Since Eric Mangini took over as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, he hasn’t exactly been a beacon of sunshine around the office, the Canton Repository reports.
According to the article, a Browns insider described “the atmosphere at headquarters is, to put it mildly, miserable. New Head Coach Eric Mangini is running the place like Napoleon.”
Repository columnist Todd Porter said that Mangini is already alienating players.
At a public function attended by Mangini and Pro Bowl nose guard Shaun Rogers, Rogers said he hadn’t met the coach and hoped to do so that evening. Then, Mangini reportedly walked past Rogers without speaking.
Maybe it was Rogers’ cologne? Just kidding.
Porter also took a shot at new General Manager George Kokinis and the entire regime, writing, “If you want to know what kind of flavor new GM George Kokinis has when talking to the media, stick a piece of notebook paper in your mouth and chew on it for a half hour. I give Mangini and Kokinis no more than three years before Lerner has sold the team. That’s right. Lerner will sell the team before he hires another head coach.”
Another much more favorable portrait of Mangini was painted by the Akron Beacon-Journal, chronicling his charity work, all-state high school football days, his time as a hard-working public relations assistant and ballboy for the Browns before breaking into coaching under Bill Belichick, strong family ties and self-deprecating sense of humor.
”He has another side,” Graham Martin, Mangini’s football coach at Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Conn., told the Beacon-Journal. ”You have to have a fine balance when you’re working with people, be tough but give a little love and understanding. I believe Eric is one of those people, and it’s behind his success.”


  1. This is why Mangini should have taken a year off. He did not have time to reflect on his mistakes in NY. You need to have players respect you, not be fearful of you. Tom Coughlin learned that and he had success. But really who cares it is the Cleveland Browns. Without the Browns who would the other teams in the AFC laugh at during the season?

  2. Porter ignores the interview from ESPN 850 with Josh Cribbs where he said he talked to Mangini and can’t wait to get on the field and be used in many different ways…including Safety.
    The Cleveland media is angry that the people fired were many of their sources for their stories, and those leaks have been plugged. Grossi, Livingston, Shaw, McManaman and Porter want to tear this thing apart before it even gets off the ground. The only guy who uses any real common sense analyzing why this regime was picked is Terry Pluto.
    Why is there no news to report? BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEWS TO REPORT. There won’t be news until FA hits because the coaching staff and front office is hard at work on that currently.
    Good for the Browns, as far as I see it. Don’t become a media fiasco like under Savage where every little thing got out.

  3. Well, if the atmosphere is ‘miserable’ by comparison to what it was before, then it must be a good thing since with a ‘good’ atmosphere the Browns were not.

  4. love it, where is all the randi lerner apologists when you need them? 3 and done! ha ha, good job randi, you did the impossible you make brown fans long for the days of art moe-dell!!!!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, with a little, HAHAHAHAHA and a side of, HAHAHAHAHA.
    Brownies are a joke! GOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How can anyone possibly make an assessment of Mangini at this point? Isn’t it a little early?

  7. It would suck to live in Cleveland, as it appears they are all idiots. You hire a head coach that thas a winning record 2 out of three years and you bitch because he’s not nice. Hey, Romeo was nice and he’s unemployed, want him back instead? The rest of the nation is laughing at you.

  8. what would you think would happen – he’s a RAT!
    all the guys in the dog pound are all pissed off to because they have to trade in there uniforms and dressed up like goofy Chuckie Cheese. The new look for the “RAT PACK”.

  9. Browns atmosphere is miserable? That’s what a stink’in overweight rat fink will do to ya. He’s a downer.Browns think their miserable now…just wait till the season starts, miserable will opnly be something they will wish for.

  10. I think that it is great news; someone needs to ruffle some feathers over there.
    One might debate that the biggest issue in Cleveland is a “staff” infection…

  11. Well the Cleveland Browns, fans and media ran Bill Belichick,
    the best Coach/G.M. in the NFL out of town….so why stop now!

