With so much attention centering on the futures of Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and receiver Anquan Boldin, it’s easy to forget that linebacker Karlos Dansby will be a free agent as well.
Dansby received the franchise tag in 2008, and the $8.065 million guaranteed salary that went along with it.
This year, he wants a long-term deal.  But he told Adam Schein and John Riggins of Sirius NFL Radio’s The Sirius Blitz that no talks have started, yet.
“Not at the moment,” Dansby said.  “Hopefully pretty soon.  I thought we’d [have] at least discussed something, started to put something on paper, but we haven’t done anything yet.  We don’t have long.  We’ve only got a couple of weeks, man, to get everybody situated.”
If Dansby ends up hitting the market, he says that he wants to see what happens with other big-name defensive players before doing a deal of his own.
“I kind of want to see what everybody else is going to do,” Dansby said.  “I feel like I’m one of the elite players in the league if you ask me.  I want to see what the other guys in my position are going to get such as Ray Lewis and Bart Scott.  You’ve got Terrell Suggs out there.  You’ve got guys like Albert Haynesworth that is going to take the market up to a-whole-nother level.  I want to see where these guys are going to take the market before I do anything.  If the deadline passes, then we’re in a bidding war now so it’s a beautiful situation to be in and it’s kind of stressful at the same time because you want to know where you’re going to be and make sure your family and everybody is taken care of.”
That said, Dansby and his agent need to be prepared to move quickly, because the big money flows only for about a week or so.
Dansby’s desire to see what these other players receive also will make it harder for Dansby to do a long-term deal with the Cardinals before hitting the market.
Still, he says that the Cards will get the first crack at keeping him.
“Arizona is up first.  They gave me the first opportunity so they are the first ones I’m going to take a look at,” Dansby said.
Still, he seems to be intrigued about the possibility of playing for a big-market team, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in being restricted for a second season by the franchise tag, even though by rule it would pay him a 120-percent raise over his 2008 salary. 
And that equates to $9.678 million for one season.
“That’s going to be a tough pill to swallow,” he said of a second straight franchise tag. (We all should be so unfortunate.)  “Like I said, I helped turn it around so I think I deserve a long term deal.”
Another possibility for the Cardinals would be to apply the tag and then trade Dansby to a team that would give him a long-term deal.
Regardless of what happens, decisions need to be made quickly.  The deadline for applying the franchise tag is February 19.
And that’s only 15 days away.


  1. “I feel like I’m one of the elite players in the league if you ask me. I want to see what the other guys in my position are going to get such as Ray Lewis and Bart Scott. You’ve got Terrell Suggs out there. You’ve got guys like Albert Haynesworth…”
    Hmm…Ray Lewis…Bart Scott…Terrell Suggs…Albert Haynesworth…Karlos Dansby…One of these things is not like the other.
    I don’t know how one considers himself elite and compares himself to great/elite players on elite defenses while only being a very good player on an average defense, but it’s kind of sad.

  2. Bart Scott does not fit.
    But I hope Dansby hits FA. It looks like he will anyways, but good luck to Arizona (who I actually wish nothing but bad luck).

  3. I love you Florio. You heard my tantrum about Cardinals deservedly getting no coverage when they sucked. So what did you do? You gave me TWO Cardinals stories in a row, deservedly so!
    This is what you get for having a great team suckers!!! All you Kansas Cities of the world that want more coverage, just win baby!

  4. I mean both stories are grim, but at least they’re OUR grim stories.
    “we did this together!”

  5. I want to see what the other guys get, then i am going to ask for more than that because I am a greedy professional athlete who doesn’t deserve any of it.

  6. Dansby is one of those guys who should have become elite but hasn’t done so yet. Sometimes it’s nagging injuries that slow him. Sometimes it’s inconsistent play. He’s lucky to get the franchise money. Sure, I’d love to have him on my team, but he’s not elite.

  7. If Dansby was franchised again, the rules would not require that he receive a 120 percent raise. That would mean that for 2009 he would need to be paid $ 17.743. Actually, the rules require that if he is franchised again, he must receive a 20 percent raise, which would equal the $ 9.678 that you mention.

  8. Why is it referred to as a 120% raise for being franchised. Isn’t it actually 120% of last years salary, or a 20% raise. Raising someones salary 120% would actually more than double their salary.

  9. I think we need to change some of our terminology. “Big Market” implies that Phoenix is a small town, which is an outdated thought. Phoenix is in the top 5 or 6 cities in the US, population wise. And I would bet it’s media is no smaller than any other city, outside of the obvious NY, CHI, LA, and Bay area.

  10. Uh, a 120-percent raise would mean that he would more than double his salary… I think Florio meant to say a 20% raise or 1.2 times his 2008 salary. But hey, 120% does sound WAY cooler!

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