In an interview on Dan Patrick’s radio show, Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic and XTRA Sports 910 said in no uncertain terms that Cardinals running back Edgerrin James is already gone.
Bickley said that James didn’t return to Arizona with the team, and that he fully expects James not to be back in 2009.
James is entering the final year of his contract, at a base salary of $5 million.
By cutting him, the Cardinals would create $5 million in 2009 cap space — which would push their bulge under the spending limit to at least $47 million.
James currently is 11th on the all-time rushing list, with 12,121 yards.  He trails Marcus Allen by 122 yards, and Jim Brown by only 191 yards.
Tim Hightower presumably will be the starting running back in 2009; backup J.J. Arrington is due to become an unrestricted free agent.


  1. James may not be back with the Cards in 2009, but how does not flying back with the team mean anything? James lives in Miami, and had a $250,000 car delivered to the team hotel in Tampa to drive home in. What sense does it make for him to fly from Florida to Arizona, just to fly back to Florida a day later?

  2. Considering he’s part of why they had so much success in the playoffs … why wouldn’t they keep him?

  3. Trying to make room for Anquan. They dont need Edge any way, was not a good fit from the beginning.
    probably headed to the Pats to be a backup, or go to the washed up Raiders backfield

  4. Pssst…hey Cardinals….I know where you can pick up a former all-pro running back really CHEAP!
    Scott Pioli

  5. Edge should go back to Indy. Split time with Addai and be in there on third down to pick up blitzes. Best place for him. He’s proved he still has a bit left in the tank.
    Back to Indy for another title run.

  6. If James wants to sign a backup deal with the Patriots, I think he is worth consideration. However, I don’t think that he wants to be a backup, he wants to carry the load.
    As for Indy, the only way the city of Indianapolis is going to see another Lombardi Trophy is if they host the Super Bowl sometime in the future. They’ll get to see it awarded to the eventual winner. The franchise itself. Never!!!
    Go Patriots 😉

  7. I think he can still play, just needs to be in a split backfield situation. The Cards need another RB, Hightower is not the answer. Darren Sproles would really fit their offense well btw.

  8. CJ Weapon,
    I hate the Pats and Raiders, to be clear, but Oakland does NOT have a washed up Backfield. Fargas, Michael Bush and Darren McFadden do not equal washed up.

  9. I’m guessing AZ will be drafting a replacement… while there appears to be a lot of free agent running backs, the best are Morris, Ward and Sproles…. and Sproles will get tagged. Pretty weak pool. I bet Edge is back with a lower salary.

  10. Edge can cry all he wants about being let out…Cards have the $ to keep him and my guess is that they will….or they’ll entertain trade offers. I doubt they’ll trade him as they have the 1-2 punch they want that worked.
    If you think Edge is going to sign a back-up deal – you are out of your mind. He will only go to be a starter – a team that has no other option – and he wants a winner.
    My bet is the Cards keep him and ride out his deal. Edge will cry to the media….his agent Drew will cry, but Graves will hold on tight.
    Boldin will get a new deal….Warner new deal…Dansby new deal…and the same team will ride into 2009-2010

  11. IMO Cardinals will pick up a RB on the 1st day of the draft. There is some real good late 1st/early 2nd round talent.

  12. Maybe Edge wants a “legitimate” shot at a ring. Though I think he got it with the Cards. But the Patriots would be a good stopping point.
    The only way I can handle the Steeler victory is by saying, “At least the Colts didn’t win it.”
    Damn you, Cardinals!

  13. It’s too bad they STUPIDLY passsed on Adrian Peterson a few years back when he fell into their lap, only to REACH down to draft OT Levi Brown.
    Let’s see: Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin AND Adrian Peterson. That would’ve kept opposing DC’s up at night the week before the game.

  14. Edge will want to go back to Indy but will NOT be a backup. He will want 18 carries a game. Addai had a horrible season and when you compare the two right now Il take Edge in a heartbeat. Just wondering how much $ he will want if AZ cuts him.
    Denver needs some running help and thats always a nice place to pick up stats if you’re a running back and stats is one thing Edge loves. He wants to be in the top 4 rushing all time.
    Green Bay might need some help in the backfield because Ryan Grant didn’t seem too promising this year as well.
    New Orleans might need someone to replace Deuce. KC might need someone to replace LJ. I do not think Cedric Benson is the answer in Cinnci. Tampa can always use a back because Cadillac is too injury prone.
    Out of all of these scenarios I see him either in Indy, Denver, or Tampa.

  15. By cutting him, the Cardinals would create $5 million in 2009 cap space — which would push their bulge under the spending limit to at least $47 million.
    47 mill under the cap, 47 mill, lol.
    You’d think that being so close to winning the whole thing, the Cards would spend some money to finish the job.
    Nope, not as long as Bidwell owns the team, no way.

  16. CJ Weapon X says:
    February 5th, 2009 at 12:33 pm
    Trying to make room for Anquan. They dont need Edge any way, was not a good fit from the beginning.
    probably headed to the Pats to be a backup, or go to the washed up Raiders backfield
    I think it’s time to change your screen name and start over, CJ.
    My God, lol.

  17. he fits in nicely in Tampa. Earnest Graham, Warrick Dunn, Carnell Williams, and the Edge. It would be the ultimate four-headed monster.

  18. Joe Toronto with a moronic comment. Get with the program dude. You show a 0 football IQ when you accuse the Cardinals of being cheap.
    Did you see the deal Fitz received? They have been more than fair with the contracts offered their draft choices, plus they have been re-signing the corps players on the team. Joe…maybe if you did a little research you would realize the Cardinals only have 34 players under contract. That’s why they have 47 million to spend. It’s not being cheap. It’s a matter of deciding which players you can re-sign.
    You have Warner, Dansby, Antonio Smith, plus Boldin and Adrian Wilson want new deals. So get a clue before playing that old pathetic “the Cards and Bidwill are cheap” card. Dude if they were so cheap, they wouldn’t have been a play away from winning the Super Bowl.

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