like to get toasted once every blue moon.

  8. Dicky Lombardi?
    Aw C’mon!
    Everybody knows he was one of the Sweat Hogs
    in “Welcome Back Kotter”.

  9. Not only is Santana Holmes a good receiver he plays a mean guitar
    Oops my bad I mean Larry Holmes most football players that try fighting do so after their football careers are over

  10. Do yourself a favour Aaron, just report the stories, leave the ‘comedy’ for funny people. Your ruining a site Florio’s worked hard at.

  11. That was the street name of his supplier back in the day… and most recently.
    Also might have something to do with the porn feed some AZ residents saw during the game…

  12. Meh, leave the kid alone. He just made one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history, and then spent the rest of the night with his daughter and other family.
    We’ve all made mistakes. It’s not like he’s Pacman or Bam Morris.

  13. Another explaination could be he confused Lynn Dickey and Vince Lombardi and just decided to combine the two to cover all bases

  14. News flash, this is a blog site that almost automatically generates responses from its readers; you don’t have to continually ask us for ideas.

  15. You know, Dicky Lombardi. Vince’s cousin. The one selling fur coats out da back of a truck behind the butcher shop on fifth? He was a friend of that guy from the place? You remember now?

  16. and did anyone else catch that holmes said on the podium after the game when asked how he felt after Fitz scored the fourth quarter go ahead touchdown, “I knew the defense would get us the ball back”…….. did anyone else notice this?

  17. I want to know who the 16 sportswriters & commentators were who voted for Holmes over Roethlisberger?

  18. He did say “sticky”.
    It’s a term meant to describe the best lets say “green”(not money…see what he was suspended for) ever. It can be used to described to aim towards anything else (especially females).
    I like to see blatant references to drug use on national use. What you expect? He sold the stuff!

  19. I find it hilarious, coming from a guy who mouthed off on NFL Network after the game that the Cardinals “disrespected” him for playing a rookie against him — a rookie who happens to be their starting corner and #1 draft choice. He came across as a thuggish idiot. It just reminds us that the ability to run and catch a pointy-shaped ball does not translate into making that person worthy of praise for anything else.

  20. Hey Aaron, excuse me if I discount your words and sour grapes since you are the beat writer for the Ravens and a known Steelers hater.

  21. He is the Bizzaro, older version, of Vince… See back in 1942 there was a Coach named Richard “Dick” lombardi.. He apparently had the knowledge of football but never the right team… He retired after 4.5 horrible seasons with a 4-22 record… All 4 wins were the last of the last game of the season…

  22. According to Kurt Warner, Dicky Lombardi is the guy that filmed the Cardinals Super Bowl practices. Because we all know that the only way to beat Kurt Warner in a Super Bowl is to cheat. Right Kurt????

  23. Why am I not surprised? Illiteracy, now amongst the wealthy, is rampant. The correct answer, when you’re wrong, when you don’t know, is now, “whatever!”.
    Are you gonna tell me that Anquan Bouldin’s mom actually didn’t mean “Antoine”?

  24. Alright so someone tell me why weed is so bad if the NFL SUPERBOWL MVP uses, as well as 14-Time Olympic GOLD Medal Winner Michael Phelps.. apparently it doesnt effect to much on performance

  25. Holmes is an idiot, plain and simple. Here’s a quick history lesson, Vince Lombardi won the first two Superbowls without the help of the refs which is more than you can say about the Steelers.
    Enjoy the win, thank all ref’s and then just go away.

  26. The real “MVP” of the Super Bowl was OLB James Harrison. His INT at the goal-line and 100 yard return for a TD prevented Arizona from either going ahead or kicking at tying field goal at half-time. Big difference between 10-10 or 10-14 and 17-7. Harrison was also instrumental in getting pressure on Warner.

  27. Anybody else notice the reference to “Dicky” Lombardi Trophy and hundreds of grown sweaty men kissing and stroking it.

  28. After Last night I would say thats the new nickname for Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dicky “LOMBARDI” LeBeau.

  29. You know Dicky Lombardi. He use to sling that junk down there on the corner with Santonio. They called him D.

  30. Perhaps Mr Lombardi has a Milton Berle sized appendage that is only known or spoken of in NFL circles.

  31. “empty13 says:
    February 2nd, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    santurdio makes emmitt look like a mangenius. ”
    *Although still better than a mangina

  32. OK – that wasn’t Holmes’ finest moment. On the other hand I thought it was very classy of him to credit Tom Brady’s injury for making his dreams of a Super Bowl MVP a reality.

  33. Anyone who blames the refs for the Cardinals is a complete and total moron that doesn’t know a thing about football, and I don’t care how may websites you read each day. As you haters go to bed each night for the next year, until you watch your next football game, take these words with you as your comfort….6 TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS

  34. The “Sticky Lombardi” trophy still beats Florio’s “Sticky Salisbury”
    The trophy is a cell phone painted white (for obvious reasons) and
    is presented to PFT’s highest (internally) rated pro-patriot
    At this moment, Jay Glazer tells me the leaser is Peg Bundycheck from
    Woonsocket, RI.

  35. Very few people outside of the trailer park called Green Bay know that he was actually called Vinny “Bag of Doughnuts” Lombardi.
    Dicky was just the kid who brought the drinks to the coaches at the old Moose Knuckle lounge.
    Those were the good old days before Green Bay got all yuppie and built a Applebee’s

  36. YOYO:
    Spontaneously burst into unprovoked bouts of rage over an unrelated topic much??? Wipe the foam from your mouth, you weirdo, no one said ANYTHING about refs.
    ….Someone’s got a guilty conscience.

  37. hell, the dude went to THE university of ohio state, so what are you expecting, a rhodes scholar?

  38. Is this for real???…And just who does he think the President of the United States is…Cloris Leachman…Gezus, “Smarter than a 5th grader?”…Nope!

  39. Santonio “One toke over the line-two feet in bounds” Holmes. Maybe he should be appointed to a cabinet position for the Department of Agriculture. This dude is smoking way to much weed.

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