  12. as i said from day one of this hire, the browns will be looking for a new coach soon. mangini is a terrible hire, they should have gone for youth like moss or frazier. when this hire came, spag’s, and mcdaniels were available….both have more potential. if anything they should have retain romeo.

  13. Todd Porter??? the Canton Repository ???
    cmon noooow. The Canton Reopsitory to Cleveland is like The Eastlake Gazette to Cleveland.. irrelevant . Todd Porter is a doosh trust me who has no sense of what goes on in Berea period The Canton Repository?? sorry never heard of ya and you are considered a joke.. Dont listen to Florio Browns fans….
    “I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ and Eric Mangini.” Rodney Harrison S NE
    There was a line of Jets Players out the door of Mangini’s office the day he was let go.
    Leon Washington, Jay Feely, Ive heard with my own ears praise Mangini (IM sure there is more )
    Thomas Jones came out and said it Why fire Mangini? Favre’s the problem.
    “There was a lot of resentment in the room about him. He never socialized with us, never went to dinner with anyone,” the player told Newsday. This veteran Jets player was talking about Favre not Eric.
    Eric didnt want Favre..Favre the pre-madonna cost Jets players a chance and Jet Fan a year. not mangini.
    Where are these Jets players that didnt like Mangini????
    Why would Rodney Harrison hold Mangini in such regard???
    Should Browns players be babied no longer????
    Randy got a “parcells-type” in Ernie Arcosi to overlook these hirings. Florio wont mention that often because he is too busy searching suburb to suburb for any negative Browns blurb.
    Have Faith and dont hold stock in Florio’s-Browns-Bashing drivel
    and i dont have to tell not to read The Canton Repository because you dont and dont know who the hell this Todd Porter guy is anyway.
    what a joke PFT.

  14. Cleveland Browns fans, Welcome to the Ratgini era.Three more yeats of futility. You have a great franchise and the future does not look bright.

  15. Almost all of the Cleveland media has been doing everything in their power to knock the new staff. Mangini releases all his information through ESPN’s Steven Smith and they fired all the local media’s “sources”. Of course they’re going to paint an ugly picture. They have absolutely NOTHING to write about.

  16. Not that you can tell from one story — because you cannot — but I have never been a fan of Eric Mangini. I believe the Cleveland Browns should have went with Josh McDaniels, though he surely is in a much happier place as a result of having Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos.
    I’m curious to see how this Cleveland experiment turns out.

  17. I hate being a Cleveland Browns fan. The organization is run worse than a poorly run Denny’s kitchen. I wish they would sell the team, Lerner is a flippin’ moron. I can’t imagine any free agents wanting to play here. Why the hell would you want to be involved in such an monstrosity.
    And screw tradition, change the freakin’ uni’s and helmet. That helmet is the ugliest thing in sports, bar none!

  18. A few things.
    First of all, “promichael”, they did not “run off” Belichick. He was the head coach of the team through the entirety of the 1995 season, after which the team moved to Baltimore. Art Modell fired him shortly thereafter in favor of Ted Marchibroda. If you count Modell moving the team as the city running off Belichick, then you’re an idiot. Let’s hope you’re simply uninformed.
    Secondly, I am a Cleveland native, born and raised. I read the Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon-Journal sports pages every day. As a media professional, I’ve been in several pressers given at Berea and have dealt with local reporters and Browns PR for years. And yet, I have no earthly idea who Todd Porter is.
    But that’s not even the point, really.
    He’s going off one unnamed source and casting aspersions on a supposed Mangini brush-off (one that happened at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards on 1/21) which he allegedly witnessed (or merely heard about).
    Considering the other article that PFT posts here has actual reporting in it, I’d take that writer’s perspective much more seriously than Mr. Porter’s. The fact that you don’t and opt for the controversial story to lead your post tells me a lot about your motives. I thought this was a rumor mill, not a gossip mill. And if you’re going to be asked to be treated as seriously as journalists are, perhaps you should be held to the same standards.
    Lastly, Steeler fans. I admire your organization greatly, and genuinely congratulate you on your title. However, it’s very sad to see that while Pittsburgh’s team can seemingly win with class, Pittsburgh itself cannot. You’ve had six tries at it. Surely by now some of the Rooneys’ honor has to have rubbed off on you.
    Perhaps not.

