Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com reports that the Kansas City Chiefs have offered the team’s head-coaching position to Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley.
Per Glazer, the two sides are now in the process of working out a contract.
“He’s going to be a big loss for us,” an unnamed Cardinals player told FOXSports.com.
Haley arrived as offensive coordinator in 2007, after Ken Whisenhunt was hired to be the team’s head coach.
Haley and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli worked together with the Jets in the late 1990s.  Haley also has coached with the Bears and the Cowboys.
If Haley ends up taking the job, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Chiefs make a play for Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in three weeks.
UPDATE:  Glazer has subsequently reported that Haley has accepted the job.

31 responses to “HALEY TO THE CHIEFS

  1. Couldn’t you preface this by saying: “Surprising no one, what everyone has said is going to happen the past 3 weeks has happened.”

  2. I heard that they interviewed the Loch Ness Monster, citing the near-total extinction of the Plesiosaur as compliance with the Rooney Rule. While the Monster’s salary demands of only “tree-fitty” were music to owner Clark Hunt’s ears, Scott Pioli could not get past the fact that he was eight stories tall, had no prior coaching experience, and ate Dwayne Bowe’s Escalade after Pioli suggested they get a “light lunch”.

  3. Provided the Cards re-sign Brenda’s man, would the Chiefs offer “Crumple like tin foil Croyle” and their 2nd rounder for Leinart?

  4. I would imagine that the guy who worked closest with Kurt Warner this past season would recognize that his resurgence had more to do with who he was throwing to.
    And if not, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable with that guy heading up my team.

  5. What will be even more interesting is seeing how the Chiefs try to show their compliance with the Rooney Rule. If the Chiefs don’t get penalized for this, they might as well dump the rule. The Chiefs made zero effort to seriously interview any minority candidates, and were zeroed in on Haley from the get go.

  6. Thank God this waiting is over. As a Chiefs fan, the switch from blabbermouth King Carl to Pioli has been extremely exciting, but also hard to deal with given all the secrecy.
    I can’t say I’m anywhere near as excited about Haley as I was about Pioli (why couldn’t have McDaniels waited a little longer…), but am happy to have the core of the staff together so they can deal with on the field issues and less he said/he said media BS. My one hope is that Haley’s staff is already in place and there won’t be another misinformation blitz to wear me out.

  7. Good luck Coach Haley! With the new and (greatly) improved front office we can get some good players in here and turn this team around…fast! Go Chiefs!

  8. Forget about Haley for a moment.
    Florio, why do comments on CFT get posted immediately and comments on PFT take 5-20 minutes to get posted? It can’t be volume, this is the Internet. Are they screened before posting?
    And why, several times a week or more, do I get a message that I’m posting comments too fast (I don’t type that fast and I sometimes even spell check my submissions) get prompted to slow down, and then the comment never gets posted? Do you have a beta version of WordPress on this site?

  9. My most educated guess is that this was a done deal weeks ago, and conducted with the utmost secrecy to abate suspicions of tampering, and Haley was instructed to behave accordingly (denying interest to the media and accepting invitations to the Pro Bowl, etc.).
    Still, this is an excellent hire for the Chiefs.

  10. I am hoping they get the contract ironed out and soon! And I don’t know that this would happen; but I’d rather have Anquan Boldin provided he and Haley aren’t oil and water.

  11. And with the third pick the the 2009 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select: Michael Crabtree. Chiefs fans have been throwing around the idea for a while now; usually dismissing it because of so many so many other needs. With Haley on board, you can bet they’re taking Crabtree. That or some team is going to be shelling out a lot to move up.

  12. pwmullins: Todd Haley is a Bill Parcells disciple and Josh McDaniels is a Bill Belichick disciple. The track record for Parcell’s offspring is pretty good. For Belichick’s, it’s pretty bad.
    McDainels MAY be a better OC, but I’m pretty sure that Haley will be a better HC. And, since the two will go head-tohead every year, we may be able to see for ourselves.

  13. This guy is going to bomb spectacularly.
    He used to be a golf coach or something down in Florida.
    Mark my words

  14. Hopefully this gets done, I’d love to see Haley get into arguments with that fat Whitlock about signing Jeff George as a backup. Could you imagine Jeff George trying to pull one of those June Jones’ arguments on Haley? Hopefully they keep LJ so we could see him battle Haley. The Chiefs should move to a 3-4 defense, and sign karlos dansby to be the centerpiece of their defense as a pass-rushing OLB.

  15. Warner knows he has the BEST WR’s in the NFL…unless Boldin is traded he’d be foolish to leave !

  16. If Haley and Pioli do anything this year besides bust their butts to fix the craptacular O-line, they’re screwed.
    @ Thunderbolt —
    Don’t know what you’re smokin’, but if you have any extra . . .
    That was pretty damn funny.

  17. The WWL at it again…
    “Todd Haley will take the job as the new coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen reported Friday morning. An official announcement was expected from the team later in the day.”
    You gotta love when Mort “breaks” a story and gets mentioned in the first line and it was posted on FoxSports and linked on here the night before.

  18. pwmullins-Whats the incentive for Mcdaniels waiting longer??? So he can coach the Chiefs? Now, Im not crazy about the donkeys but if I had to choose between going to a team with Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, and that stud left tackle they have compared with a team (the Chiefs) that has absolutely nobody, it seems to me that Mcdaniels made a good decision

  19. The Cards O-Line is way better than the Chefs, oops Chiefs, O-Line. Smart money says Warner stays with the Cards.
    The KC team is in major rebuilding mode and need all the draft picks they can get. TG is worth something in return via the trade market.
    LJ is not worth anything of value on the trade market, keep him until the last day of training camp and if no team has come calling by then, cut him then.

  20. Mike Hunt –
    I’m not saying that McDaniels made a mistake, just stating that I would have rather had him (I think?). There is very little that anyone knows about either guy and it may honestly be better to not have two NE guys running the show.
    Pretty much, it would have saved me some fanatical fretting over the coach hunt. I have come to realize now that it will not end for a while, though, with all the Cassel, Warner, and Boldin subplots. Throw in 45M of cap space and some real defensive studs being available and I think that the Chiefs are going to be in the news for a while.
    The QB situation is really going to get me. Stick with Thiggy, trade the 3 pick (and probably more) for Cassel, or sign Warner? I have no clue what they will or should do, but if they take Sanchez at 3, I will commit sepuku.

  21. Is Leslie Frazier in danger of becoming the next Sherm Lewis/Ron Riveria? Someone who gets lots of interviews but never gets the job?

  22. Sea Otter while I do agree they probably didn’t interview a canidate with any serious shot at winning the job. I’m sure they did comply with the rule. Not to hard to find a colored person to make a joke of.

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