  19. In other words it was a country club atmosphere the last few years in the mistake by the lake, sucks when the inmates no longer run the asylum…my guess is the brownies are better already.

  20. hey Cleveland’sOwn,
    Guess while you can certainly write you’re not very good at reading. You are heaping on Florio but you missed one important thing = Posted by Aaron Wilson

  21. I think the Browns problem is that Lerner spends too much time on his other sporting interest: Aston Villa Football Club, and not enough time worrying about the browns. Ironically, especially for Browns fans, he has seemingly at this point, turned the club around and their current success will probably only lead to further poor management of the Browns.

  22. It sounds like Eric Mangini will be just fine as the Brown’s head coach.
    Bobby Petrino

  23. vincelombardi says:
    February 2nd, 2009 at 8:02 pm
    love it, where is all the randi lerner apologists when you need them? 3 and done! ha ha, good job randi, you did the impossible you make brown fans long for the days of art moe-dell!!!!
    i would rather have Satan himself own the Browns over that piece of garbage. things in Cleveland will never get bad enough that we have anything good to say about that dinosaur.
    i love all the comments in here that say the next three years are over already!! oh no!! please, the offseason hasnt even started yet. who cares if he’s a little stern, even John Gruden used to win games every year and no one can run the team worse than Butch Davis or Romeo.

  24. Somebody tell me how you avoid, Shaun Rogers?
    A fat 6’4 350 waste of space.
    Mangini is only in town a couple of weeks and Rogers still couldn’t get him stop him.

  25. Maybe it was Rogers’ cologne…really, you were just kidding?!
    Seriously, if you can’t interject subtle comedy without either asking us readers for our insight or telling us you were ‘just kidding’, you might want to stick to the facts…

  26. Mangini thinks hes Vince Lombardi or something. Im not a Belichick fan by any means, but its becoming readily apparent to me that HE was the real factor behind their success, not any of these also-ran assistants that were simply along for the ride.

  27. you moron’s, if you did a minutes worth of research you’d find several article contradicting Porter….Porter is a wanna be hack…good for Mangini cause whatever was going on the last 10 years didn’t work eh?
    the first poster is dead on

  28. this is all good news. these local media hacks are all mad because their leaking buddies are getting let go.
    I hope Mangini continues to piss these guys off. Just win.

  29. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everyone out there who thinks the “squealers” are inside the organization and the Browns henchmen are doing a good thing by purging of the staff, think again, Rocket Scientists. The more people that place treats like Dawg doo doo, the more they’re going to squeal. They’re not on the “inside” people, they’ve all been let go! They were loyal until the end and now they’re telling their side of the story. I personally know many of the people who have passed through the doors in Berea, OH, and they were hard working, loyal, staff members. More than they got in return, that’s for sure. Only to be treated so poorly; if only they would have known when they signed on that they would have come to their demise this way; blindsided by the joke of what the Browns call their management staff. These people have worked many, many years to increase their knowledge of the industry and their salary levels preparing themselves for a decent (at best) retirement in Cleveland, OH. Then WHAM! Out the door you go. Thanks Slow Lerner for nothing. Get out if you can to those of you who are still there. You’ll get yours eventually. He’s loyal to no one…poor Al.

  30. Screw the atmosphere!!!!!!
    I am sick of watching these guys be losers, but they are happy with the atmosphere!?
    They need misery! Heck I rather you be miserable losers than, happy losers! Squash the status quo of losing!
    Maybe a “happy” atmosphere is conducive to losing – so I would walk around and put a chip on their shoulders, tick’em off and re-direct their train of thought.
    Now put that in their crack pipes and make’em smoke it

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